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BILDERBEEK, J.G. - C. BILDERBEEK-HOGENKAMP, H.A. VAN HOBOKEN, J.J.A. WIJN(, Tot in de verste uithoeken...' De cruciale rol van de Gouvernements Marine bij het vestigen van de Pax Neerlandica in de Indische Archipel 1815-1962. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1998 large 8. Orig. cloth, dustjacket. 216pp. Many text-ills., of which some coloured, mainly depict. vessels, personnel & uniforms, some sketch-maps in text, many extensive name-lists of a.o. commanders, personnel, names of dutch colonial indian and government naval vessels, other name-lists, all as appendices, chronologies, explanation to abbreviations of types of vessels, list of general abbreviations used, list of sources consulted, registers of personal- and vessel's names.
A well documented historical review of the activities of the Royal dutch colonial indonesian navy and the so-called colonial dutch indonesian government navy and their dominating role in the establishment of "Pax Neerlandica", throughout the colony. Very fine copy.

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