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BÄR, Mgr. R. Philippe Toespraak van Mgr. R.Philippe Bär ter gelegenheid van de herdenking Nederlandse Slachtoffers van de Japanse Vrouwenkamen op 31 augustus 1990.
[Arnhem], Bisdom Roermond, 1990 2 parts. Small folio, centre folded. Stapled at upper left corner. 5pp. printed on rectos only. Speaker's own copy, all pages initialled in manuscript at tail margins. ADDED: KEMPEN, J.H. VAN, Toespraak van Mw. J.H. van Kempen, voorzitter van de Stichting Nederlandse Stichting Slachtoffers Japanse Vrouwenkampen op Vrijdag 31 augustus 1990 om 14.00 uur ten behoeve van de vierde Lustrum-herdenking in de Grote of Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem. 4pp. of original typoscript on rectos only. Stapled at upper left corner. Provisional copy with ms. corrections in ink and initialled at tail margins by Speaker. EXTRA ADDED A small folio-sized printed communication by dutch Public Information Service, or "Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst", printed recto/verso on a single leave of official stationary, announcing the absence of Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands to the official commemmoration 1990, represented by Juliana, Princess of Orange-Nassau, incloding provisional Program, with corrections in ms. in ink.
Verbatim dutch text speeches of which one by the then Bishop of Rotterdam, of which one is a provisional typoscript with ms. corrections in ink, held in remembrance of all victims perished in Japanese concentrationcamps for females and children, under japanese oppression in Indonesia during the Pacific War 1942-1945, on the occasion of the fourth Lustre of annual commemmorations. Both parts in very fine condition. Still of great historic interest.

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