GEMILANG 134: The Overseas and Penarakan Chinese of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore (2015).

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WERUMEUS BUNING, A. In en om de kampong. Oost-Indische Schetsen. Eerste druk [First edition].
Rotterdam, s.n. [....], 1897 sm. 8, orig. pictorial & decorated publ. cloth, pictorial spine with gilt lettering on upper boards and spine. (IV), 386, (2)pp. (list of contents). BUUR, PD, 467
Collection of 'sketches', being keen personal observations of the local indigenous population, of colonial Indonesia (:) Java & the javanese (housing, dress, food), the Dayak-people, the Moluccas, on the Buginese, the chinese, alfurese on Sulawesi, etc.). (bds. somewh. faded, but still very attractive)

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 6088

WILLIAMS, L.E., Overseas Chinese Nationalism. The Genesis of the Pan-Chinese movement in Indonesia, 1900-1916.
Glencoe 1960 cloth. (xiv), 235pp. list of abbrev. used, short glossary, bibliogr.,index.
An excellent study.(traces of sellotape-removal on inside upper & lower covers, cancellation stamp on hftitle and on title,some occas. underlinings).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 9135

WU TEH-YAO & W.P. FENN, Chinese schools and the Education of Chinese Malayans. The report of a mission invited by the Federation Government to study the problems of the education of Chinese in Malaya.
Kuala Lumpur, 1951 Clothbacked wraps., 98pp. of xerox, as published, tables in text. ["Wu-Fen Report"].
A rare report. (title-label pasted on upper wrap., ex-lib. stamp on 1st blank.)

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EUR 160.00

Book nr.: 9084

WUBBEN, H.J.J., "Chineezen en ander Aziatisch ongedierte". Lotgevallen van Chinese immigranten in Nederland, 1911-1940.
Zutphen, De Walburg Pers 1986 Orig. stiff glossy pict.col. wrappers, illustration after an original photograph on front boards. 184pp. Many text-ills. after original photographs, some facsim. ills. after original documents, list of printed sources and archivalia consulted, notes to chapters at end, table of contents.
One of the few studies on chinese immigration into the Netherlands, 1911-1940 (:) the arrival of chinese sailors, settlement and growth of chinese communities, the fight for a lively-hood, official administration and chinese seamen, chinese and crime, labour-union policy and communism, the pre-war economic depression and the deplorable position of the chinese, dutch civil administration and the chinese 'problem', racial discrimination and her impact. After F. van Heek's study, publ. 1936 one of the few, if any modern studies on the subject. Very good copy.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 38323

YONG, P.M.H., A Dream of Freedom. The Early Sarawak Chines. Orig. edn.
Petaling Jaya, Pelanduk, 1991 Square 8, original coloured and partly illustrated glossy boards. 131pp. Many sepia-tinted illustrations in text and full-page, being facsims. after old photographs and drawings, some facsim. sketch-maps in text, portraits on plates and one in colour, biography with portrait to author, table of Sarawak State Cabinet 1987, indicating percentage of ministers of Chinese descent with an additional full-page note on facing page and their portraits on 2pp., footnotes, references, acknowledgements, table of contents.
Describes chinese cultural tradition, the search of a New Life [in Sarawak], mining pioneers of Kalimantan, settling in Sarawak, the Twelve Kongsi, the Revolt, the chinese in National life to-day, including a major chronology of Periods and aSarawak chronology. Fine copy.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 47957

ZONDERVAN, H., Land en Volk van "Onze Oost", in het bijzonder van Java.
Zalt-Bommel, Van de Garde, [....], 1909 sm. 8. orig. decor. cloth. 256pp. many text-ills. of which some full-p., num. tabs. in text and full-p., col. fold. map at end with legenda, errata-leave.
A general descr. of country and population of colonial Indonesia, focused however on Java: geography, administration, religion and customs, ceremonies, daily life of the indigenous population and the so-called "Vreemde Oosterlingen": the chinese amd arabs, incl. statistical data. Fine copy. Rare.

EUR 135.00

Book nr.: 12298

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