GEMILANG 126: MERDEKA! The Dutch-Indonesian Dispute 1945-1950 (2015).

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DUTCH NEWSPAPERS IN POST-WAR INDONESIA - A small collection of odd numbers of 3 dutch newspapers published during the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1949.
"Het Dagblad"... 4 issues. 2°. each 1 sheet, printed recto/verso, folded. Each with some illustrations. Nos. 121 (18 mar. 1946), 122(19 march 1946), 123 (20 mar. 1946), 125(22 mar 1946) and no. 128 (26 mar. 1946);
"Het Indische Nieuws" (Geïllustreerd Weekblad uitsluitend gewijd aan de Overzeesche Gebiedsdeelen), year 2-no. 4(26 Januari 1946). sm. 4°. orig.pict.col. wraps. 14pp. with illus. and advert. printed inside wraps.
tog. in 5 pts. as orig.issued. (some fraying on extremities). THE LOT:

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 37179

DUTCH PROTESTANT COMMITTEE [Compilers], Protestantsch Kerkboek voor Leger, Vloot en Luchtmacht. [Eerste druk; First edition].
S.I., s.n., [circa], 1946 12°., original printed wrappers, stapled. 94pp. Table of contents.
Dutch language Aide Mémoire on behalf of dutch protestant Army, Navy and Airforce ministers in Indonesia during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute 1945-1950. A schoice-collection of Protestant Holy field services, compiled in order to establish uniform Holy services. Very good copy. Rare.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 52072

DUTCH RED CROSS IN POST-WAR COLONIAL INDONESIA - Nederlandse Rode Kruis Afdeling Indonesië/Palang Merah Belanda Tjabang Indonesia. Officieel Orgaan Augustus 1949 3e jaargang.
S.L.[Den Haag/Batavia], Nederlandse Rode Kruis, 1949 large 8°. orig. pict.wraps. text-ills, many supporting advert. of which illustrated, 1 diagramme in text. Bi-lingual text: dutch/indonesian.
This monthly issue (year 3, august 1949), distributed in Indonesia only, of the Dutch Red Cross, printed at Batavia, v/h John Kappee, deals exclusively with relief-work among the Indonesian population during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute, 1945-december 1949. Few copies will have survived. Good copy. Rare. (small thear in front margin, not touching text skilfully restored).

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EUR 215.00

Book nr.: 38970

DUTCH WAR-GRAVES COMMISSION - De Oorlogsgravenstichting in 1984.
's-Gravenhage, [1985]. sm.8°. orig. pict. col. wraps. 47pp. many col. ills. on plates and in text. ADDED: A coloured harmonica-folding brochure (4 folds), printed on glossy paper, recto/verso, with col. ills. depict. war-cemeteries in Southeast Asia.AND: a [7]pp. brochure on the Birma Rail Road, illustrated and a full-p. sketch-map. AND: A [7]pp. brochure listing and describing dutch war-cemeteries in Asia, all sites with plans in text. (Menteng Pulo, Ancol, Pandu, Leuwigajah, Candi & Kalibenteng, Kembang) all sites listing numbers of buried men. THE LOT:
Reporting on the year 1984 of the Royal Dutch War Graves Commission.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 37191

EB, V. VAN DER, De Overval. Roman. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Hilversum, C. de Boer Jr., 1962 Original cloth, dustjacket. 239pp.
Dutch language novel based on historic facts and author's personal experiences of anti-guerilla warfare by Dutch Special Forces on some smaal West-coast Java Islands against isolated Indonesian revolutionary army groups, during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute 1945-1950. Good copy, WITH dustjacket. (rims of dustjacket a bit chipped in places).

