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BADAN PERSATUAN [DIRECTORY OF THE PROVISIONAL REPUBLIC OF THE SOUTH MOLUCCAS, R.M.S.]: Nota van de Badan Persatuan. [eerste druk; First edition].
Den Haag, Badan Persatuan, [....], 1978 8. Original cloghbacked wrappers. 96pp. Errata-slip loosely inserted.
Dutch language counter-plea compiled by the Provisional Government of the Republic of the South Moluccas, R.M.S. [Republik Maluku Selatan], being a detailed report in chronology, from 1947 onwards, about the national and international efforts for self-rule and sovereignty for the South Moluccas, including the ethnic Moluccan minority in the Netherlands. It opposes a statement by dutch Government of January 26, 1978, by which dutch government recognizes [socio-econojmic and cultural] problems of the ethnic Moluccan minority in the Netherlands, denying however the political objectives of the R.M.S. Very good copy.

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