GEMILANG 145: The Moluccas/Republik Maluku Selatan (2015).

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TETELEPTA, M.J. & H.G. NIJMAN, BERGAUL: 40 jaar Molukkers in Winterswijk [1959-1999]. [Eerste, enige, druk; First edition].
Winterswijk, Vereniging "Het Museum", 1999 8°. Original limp wrappers. Covertitle in bold black type, with coloured illustration. 152pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations, featuring portraits of Moluccan refugees, topographical views of Winterswijk city, plan and name-list of Moluccan refugees in Camp "Vosseveld" 1959/1960, some facsims. after archivalia, including a full-page map of South-eastern Indonesia, 1722, bibliographhy, list of archivalia consulted, preface by Wim Manuhuto in dutch and indonesian-malay in which the local term "Bergaul" [= met elkaar omgaan], table of contents.
Dutch language historic survey describing the arrival in 1959 of a group of former Moluccan troops incl. families, repatriated from the Indonesian Republic to Holland, first received in refugee camp "Vosseveld", after a short period in Winterswijk city, Achterhoek region, Gelderland Province. A description of four decades of social integration with local dutch population,efforts by locals, both Molucacans and Dutch, getting acquinted wih each other, the role of the church, social workers, sportsclubs. Very fine copy. Out-of-Print.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 54565

TICHELMAN, G.L. & W.J. DE GRUYTER Tooverteekens en symbolen van Indonesiė.
's-Graveland, 1942 Small 8°, orig. clothbacked pictorial boards, c. 70pp. Ills. on 4 plates, text-ills, extensive foot-notes.
An interesting essay on the occurance, ancient history and development of pagan-belief in colonial Indonesia: meaning and existence of magic signs and symbols, prohibitory signs, taboo, sorcery & witchcraft, mainly as found on the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and among the Toba-Batak. (corners somewh. damaged).

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 5627

TICHELMAN, G.L., The South Moluccas. Rebellious Province or occupied State. Anthropological aspects.
S.L., South Moluccan Information Service, 1960 sm.8°. pict. wraps. 28pp. Stapled.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 37062

TIMMERMANS, G.J., Latifa op de Molukken.
Weesp, 1985 sq. 8°. pict. col. glossy boards. 31pp. of col. ills., plates and sketch-map.
Daily life of a muslim girl called Latifa on Ambon (Tulehu). Nice copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 37063

TISSOT VAN PATOT, J.W., Een viertal tochten door het eiland Terangan in Maart en April 1907. Takenfr.:"TAG, 1908".
[Amsterdam, 1908]. wraps. pp.77-93. With a large fold. track-map, ills. on a plate.
Account of 4 journeys through Seran & the Aru-group, with extensive descriptions of volcanological phenomena. (wrs. frayed on rims, some tiny particles missing).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 37064

TOMLINSON, H.M., Tidemarks. Some records of a journey to the beaches of the Moluccas and the Forest of Malaya, in 1923. First edn.
London-N.Y.-Toronto and Melbourne, 1924 thick 8°. orig. cloth. 311pp. frontisp.
Account of a journey through the Moluccas with general remarks. (fore-rim & contents foxed in places).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 37065

TUPAMAHU, CHR. D. (Reverend), Tatatjara Kebaktlan sebagaimana ditetapkan oleh Synode AM dari Geredja Indjili Maluku untuk dipergunakan dalam semua Djematnja. [Original edition].
's-Gravenhage, Kantor G.I.M., 1965 Original printed wrappers, stapled. Moluccan church logo on front cover, repeated on ti.-p. 50pp. Table of contents.
Ambonese malay language report of the Synod as held by the Council of the Protestant Moluccan Church, G.I.M., as held at The Hague. Very good copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 49814

UMBGROVE, J.H.F., Report on Plistocene and Pliocene corals from Ceram.
Amsterdam, 1924 large 4°. orig. lettered wraps. 22pp. 22 ills. on 2 plates o.o.t., with explanations on a separate page, bibliogr., sketch-map, full-p. schematic list of species, their localities and geological distribution. ["Geological, Petrographical and Palaeontological results of the explorations carried out from september 1917 till june 1919 in the Island of Ceram" (by L.Rutten and W.Hotz), 2nd. series: Palaeontology, No. 1].

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 37066

UNITED STATES ARMY FORCES IN THE FAR EAST RESTRICTED GUIDE: Directory of Geographic Place Names in the Southwest Pacific Area Exclusive of Continental Australia. Section IV The Moluccas. Section V The Lesser Sunda (Soenda) Islands. Listed by Latitude and Longitude (to the nearest five minutes). [Original edition].
Washington, Army Map Services..., 1943 Small 8°. Original publ. limp boards. Covertitle in bold monochrome type. 185pp. Foreword, list of abbreviations, numerous data, large extending coloured map representing the Area descriped opposite ti.-p., copy marked Restriced at top of ti.-p. and on front cover.
English language detailed list of place-names, published on behalf of U.S. and Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific area in the battle against tjhe japanese forces during the Second World War in the Pacific, 1942-1945. Still of historic and geographical interest. Good to very good copy. (SPINE WITH A MODERN CLOTH STRIP).

