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AFRO-PAPUAN PROTEST SUBMITTED: Note of Protest from the Afro-Papuan Republic of West-Papua/West New Guinea/West Irian To: The Presedent of the XXIVth General-Assembly and the Secretary-Ge3neral of the United Nations Organizations New York City.
New York, The Freedom Committee of West Papua/Wst Newguinea, 1969 Folio. Original paper covers. Frontcover with title in large capital bold monochrome type, facsim. monochrome sketchmap illustrating the Island of New Guinea on front cover. {18] unnumbered pp. Some monochrome illustrations in text reproduced from newspapers, monochrome circular logo of the provisional State of West Papua at top margins, facsims. after newspaper contributions about the republic, 1 captionedmonochrome cartoon. WITH: JOUWE, Nicolaas (et. al., Executive Commitgtee West Papua), Memorandum to the Secretary-General of the Organisation of African Unity, Addis Ababa, from the Freedom Fighters of the Negroid People of West Papua/e New Guinea. January 1969.Folio. Stapled. 10pp. of english text printed on rectos only. Monochrome Provisional Stat2Two political memorandae of West Papua Logo printed at upper left corner of frontcover.
Two political memoranda submitted by the Provisional State of West Papua Executive committe addressing the United Nations New York and the Oerganization of African Nations, Addis Ababa, the Indonesian repression of the People of West Papua (formerly dutch territory of New Guinea), mass killings, denial of political, democratic and the right of selfdetermination in an independent Stae. Nicolaas Jouwe (1925) was a typical product of dutch colonial political education serving as Vice-President of the Dutch New Guinea Council, later joining the West Papua provisional State executive committee. Still of historic interest for the post secondworldwar Asoam decolonization and the Formation of New States. Good set.

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