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ACEH WAR MEMORABILIA APRIL-MAY 1874 - Aan Mevrouw H. Tinkhoff-geboren den Toorn aangeboden door de Commissie ter ontvangst van de uit Atjin naar Semarang teruggekeerde Tropen. April-Mei 1874.
Semarang, s.n., 1874 Official and Original Silver plaque, 121x92mm., sculpted edges, text in dutch in in very fine and elaborate calligraphy, together 7 lines, presented by the dutch Colonial Indonesian Commission, installed upon the occasion of the return of dutch colonial troops to Semarang, Java, at the end of the first Aceh-war (1873). Plaque presented to Mrs. H. Tinkhoff - Née Den Toorn . SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A very fine commemmorative piece executed in silver, NOT hallmarked, which was not unusual in colonial Indonesia. The plaque has originally been fixed to a small commemorative object, hence the four small screws still present at back of plaque. An interesting piece of memorabilia to the first Aceh-war in Sumatra. In excellent condition. A rarity.

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