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BARNOUW, R.J.D. (President editorial committee,, Oorlogsdocumentatie 40-45, Vijfde Jaarboek van het Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie. [RIOD]. [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
Amsterdam-Zutphen, RIOD-Walburgpers, 1994 8. Original limp glossy wrappers. Illustrated coloured frontcoverfeaturing an Indonesian environmental scenery, covertitle in bold white type. 240pp. 14 captioned monochrome illustrations on plates and in text, including portraits and dutch nazi youth propaganda meetings, some about dutch colonial Indonesia, each essay with detailed references and appendices, some comparative data in text, extensive editorial information, english summaries to contributions, concise biogr. notes to contributors, table of conents.
Fifth dutch language annual report published by the dutch Public War research Institute, also called RIOD, housed in Amsterdam Municipality. A collection of seven scholarly essays about the sewond worldwar, both in the Pacific and Europe, topics: 4 essays about Forced prostitution in Indonesia under japanese oppression by Yoshiaki Yoshimi, George Hicks and Elly Touwen-Bouwsma, Jeanne Ruff O'Herne, 3 others about the nazi occupation of Europe, focused upon the Netherlands. includes standard communications by editorial board/publishes.

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