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AMBARAWA INTERNMENT CAMPS CENTRAL JAVA CONGLOMERATE: CHRONOLOGIE van gebeurtenissen in Am barawa Kamp IV, hernummerd in 9 en later in 8 [October 10, 1943-December 3, 1945.
S.I., s.n., [circa[, 1955 Small folio. Stapled. 6, [8]pp. of cyclostyled text. TOGETHER WITH: Reglement Kamp IV Ambarawa d.d. 11november 1943, 15 decembver 1943; Huiszoeking 5 Juli 1944; Kamplied door Mevrouw Heida Jun 1944; Ketella-lied door Mevrouw Groenhoff; Kamp A.B.C. (voor Mevrouw Bijlard, 5-8-1944) gemaakt door de dames Steffie Gertis en Ietje Schultz, Blok 3D; full-page groundplan of Camp IV/9/8, with legenda incl. Besiap attack with handgrenades November 21, 1945 which includes a dutch language report.
Dutch language concise survey of data and information about the notorious japanese ceoncentrationcamp AMBARAWA IV, Central Java, reprinted after original notes by Mrs. Joke Bromet, held captive under japanese oppression of dutch colonial Indonesia 1942-1945, which includes a [2]pp. report about a Bersiap attack by indonesian extremists december 1945, camp Ambarawa 9, with a detailed plan of this camp. Very good copy. Scarce.

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