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 52203

ECOY, C.C. VAN DE & A.D. BOS (Lieutenant Dutch Armed Forces), [Compilers], I-3 R.I. Kabbelende Golven. Scrapbook I Bat. "Zeeland"] - 3 Regiment Infantry. [Indonesia 1945-1950].
S.I., C.C. van de Ecoy/A.D. Bos, [circa], 1951 Small 8°. Original private clothbacked marbled boards album. Title in ink on f.e.p., rubbing of Batallion crest on verso. 19 unnumbered lvs.First lve. with a portrait taken from a dutch newspaper, captioned in ink, of Major C.J.H. Luessen, one of Batallion commanders, 6 original monochrome photographs, various dimensions, captioned in ink on 6 lvs., including some coloured Batallion crests, 25 occasionally illustrated press clippings on 7 lvs. of which some loosely inserted and rather large, copy of a farewell cable by Bernhard, Prince of Orange and Nassau to troops embarking for Indonesia on 1 leave, circular by Army commander November 1946 alerting dutch troops of the end of the Poeasa on Java on 1 lve., 6 lvs. with technical annotations about military broadcasting.
Dutch language Scrapbook compiled by two members of I. Bat. ["Zeeland"], 3rd. Regiment Infantry, dutch expeditionary forces in post-war Indonesia during the first phase of the dutch-indonesian armed dispute, by which newspaper information and photographs is supplied about formation, transport to Indonesia and service. Very interesting and rather unusual scripbook.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 57013

EIGEMAN, J.A., De onjuiste opzet van onze Indonesische staatkunde.
Den Haag, [1957]. sm. 8°. wraps. 28pp.
Dutch policy towards Indonesia during and after the dutch-indonesian dispute. Collected artt. earlier published in a dutch newspaper "Het Vaderland" (feb. 1957).

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 11085

EIJKELBOOM, J., Het krijgsbedrijf. Vijf benaderingen. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam-Antwerpen, De Arbeiderspers, 2000 Small 8°., original cloth, gilded title on spine, dustjacket. 110pp. Table of contents.
Dutch language collection of 5 short stories and a poem, set around dutch military operations by the name of "Polittionele Acties" (armed Police actions) during the armed dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1950. Very fine copy, WITH dustjacket. (signature on ti.-p.).

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 51626

ELANDS, M. (1967-), Oost west, thuis best. De opvang van uit Nederlands-Indië teruggekeerde militairen1948-1951. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Doorn, Stichting Het Veteraneninstituut, [....], 2004 8°. Original limp wrappers, Covertitle in bold black type with a coloured illustration at top. 103pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations in text after photographs, some facsims. after archivalia, 2 full-page and captioned monochrome cartoons of which one by Jo Spier, notes/references, C.V. to contributors, table of contents.
Collection of 4 dutch language scholarly papers about demobnilization and repatriation of dutch troops from Indonesia 1948-1951 to Holland, e.g.: after care, rehabilitation into civil society, experiences and reactions of [female] partners of veterans, recognition and treatment (if any) of Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes (PTSS). Contributions by Martin Elands, Hans Meijer, Hinke Piersma. Very fine copy

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 54508

ELLEMERS, J.E. & R.E.F. VAILLANT, Indische Nederlanders en Gerepatrieerden. Orig. edn.
Muiderberg, 1985 sm.8°. orig.limp pict.glossy wraps. 159pp. some plates & text-ills., tabs. in text, bibliogr., list of useful addresses.
A systematic & concise review of the history and actual social position of repatrieated dutch and indonesian-dutch people after the end of the pacific-war, from post-war Indonesia to the Netherlands. Pocket-edn.(as orig. issued). MINT copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 37187

ENGERS, J.F., Het Indonesische Vraagstuk en de Amerikaansche Pers.
Leiden, 1946 12°, original wraps., 36pp., bibliographic note, list of contents at end. KLOOSTER, 2909. "Nederlandsch Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken, I".
The dutch-indonesian dispute as presented in U.S. Press.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 11543

