GEMILANG 126: MERDEKA! The Dutch-Indonesian Dispute 1945-1950 (2015).

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MERDEKA - DEMOBILIZATION, De nieuwe demobilisatievoorzieningen in een Notedop. (voor militairen van de Koninklijke Landmacht, die werkelijke dienst in Nederlandsch-Indië hebben verricht)(text on upper wrap.).
Den Haag, 1948 sm. 8°. orig. wraps. 136pp.
The revised demobilization-provisions for dutch troops, that have served in Indonesia during the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1949. Scarce.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 12760

MERDEKA - DUTCH NEWSPAPER ISSUE, De Oorlog in het Verre Oosten. In: "De Opdracht, Tijdschrift gewijd aan het nieuwe Indië, Vrijdag 5 Juli 1945; Informatienummer, nummer 5".
Den Haag, 1945 Small folio, [4]pp. of text, some text-ills.
Front-p. article deals with the continuing war in Southeast Asia against Japan, the dutch expeditionary force in the Far East, the installation of the new minister of colonies J.H.A. Logemannl, an article on dutch marines in Asia, a short article by a dutch NICA-officer posted on dutch New Guinea, a.o. artt. Very interesting. Well preserved. (papers somewh. yellowing, marginal small tear on centre-fold, skilfully restored).

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 11636

MERDEKA - DUTCH NEWSPAPER, De Rede van Dr. v. Mook. In: "Het Inzicht, Weekblad, 1e jaargang nummer 19, 25 Mei 1946".
Djakarta, Het Inzicht, 25 Mei, 1946 Folio (centre-folded), 4pp.
Lead article on front-p. discusses the famous Van Mook Speech. Other artt. supply news on the general & political situation in Indonesia. Mint copy. Rare.

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 11644

MERDEKA - HET NIEUWSBLAD, Oproep aan de Indo. Indo-Comité Vrij-Indonesië/Opgedragen aan de Hollandsen Soldaat in Indonesia. Publ. in:"Het Nieuwsblad nos. 5/6, 28/29 Mei 1946".
Djakarta, 1946 2 sheets, small folio, printed recto/verso.
Supplies besides above mentioned artt. political information on both the Netherlands, Indonesia and on Asia in general. Well preserved.

EUR 160.00

Book nr.: 11641

MERDEKA - INDONESIAN NEWSPAPER, Soesonan Tata Negara Baroe! Keterangan ringkas tentang peroepaan jang lama. In: "Timoer Sedar, Tahoen Ke II-no. 8, 20 Februari 1946".
Djakarta, 1946 Small folio, 1 sheet, printed recto-verso.
Lead-article deals with then Lt. Governor-General Van Mook, with other artt. on the political situation in Indonesia.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 11638

MERDEKA - LAST, J., L. DE JONG ( - HANDBILL, Nederlanders, het roer moet om!.
Amsterdam, Comité voor Vrede en Veiligheid in Indonesië, 1949 A-4 sized Handbill, printed recto/verso, 65 lines. (centre folded).
Original Handbill, published by the Committee for Pease & Safety in Indonesia, signed in print by a.o. Jef Last, L. de Jong, H.M. van Randwijk, W.F. Wertheim, Sam de Wolff...(committee-members) calling upon dutch public opinion for independence for Indonesia and implementation by dutch govenment of U.N. Resolutions, restauration of the so-called "Djocja'Government", after the so-called 2nd. police-action in Indonesia. Mint copy of a very rare handbill.

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 11623

MERDEKA - LEZER, A. (Sgt.), Cluborgaan M.S.V. (Militaire Sport-Vereniging, Makassar). 1e jaargang No. 5 (Kerstnummer).
Makassar, 20 December, 1948 Small 2°, original coloured lettered wraps. with a narrow modern cloth backstrip, [19]pp. of cyclostyle on rectos only. Text-ills. & some tables (results of football-games). NOT in KLOOSTER.
X-mas number of the "Militaire Sport-Vereniging, (foot-ball club), composed by Sergeant A. Lezer, issued for dutch troops at Makassar during the dutch-indonesian dispute. A very rare issue of this bulletin, few copies will have survived. (some light fraying of lower part of fore-rim of upper wrap & of p.1, ow a very good copy).

