GEMILANG 126: MERDEKA! The Dutch-Indonesian Dispute 1945-1950 (2015).

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Den Haag, [c. 1965]. 12°, original pictorial coloured wraps., [40]pp., many ills. of which full-p., full-p. diagram, short list of names of decorated men, music-scores with text.
Booklet issued to new members of the so-called "Zeven December Divisie", war-volunteers, describing the tradition, the duties & various war-time actions during the dutch-indonesian dispute, in the Korea-war. Copy signed by a Batallion-commander (reconaissance-batallion). Fine.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 10860

MERDEKA - Bagaimanakah Timoer boleh lekas Madjoe? In: "Timoer-Sjoeho, Tahoen II-no. 15, 8 April 2603".
S.L.[Djakarta], Kantor Minseibu, 2603 Small folio, 1 sheet, printed recto/verso. (US $ 175,00)
Lead-article deals with Asia Raya, other artt. deal with the political situation in Indonesia under japanese administration, an article on Manchoukuo & an article on the german ally Germany. Publ. under japanese administration.

EUR 160.00

Book nr.: 11640

MERDEKA- COEVERDEN-VAN GELDER, C.C.W. VAN, De Betekenis van het Contractpensionsysteem voor het Maatschappijk werk met Indische Nederlanders.
Driebergen, 1966 1°, clothbacked wraps. (plastified), 30, [4]pp. of cyclostyled text on rectos only, list of contents.
Final-exam essay, reviewing & analyzing the impact of so-called 'Contractpensions" (contract-boardinghouses) for Indo-Europeans in the Netherlands: for a great number of them their first settlement in the Netherlands after their [forced] repatriation from Indonesia, during the dutch-indonesian dispute & her aftermath; their assimilation-problems with dutch society, &c... One of the few studies on the subject.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 10645

MERDEKA - DE SLOTERDIJKER. Nieuwsblad voor de Opvarenden van het Ms."Sloterdijker", 25 Juni 1947 No. 2.
Ms. "Sloterdijker", 1947 A-4 sized. [4]pp. (2Ll.), cyclostyled text, recto/verso. large illustrated head-pieces.
Information-bulletin as issued for dutch troops a/b. Ms. "Sloterdijker", 4-6 and 4-9 R.I.(Regiment Infantry), captain H.W. Löhr, commanding troop-officer N. Roodenburg. Very well preserved. (folded 4-ways). Scarce.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 11544

MERDEKA- DUTCH-INDONESIAN DISPUTE, Kort Overzicht van het behandelde ter Conferentie te Den Pasar.
[Batavia], Algemeen Regeeringscommiss. Borneo en de Groote Oost, [1946]. 12°, original wraps., 85pp. KLOOSTER, 3100.
Reviews in short, the results of the so-called "Den Pasar" conference: the formation of the federal state Eastern Indonesia: Borneo & the great East. (N.T.T.). Scarce.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 10343

MERDEKA- DUTCH CLANDESTINE "NEWSPAPER" - Ons Rijk. April 1945 Nummer 1. (first issue).
S.L., s.n., April 1945 In-plano. Centre-folded folio. [4]pp. of text. With a number of contributions about Indonesia & the Pacific: The war against Japan, public libraries in Indonesia, further details on the pacific-war, malay language instruction, the conference at San Francisco, &c...
According to the editorial on p.4 this first issue of "Ons Rijk" (litt. transl.: Our Empire), is the product of cooperation between "Voorlichting Overzeesche Gebiedsdeelen" (V.O.G.) & "Ons Volk". Printed in a very limited edn. owing to extreme paper-restriction during the german occupation of the Netherlands (editorial note on page 4). A very rare issue indeed. Very well preserved.

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 10475

MERDEKA - INDONESIA MERDEKA. Orgaan van de Perhimpunan Indonesia.
Haarlem, 1924-1933]. 8° & small 8°, original lettered wraps. Tog. in 19 parts as originally issued. Available year 2-5/6; 4-5/6; 5-1-5; 6-7/8; 7-1-5; 8-1-6 (compl.), 9-1-5; 10-1-6 (compl.) Stapled. Tog. in a boards binder with ties.
A nice run of this higly irregular appearing periodical ( max. 6 times a year) for & by Indonesian Students in the Netherlands, with as tendency democracy & independence for Indonesia, containing a number of very interesting artt. on the subject. Well preserved. Scarce run.

