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ANGEL, J.C. - HAN BING SIONG (et.a./contributors), De Samurai. Japanse krijgslieden, hun zwaarden en zwaardsieraden. [eerste druk/first edition].
S.I., Nederlandse Token Vereniging, 1983 Small 4., original printed limp wrappers, large coloured illustration after a woodblock print on front side. 103pp. Many black/white illustrations in text and on plates, illustrating japanese samurai sword-blades, grips, tsuba and intro, diagrams and line-drawings in text by W.G.F. Bekink, japanese calendar, full-page sketch-map of Japan, glossaries japanese-dutch to the contribution 'Nippon-to" and to sword-jewellery and tsuba, biographical notes to foremost japanese sword-smith families, annotated bibliography, list of literature consulted, id. numbers where appropriate referring to holdings of Dutch State Anthropological Museum, Leiden, table of contents.
A collection of dutch language expert contributions to the Samurai, Swords, Sword-jewellery, Tsuba and japanese armour, by J.C. Angel, W.G.F. Bekkink, H.P. Blom, Han Bing SiongR. Noordberg and L.M. van der Velde, featuring The Samurai, Japanese armour, Nippon-to, Japanese swords in the collection of the State Anthropological Museum, Leiden (with reference numbers), Certificates, Japanese Sword-jewellery, Tsuba. Preceded by an introduction a concise history of Japan and a note on the Dutch Token association. Very fine copy.

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