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ASSOCIATION DUTCH COLONAL INDONESIAN TEACHERS - Mededelingen van de Vereniging van Leraren en Leraressen bij het M.O. in Nederl.-IndiŽ. [Januari 1948 - No. 13; vol. 2-no. 1, ].
S.I. [Batavia], "Vereniging van Leraren en Leraressen M.O., 1948 Folio, three-way folded, stapled in upper left corner. 19pp. of cyclostyled text. Name-list with addresses [in Batavia] at top of front page, ordinary member's list, 2pp. table, large advertism. of Wolters publishers on lower outer sheet.
An odd issue, January 1948, no. 13, vol. 2-no13, of this Batavia published Bulletin of the Association of male and female teachers, advanced education. Communications deal a.o. with the oncoming transfer of sovereignty for Indonesia, lack of qualified teachers, the introducion of Bahasa Indonesia at schools, slaary-scales, standards for the promotion to higher classes of pupils and students, &c. Printed at the offices of the daily "De Nieuwsgier". NOT called-for in holdings Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. Scarce. (paper browning but well preserved, NO signs of brittleness).

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