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A.M. [KAMP TEKENINGEN BANJOE BIROE]: Collectie van 10 getinte kamptekeningen van Banjoe Biroe, Japans concentratiekamp bij Ambarawa, Centraal Java [Collection of 10 occasionally tinted reproduction after original drawings, signed in print: A.M., of sceneries and views from Banjoe Biroe, near Ambarawa, Central-Java].
S.I., s.n. [circa], 2000 Tog. 10, of which 7 tinted and 3 monochrome reproductions after original drawings, each 300x200mm., incl. margins. Illustrates camp views and sceneries from Banjoe Biroe, a conglomerate of japanese concentration cemps for Women and small children, men and elder boys, located near Ambarawa, Central Java under japanese oppression 1942-1945. 5 reproductions initialled "A.M.", 4 titled, e.g.: "De Geitenwei Banjoe biroe, Banjoe Biroe, (2 different drawings), De Poort Banjoe BiroeHet Poortje", not initialled.
Reproductions in fine condition.

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Book nr.: 55105