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IDO, V.(H. van de Wall, 1869-1948), De Paria van Glodok. Episode uit het Indische Pauperleven in drie Acten. 2e druk.(2nd. edn.).
Bandoeng, Visser, 1921 12., (16x11.5cm). orig. wrappers, title in bold blue type on front wrapper, printed within a broad decorative coloured border. 100pp. 2 plates (portrs. of main dramatis personae), cast and dramatis personae. BUUR, PD, 819.
Interesting play in 3 acts, with as main character an Indo-boy (of unknown Ttk descent), situated in a very poor Indo-milieu in Batavia, incl. notes on an Arab money-lender & on a rich Chinese chasing a young Indo-girl; also with information on Christian charity for the poor (Church-charity). Rare. (wrs. somewh. dog-eared.)

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