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BASTIAANS, J. (1907-1997,,, [RAPPORT] Psychologisch onderzoek naar de gevolgen van gijzelingen in Nederland (1974-1977). [Eerste druk; First edition].
's-Gravenhage, Staatsuitgeverij, 1979 Large stout 8. Original wrappers, covertitle in bold black type. [7], 359.31]pp. (Appendices: comparative data, research results). Cyclostyled text. bibliography, table of contents. ADDED 2 A-4 sized centre bulletins distributed amongs parliamentary- and midical editors each cyclostyled on both sides; AND a 5pp. Centre-folded A-4 sized final conclusion with recommendations about the main report, cyclostyled text, stapled at upper left corner, all issued on official stationary of the Dutch Ministry of Public Health and Hygiene, With some occasional marginal annotations and corrections by previous owner, extra inserted.
Detailed dutch langyage psychological/psychiatric report about the impact of traumatta originating from experiences during hijackings in The Netherlands 1974-1977 by political motivated Moluccan youths thus pressurizing dutch Government to negotiations concerning legal acknowledgement of the South Moluccan Republic, or R.M.S., a long-standing political dream since 1950 after the disbanding of the Dutch East Indies Army, KNIL, which included a great number of Moluccan [Ambonese] troops. In total three hijackings are researched: the occupation of the Indonesian Embassy at the Hague and hijackings of two dutch trains in Drenthe province resulting in violent military operations causing several deaths amongst hijackers and civil victims. Research includes a summary, conclusion and results, recommendations. Report compiled and published by command of the dutch Ministry of public Health and Hygiene. Professor Jan Bastians was the first in the Netherlands to introduce the drug LSD in his therapy sessions with victims of the Nazi- and japanese concentrationcamps suttering from Post traumatic Stress Syndrome[s] [PTSS]. Very good copy.

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