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AGITPROP - ANTI-NAZI PROPAGANDA - Schwarze Listen für die Schwarze Schmuch. Schluss mit den Greuelmärchen! "Die Zerstörung des Reiches, die Wegnahme der Kinder unseres Volkes, die Sterilisierung der männlichen Jugend"- so beschrieb Hitler am 21. März 1943 die Absichten der Vereiten Nationen. Jedes Wort eine Lúge...
S.I. [London], s.n., [circa], 1943 An original thin paper flyer, printed recto/verso. Sized 22x13.5cm. Front side illustrates a mass of people with a picture of a SS-member in uniform, marked with a red circle, notice printed in bold black type across the illustration:"Schwarze Listen fur die Schwarze Schmach" (black lists for black Libel, in which both characters 'S' have been replaced by the well-known SS-sign). Extensive text printed on verso in german, signed in print "Winston Churchill". SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
General text informs the common german population that Hitler is lying in his speech of 12 March 1943, in which is stated that after an Allied victory over Germany, the german population will be terrorized, that all males will be sterilized by allied forces, the country will completely be destroyed, wommen and girls will be raped and killed, &c. Furthermore is stated that the german population will come to no harm, only the Nazis and their cronies will be punished severely, including Austrian nazis, and that Hitler is number one on the lis as a war-monger, a criminal and a war-criminal. Also os stated that the war is already lost and further killings of german soldiers and civilians is quite useless. An interesting piece of allied war-propaganda. Very well preserved. Good condition. Rare.

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