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 10146

MERDEKA - MALINO CONFERENCE, Conclusies en Resoluties der conferentie te Malino.
S.L. [Batavia], Alg. Regeerings Commissariaat voor Borneo...,[c. 1946]. sm. 8°. orig. wraps. 23pp.
Contains tog. 21 artt. concerning the Malino-conference, during the dutch-indonesian dispute.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 11491

MERDEKA - MILITARY PHONE DIRECTORY - Militaire Telefoongids Palembang [bijgewerkt tot 10 April 1949].
S.I. [Palembang], s.n. [Commandant Territoriale Verbindings Afdeling], 1949 Small 8°., original thin wrappers, stapled, title-label on front side. 17pp. of cyclostyled text, recto/verso, 2 unnumbered lvs. at very end.
Military phone-directory, Palembang, Sumatra, preceded by general regulations and information and an index. including names, military ranks and addresses of subscribers. Published on behalf of dutch military personnell stationed at Palembang during the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1950. Published by the Territorial Royal Dutch signalling Army Corps, Palembang. Very well preserved. Rare. (name of previous owner, Dr. Veening in pencil on front side).

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EUR 350.00

Book nr.: 46887

MERDEKA - NEWSPAPER ISSUE, Strijdend Nederland. Weekblad voor denkend Nederland. 2e Jaarg. nr. 3 (October 1945).
[Leiden], 1945 Small folio, centre-folded, [8]pp. of text, some text-ills.
Front-p. article (Lead-article) describes the rapid changing military & political events on Java during the first phase of the dutch-indinesian dispute, incl. i.a. notes on 'bersiap', p. 6-8 has a lengthy article by B.C.M.M. Van Suchtelen (former Governor East Coast Sumatra), pleading for a rapid change in Indonesian politics & a short reply to a previously publ. article on Indonesia by the then colonial minister Logemann. Well-preserved. (paper yellowing, some marginal tears at centre-fold. skilfully restored). .

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 11635

MERDEKA - PERHIMPOENAN INDONESIA, Repoeblik Indonesia. 17 Augustus 1945-17augustus 1946. (title on front cover). Gedenkingsnummer uitgegeven door het weekblad "Indonesia", ter gelegenheid van het éénjarig bestaan der Repoeblik Indonesia (title on verso of front wr.).
[Amsterdam], "Indonesia", 1947 4°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Coloured illustrated front wrapper designed by A. van der Feer. 32pp. 2 full-page plates, many text-ills., incl. some large portraits of indonesian leaders, advertism., of which some illustrated, at end. ["Indonesia", weekblad uitgegeven door de "Perhimpoenan Indonesia", waarin is opgenomen het verzetsblad "De Bevrijding", Jaargang 17, 17 Augustus 1945, Nr. 10-11]. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
Commemmorates the first anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia. Incl. articles, with portraits on Ir. Soekarno, Moh. Hatta, Soetan Sjahrir; political Manifesto of the Indonesian Government; many other essays on the political and cultural future of the republic, &c. NOT called-for in the holdings of Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. (some occasional fraying to extremities of wrappers, some browning to upper margin and alongside front inner joun at verso of front wrapper).

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 45398

MERDEKA - PROVISIONAL LAW ORDER REVISION REPUBLIK SERIKAT INDONESIA - Naar de nieuwe rechtsorde in Indonesië. Bouwstoffen voor de Federatie. [Eerste druk/first edn.].
S.I. [Batavia], s.n. [Voorlopige Federatieve Regering van Indonesië, 1948- 1949 2 parts, original limp printed wrappers. 43; 219pp. Part 1 in dutch, part 2 being so-called Bijlagen or appendices in dutch and indonesian, printed in two collumns.Table of contents. Part I: Algemeen Overzicht (General survey); Part II: Bijlagen; Lampiran (Appendices in indonesian language). HARSKAMP, 1069.
Dutch-Indonesian language provisional law order established after long political negotiations, Bandung conference 1948, between the dutch and indonesian delegates about the formation of a Federation of Indonesia, interpreted by Indonesians as a first step towards complete independence, contrary however to dutch opinion as a final result and end of the dutch-indonesian dispute 1945-1950. Includes the second part: appendices in Indonesian language, seldomly found present. Good set.