EUR 205.00

Book nr.: 10913

MERDEKA - INDONESIA MERDEKA. Orgaan van de Perhumpunan Indonesia.
Den Haag, 1932 Small 8°, original lettered wraps., 58pp. Stapled. Year 10-nos. 1-3 (October 1932).
Odd issue of this important periodical by & for Indonesian students in the Netherlands, propagating democracy & independence for Indonesia. Very irregularly published. This issue contains artt. as (transl.): The Swadeshi in Indonesia, The Perhimpunan Indonesia & the Chinese in Indonesia, joining of Ir. Sukarno to the Partai Indonesia, &c... Interesting.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 10914

MERDEKA - Indonesisch Jaaroverzicht 1949. In:"Op de Hoogte, wekelijks persoverzicht voor Officieren, 4e jaargang-No. 14-15, 14 januari 1950".
orig. pict. wraps. 80pp. text-ills. & portrs. NOT in KLOOSTER.
Weekly press-review for dutch army-officers, marked restricted ('beperkt') not for further publication ('niet voor verdere publicatie'), of which first 39pp. deal with the events around the transfer of sovereignty to the United States of Indonesia: U.N. Security Council actions, Van Royoen-Rum negotiations, death of the General Spoor(C.In.C. dutch troops in Indonesia), speech of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, finalizing R.T.C., Statement of Mohd. Hatta, Batavia 27 Dec. (1949) at 17.51 hrs, &c...&c...Rare. (upper wrap. somewh. foxed).

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 12050

MERDEKA - Land en Volk van Nederlandsch-Indie.
London, 1945 sm.8°. orig. wraps. 36pp. of plates with captions at tails in dutch, fold.sketch-map at end.
Propaganda-brochure issued by the Netherland Publishing company London, at the very beginning of the dutch-indonesian dispute. (dog-eared copy).

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 12998

MERDEKA - Nederlandsche MARINIERS als Gevangenen op Malakka.
S.L., nd. A cyclostyled offprint on 1p., A-4 sized, of a letter dated 18th Jan. 1946, as sent to The Netherlands, written by a Dutch marine, still held captive on a rubber-plantation somewhere in Malaysia (near Singapore?), complaining that he & his fellow marines (500 men) are still held in cativity by English troops.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 9706

MERDEKA - ONS AANDEEL in den strijd tegen Japan.
Melbourne, Nederlandsch Indischen Regeerings Publiciteits Dienst, 1945 12°, original wraps., 27pp., 3 plates.
In this brochure, the Neth. Indian Information Service at Melbourne, refers to dutch contributions to war against Japan. Very well preserved. Rare.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 11403

MERDEKA - PEACEFUL Settlement in Indonesia.
[New York, 1951]. sm. 8°. orig. wraps. 20pp. Chronology of events at end. Stapled. "United Nations Publications 1951.I.6". Concise review of the dutch-indonesian dispute.

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 11855

MERDEKA - Publikatie ter gelegenheid van de viering van de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsdag in Nederland op 17 augustus 1963.
[Den Haag, 1963]. sq. 8°. orig. pict. red wraps. [24]pp. of plates (incl. introd.), captions to plates.
Issued by the Indonesian Embassy in the Netherlands, in order to commemmorate the 17th anniversary of Indonesian independence. Plates depict achievements during this period: economy, education, the upbuilding of army and navy, &c.. The first time since 3 years this commemmoration took place in the Netherlands, owing to the dutch-indonesian New Guinea dispute. Fine copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 12374

MERDEKA- REGEERINGS VOORLICHTINGS DIENST, Commissarissen Generaal over de Ontwerp Overeenmomst.
[Batavia], R.V.D., 1947 Small 8°, original wraps., 15pp. KLOOSTER, 2848.
The first draft-agreement drawn 15 November 1947, covering the dutch-indonesian dispute.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 10484

MERDEKA - Sedikit Tentang demokrasi dalam Oendang-oendang dasar Kita.
Djakarta, Kementerian Penerangan, [c. 1946]. 12°. orig. stiff wraps. 17pp. Stapled. Serie:"Pepora", 1. Fine.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 12029

MERDEKA - SEJARAH Tugu Peringatan Proklamazsi Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia.
Jakarta, 1972 Square small 8°, original glossy wraps., 73pp., 19 plates.
The history of the proclamantion of indonesian independence, ills. all after historic material concerning Indonesia Merdeka (in Jakarta). Fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 11536

MERDEKA - Tentang Oendang-oendang Dasar.
Djakarta, Kementerian Penerangan, [c. 1946]. 12°. orig. wraps. 14pp. stapled. Serie:"Pepora", 4.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 12028

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