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ASIAN ART MONTHLY MAGAZINE ORIENTATIONS ORIENTATIONS. The Monthly Magazine for collectors and connaisseurs of Oriental Art. [Original as published).
Hong Kong, Orientations Magazine, 1973- 1992 Large 8, origiginal coloured illustrated limp glossy wrappers. Each part approx. 80pp. of expert contributions about all forms of antique Asian Arts and Crafts, each part with numerous captioned coloured illustrations featuring rare objects, announcements of upcoming art sales, coloured and illustrated trade advertism, editorials. Tog. in 172 parts as issued (excl. 4 duplicates) and for the greater part in their original boards slip-cases, each spine gilded text. STOCKED:
Vol. 4(`973): nos. 4 & 12; vol. 5(1974): no. 8; vol. 6(1975): no. 8; vol.7(1976): nos.1, 6-7, 9-11; vol. 8(1977): nos. 1-6/9-12; vol. 9(1978): nos. 2, 5, 8-9, 11-12; vol. 10(1979): nos. 1-2/4, 8-9 & 12; vol. 11(1980): complete; vol. 12(1981): nos. 1-10 & 12; vol. 13-14(1982-1983): complete; vol. 16-22(1985-1991): complete; vol. 23(1992): nos. 1-2/4, 5-6; Vol. 30-8 (October 1999); Vol. 31-6 (June 2000); Vol. 34-9 (November 2003, includes an illustrated contribution with as topic: Judge Dee and the vanishing Ming erotic colourprints.
English language monthly Asian Art Magazine with many expert contributions and comments to illustrations, which still is a goldmine of information on behalf of dealers and private collectors of all forms of Asian antique arts and craft objects from bygone days (China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Burma...). A very nice run in very good condition. Scarce.

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