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JOURNAL TROPICAL AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT - KALM-BERICHTEN [continued as:] Vraagbaak voor ontwikkelingswerkers. Katholiek Adviesbureau voor Landbouwkundige Missie-actie (Wageningen).
Wageningen, K.A.L.M., Available K.A.L.M.: Volume 3-No. 2, 4 (1970); Vol. IV-No. 2 (1971); Vol. V-No. 1 (1972); Continued as :"VRAAGBAAK", Vol. 1-No. 2, 3, 4(1973); Vol. II-No. 2 (1974); Vol II-Nr. 1 (1975)Tog. in 9 parts as published. Small 8., original printed warappers. Each part approx. 48pp. of cyclostyled text, illustrations after drawings.
Dutch language quarterly journal published by dutch Roman Catholig Information Bureau of Tropical Agricultural Missionary Action Development (K.A.L.M.), vademecum and contributions on maize, rice and cassave growing by agricultural development workers active in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia), the Indian Subcontinent and Africa, published between 1973-1986 (volume 1-14). Very well preseved small collection of odd issues.

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