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BASJAH TALSYA, (Teuku Ali), Batu Karang ditengah Lautan (Perjuangan Kemerdekaan Di Aceh) 1945-1946. Buku I. (vol. I).Orig.edn.
Medan, Lembaga Sejarah Aceh, 1990 sm.8. orig.col. glossy wraps. (viii), 376pp. ills. on plates, Author's C.V., with portr., printed on lower outer wrap.
A chronological description of the liberation of Aceh from the Japanese occupation and the final phase (January to December 1949) of the Acehnese struggle for independnc at the time of the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1950, in which period the dutch did not regain full control of this province. Very good copy. Scarce.

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