ERNÉ, B. [Introduction], Bren naar voren Partisanen. Het O.V.W. Bataljon 1-12 R.I. op Java. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Groningen-Batavia, Wolters, 1949 Large 8°., original orange coloured printed cloth, gilded Royal Dutch State Coat-of-arms and Royal Regimental Monogramme on front cover. 240pp. Frontispiece, many black/white illustrations in text and full-page after original photographs, some illustrations after drawings in text, names and portraits of men killed in action, some sketch-maps in text and full-page, terrain-maps in text, tables in text and full-pageconcise chronology of events, table of contents.
Dutch language extensive record, commemorating military actions by Batallion 1-12 Reg. Inf., (War Volunteers), on Java, Soerabaia, Peninsular Grissee and Malang, during the [armed] dutch-indonesian dispute,period Oct. 1945-Oct. 1948. Very good copy in original cloth, NO dustjacket.

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EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 49482

ESCHER, R., Het Leger. Orde en Vrede. De mens achter de militair in Nederlands Oost-Indië 1945-1950. Orig. edn.
S.I., s.n., the author, [circa], 1997 Original limp glossy wrappers, coloured illustration on front wrapper. 192pp. Many black/white text-ills. after original photographs, preface by [Mrs.] H.T. Spoor-Dijkema. Neither called-for in holdings of Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV, nor in Royal Dutch Library, KB.
In this dutch language monograph author stresses humanitary aspects of the Royal Dutch Army during the dutch-indonesian [armed] dispute 1945-1950. Local humanitarian aid, medicaid, material assistance (road-and bridge building), protection against terrorists and armed bandits, &c. Privately published by author. Very good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 48172

ESCHER, R.Th., Ph. G. de LANGE & S.A. LAPRÉ (compilers), Orde en Vrede. De humanitaire/militaire missi in Nederlands Oost-Indië 1945-1950. [Eerste druk; First edition].
[Schimmert], Comité "Orde en Vrede", [....], 1997 Original glossy limp wrappers, cover illustration in colour. 192pp. Captioned monochrome illustrations of which portraits, some facsims. after archivalia.
Dutch language commemmorative volume of the dutch humanitary/military events for [public] order and peace during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute 1945-1950, presented to dutch veterans and those killed in action, published by the Committee for Order and Peace. Very good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 51777

ESTERIK, Chr. VAN - K. VAN TWIST, Daar werd iets grootsch verricht of hoe het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden zijn grootste kolonie verloor. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Weesp, Heureka, 1980 Original coloured and illustrated limp wrappers. 112pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations in text of which portraits and facsims. after archivalia, chronology of most important events during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute 1945-1950, concise biogr. notes to inverviewed persons, literature, table of contents.
Dutch language inquiry into the de-colonization process of the Dutch East Indies during the armed dutch-indonesian dispute 1945-1950: politicians and diplomants, the indonesian revolution and nationalism, negotiations, planters contra industrialists, military operations, resistance, fall of the dutch colonial empire. Good copy. (rims of covers a bit shaved, a little bit dog-eared).

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 51774

EVACUATION FROM DISPLACED PERSONS INFORMATION - Algemeene Inlichtingen voor Evacuées in Australië. Orig. edn.
South Melbourne, Netherlands Indies Printing works, 1945 Small 8°., original wrappers, title and text printed on front side bartly in bold type with Royal Dutch Government Coat-of-Arms printed at upper margin. Stapled. [14]pp. table in text: census to Australian States, full-page sketch-map of Australia, list of hotels and resorts in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide, concise general price-ist in dutch currency. Neither called-for in HARSKAMP, nor in holdings of Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Official dutch Government brochure published by Netherlands Indies Welfare Organization for Evacuees, N.I.W.O.E., distrubuted amongst dutch and eurasian displaced persons shortly after the japanese surrender in Indonesia. Offering a 4-months holiday to evacuees recuperating from the horrors of the japanese concentration camps in Indonesia shortly after the liberation. Supplies general information on subject matter, regulations for registration and identification, information on health- and dental care, country and population of Australia, dutch social clubs, official intormation on Office of displaced persons. Overall text in dutch only. Good copy. Rare. (some spotting to lower margin of front side).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 47307

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