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 47135

MERDEKA - REGEERINGS VOORLICHTINGSDIENST - Chronologisch Overzicht van de ontwikkeling van het Indonesische vraagstuk in de Nationale en de Internationale politieke verhoudingen (14 augustus 1945 - 1 januari 1949). [title on front wrapper]. [Eerste druk/first edn.].
's-Gravenhage, Regeerings Voorlichtingsdienst, [....], 1949 Small tall folio, original wrappers, stapled. 37pp. HARSKAMP, 727.
Chronology of political events, august 1945-january 1949, during the dutch-indonesian [armed] dispute, 1945-1950, and the impact on dutch- and international political relations, published and compiled by the Royal Dutch State Information Service. Still of historical interest. Very good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 46978

MERDEKA - REPUBLLIK INDONESIA SERIKAT (R.I.S.), [A collection of newspaper issues covering the political events in the New Republic of Indonesia].
Djakarta, Algemeen Indisch Dagblad, "De Preangerbode", 1949-1950. 2°.(newspaper size), quadruple folded. A collection of issues Years 50 and 51, published between december 1949-May 1950. Tog. 42 original illustrated issues (being parts of issues) of this Indonesian newspaper, dutch text, tog. in a paper portfolio. Added a number of clippings on the same subject taken from other newspapers, both in Indonesia and in the Netherlands.
Supplies news on the main political events in the Newborn "Republik Indonesia Serikat"(R.I.S.=Federal Republic of Indonesia) amongst the subjects we find news on (:) internal political trouble, the relation of the R.I.S. with the R.M.S.(Republik Maluku Selatan), the Westerling counter-coup at Bandung and his arrest in Singapore, foreign relations of the Republic, Economic aid, &c...An interesting collection, very well preserved.

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EUR 100.00

Book nr.: 39596

MERDEKA - RIJKS VOORLICHTINGS DIENST - Indonesië herleeft! Economisch herstel en wederopbouw in Vogelvlucht. Orig. edn.
Batavia, Rijks Voorlichtings Dienst, R.V.D., 1948 sm. 8°. Orig. stiff pict. col. wrappers. 79pp. Num. ills. on 22 photo-plates with extensive captions, 8 full-p. sketch-maps, incl. a census-map, tables and statistics in text. HARSKAMP, 731.
Economic analysis and forecast for dutch colonial post-war indonesia, published during the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1950. A nice and interesting piece of pro-dutch propaganda, published by the State Information Service, R.V.D. Good copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 44533

MERDEKA - ROYAL DUTCH NAVY INSTRUCTIONS- Koninklijke Marine. Tropisch Zakboekjes. [Eerste druk/first edition].
S.I., Koninklijke Marine, [circa], 1945 Small 8°., original printed wrappers, stapled Large black/white illustration on front cover. 84pp. Glossary common or low malay-dutch/dutch-common or low malay, with pronounciation, table of contents.
Dutch language 'vademecum', issued on behalf of Royal Dutch Marines and other Navy personnel, leaving for service in dutch colonial Indonesia during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute, 1945-1950, which includes, besides an introduction on how to get around with the Indonesian population, 14 "lessons", with short phrases and simple conversation and a rather extensive glossary. Interleaved copy with some occasional pencilled notes by a previous owner. (name of previous owner inside front wrapper, wrappers a bit soiled, a bit dull).

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 49594

MERDEKA - Soldaat Overzee. 3rd ed.
Hengelo 1949 Large oblong, 8°, pictorial col. wraps., with matching protective clear plastic sheet, spiral bound, 127pp., numerous ills. after photos & after drawings with describing text. HARSKAMP, 974(calls for 2nd.edn. only).
Military history of the dutch-indonesian dispute 1945-1947, incl. a collection of photographs taken during the first police-action, July 1947.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 5369

MERDEKA - TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY TO INDONESIA, "Sobere Plechtigheid in het Koninklijk Paleis op de Dam"/"Geboorte Republik Indonesia Serikat...".
Rotterdam-Batavia, "Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant"/Algemeen Indisch Dagblad "De Preangerbode", 1949 Imp.2°(newspaper size), folded. An issue of a dutch newspaper:"Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant", Tuesday 27 December 1949(Year 106-no. 302) and: Algemeen Indisch Dagblad, "De Preangerbode", Wednesday 28 December 1949(year 50, no. 298). Both issues illustrated, incl. portrs. of Cabinet-members of the "Republik Indonesia Serikat".
Both newspaper-issues, announce the official transfer of Sovereignty of colonial Indonesia to the [federated] Republic of Indonesia, at Amsterdam Royal Palace on 27 December 1949, incl. political reactions and comments. Very well preserved.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 39595

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