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STEENBRINK, KAREL A., Dutch Colonialism and Indonesian Islam. Contacts and Conflicts 1596-1950. [Translated into english after the original dutch edition 1991 by Jan Steenbrink and Henry Jansen]. First english language edition.
Amsterdam-Atlanta, Rodolphi, 1993 Original printed limp glossy wrappers. 170pp. Illustrations, incl. portraits and facsims. after old engravings, on 4 black/white plates, extensive footnotes, bibliography, index, table of contents. ["Currents of Encounter"series].
Starting points and explorations; Muslims as respected heretics; hostilities to "untrustworthy and fanatic Muslims", the Homefront clergy: Muslims as detestable hereics; The advisors Holle, Snouck Hurgronje, Hazeu, Tutors to a Backward Religion; The Age of Mission 1850-1940, indonesianreactions to the christians' arrival...Paperback edition, as orig. publ. Very fine copy.

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