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AGUS DERMAWAN T. (curator), Tradisi dan Reputasi. Pameran Lukisan trdisional Bali 100 Tahun/Tradition and Reputation. Exhibition of 100 years of Balinese traditional paintings.
Jakarta, Bali Bangkit, 2006 Orig. limp coloured illustrated wrappers. 52pp. of partly bi-lingual text, indonesian/english. Many coloured text-ills., all with extra captions, illustrating balinese traditional paintings over a centenary period, ills. of balinese dance-masks, balinese wayang topèng masks and wayang kulit puppets, incl. some sponsoring advertism., name-list of oranizing committee members at very end.
Catalogue of a travelling exhibition of Balinese traditional painting from the last 100 years, balinese dance-masks, wayang topèng masks and wayang kulit puppets, as exhibited at Gedung CSIS, Jakarta, 21-26 June 2006; Museum Arma, Ubid, 14-23 July, 2006 and at Kampung Seni Kubu Bingin, Ubud, 12-23 July 2006, Topèng Bali and Wayang kulit Bali only. Out-of-Print. Very fine copy.

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