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BARTELS, D., Guarding the invisible Mountain: Intervillage Alliances, religious Syncretism and ethnic identity among Ambonese Christians and Moslems in the Moluccas. [Original Thesis presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Cornell University].
S.I. [Ithaca}, Dieter Bartels, Cornell University, 1977 Stout small 4., original binder. (xvi), 368pp. (versos blank). Extensive footnotes, some diagrams, note on orthography and names, key to abbreviations, biblography, glossary, sketch maps, appendices I-II (List of Pela relationships; chronological table), table of contents.
English language thesis, Cornell University, a detailed inquiry into religious intervillage relations between Calvinist [dutch] protestant and muslim ambonese, Central Moluccas Eastern Indonesia. XEROX COPY (as publ). Good. (some marginal corrections and notes).

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