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ATLAS - VAN TROPISCH NEDERLAND Atlas van Tropisch Nederland. [Eerste druk/first edn.
Batavia, Royal Dutch Geographical Society, K.N.A.G./Topographische dienst, 1938 Folio, original green coloured crushed cloth, title in bold gilt type and oval portrait of Plancius on front side, title in bold type in gilt on spine, elephant grey coloured limp endpapers. [3]pp. preface in dutch incl. excerpts in french, german and english. [3].pp. table of contents (list of maps and scales of maps) in dutch, french, english and german, with an uncoloured overall map of dutch colonial Indonesia at head of table, 1:20 000 000. With the 17pp. folio-sized, stapled an clothbacked gazetteer (register) to the maps, including table of abbreviations used on maps in dutch, french, german and english. Atlas with together 70 fine coloured double-spread maps, extensive legenda in dutch, french, english and german on blank side ot each map.
Still the best and only scientific Atlas of dutch colonial Indonesia and the dutch territories of the Antilles (Caribbean, West Indies) and Surinam (Guyanas). Maps are in minute detail and extremely useful to various scientific disciplines as biology, climatology, geology, entomology, general earth sciences, but also to, for instance, stamp collectors. Tha actual process of cartography of the indonesian archipelago started in 1915, often under hazardous circumstances when cartographes had to be protected agains the local population in remote areas. Overall wok was finished approx. 1935, but it was decided to produce a review of some maps in the very last moment before the printing process, executed at the presses of the colonial topographical service at Batavia. After the conquest of Batavia by japanese troops hundreds of copies were impounded and torn apart on behalf of the japanese forces, so a great portion of the publication was lost forever. This Atlas can also be considered as the prototype to the phnomenon of the National Atlas. A good copy and complete with the often lacking loosely inserted gazetteer. Rare. (corners somewhat bumped, some wear to spine-ends due to shelving, a small superficial rupture to cloth of upper boards near upper front joint, maps with still very fresh colouring).

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