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 56974

UTRECHT, E[rnst], Ambon. Kolonisatie, dekolonisatie en neo-kolonisatie. Opgetekend door Franka Jaspers. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Amsterdam, Bezige Bij/Meulenhoff, 1971 Small 8°., original printed limp wrappers, illustration on lower outer wrapper. 132pp.Black/white illustrations on 4 plates with captions, 2 sketch-maps on a plate, notes and sources, name-list of Governors, Vice-Governors and military commanders of the Moluccas, bibliography, list of abbreviations used, [2]pp. of publ. serial list at very end, table of contents. ["Kritiese Bibliotheek", Van Gennep].
Dutch language critical left-wing assessment of the colonization, decolonization under the dutch, and neo-colonization of Maluku (Moluccas) during the Sukarno Regime. Paperback edition (as orig. publ.). Fine copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 49303

VANDOORNE, F., Het Onafhankelijkheidsstreven van de Zuidmolukkers. [Original dissertation Gent University, Belgium].
Gent, s.n., 1973 Small 4°., original limp wrappers. 164pp. List of abbreviations used, list of printed sources consulted, table of contents.
Flemish language doctoral dissertation in which legitime basis of South Moluccan Selfdetermination and international recognition is researched and discussed, which includes chapters on country and population of the Moluccas, dutch colonial rule, the Indonesian republic, federalism and nationalism, neo-colonialism under Sukartno. Very good copy.

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EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 51849

VEEN, H. VAN DER, De Noord-Halmahera'se taalgroep tegenover de Austronesiese talen. [Orig. thesis Leiden University].
Leiden, H. van Nifterik Hz., 1915 Orig. wraps. (viii), 226pp. Extensive footnotes, some full-p. tables
Thesis in which the non-Austronesian character of the languages of North Halmahera, e.g. Galelarese, Tobelorese, Modole, Tabaru, Sahunese, Lodarese, Pagu, Ibu, Waioli, Ternatan and Tidorese is shown. The grammatical differences between this language group and Austronesian languages are explained with special attention to word structure, pronouns and the genetive. Vocabularies are compared and a resemblance in this aspect between North Halmaheran languages and Papuan languages is started. (Polman, N.Moluccas, op.cit.). Thesis has been reviewed by N. Adriani in 1916. Rare. (covers somewhat sunned, some light dog-earing in places, ow a good to very good copy).

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 44305

VEENMAN, J. & L.G. JANSMA, Molukkers in Nederland. Een Probleeminvetariserend onderzoek.
Deventer, 1981 orig. wraps. 292pp. bibliogr., questionnaires at end. "Sociale Bibliotheek"series.
Inventory with questionnaires for interviewed suppl. insight into the so-called "South Moluccan Problem"in the Netherlands: national politics towards the R.M.S., radicalization with South Moluccan youths, socio-economic problems, housing, &c...An interesting report.

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EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 37068

VEENMAN, J., De werkloosheid van Molukkers, deelrapport 1.
Rotterdam, 1984 sm.slim 4°. wraps. (iv), [4], 294, [[37]pp.("Bijlagen", with tables). tabs. & graphs. in text, ext. bibliogr.
An extensive report on unemployment with the South Moluccan Population in the Netherlands: possible causes, social impact, recommendations for improvement. Publ. by command of the dutch Ministry of Social Afairs & Employment. Fine copy. Scrce.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 36304

VEENMAN, J.(red.) & C.H.T. VIJVERBERG, De Arbeidsmarktproblematiek van Molukkers. Een verkennend onderzoek.
Rotterdam, 1982 sm. slim 4°. orig. wraps. 207, [[50]pp.("Bijlagen" A-K2: tabs. & diagrammes, list of abbrev. used). footnotes, bibliogr., transl. of chapter 6 into indonesian.
Important and extensive report on unemployment of the South Moluccan Population in the Netherlands: historical background, South Moluccan Culture ("Adat"), present circumstances, preliminary sketch of labour-market, employment-position of South Moluccans, &c...Scarce.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 36305

VER HUELL, Q.M.R. Herinneringen van eene reis naar de Oost-Indiėn.
Haarlem, Loosjes, 1835-1836. 2 vols. in 1. Small thick 8°. calfbacked orig. marbled boards, (xxiv), 278; (x), 247pp. incl. so-called 'Bijlagen". 2 engraved fronts.-plates, 4 folded engraved plates, 10 engravings in text, tables in text. BASTIN/BROMMER, N.178.
Travel report by a naval officer of his journey to Ambon-Lease & the Banda Archipelago in 1817. First as a volunteer, later as captain of one of the ships, he joined the Dutch delegation which was sent to the Indonesian Archipelago in 1816 to restore Dutch government. The visit to the Banda Archipelago in 1817 is described, giving information on a.o. nutmeg cultivation, the environment & a Muslim festival. The rebellion by Thomas Matulesia on Saparua, Haruku & Nusa Laut is reported in detail. Information is also included on the population of Ambon, natural resources, descriptions of the Macassarese & Buginese, notes on the volcano Gunung Api, etc. As a result of this travelogue Ver Huell published his extremely rare "Gezigten in Oost-Indiė..." Rare. (bds. heavily shaved & rubbed, spine damaged at head & foot, ex-lib. stamp on title-pp., 1 plate repaired, clean copy however.)

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EUR 565.00

Book nr.: 5821

VERBEEK, R.D.M., Kaart van het Oostelijk Gedeelte van den Nederlandsch-Indischen Archipel. Orig. edn.
Batavia-'s-Gravenhage, Topographische Inrichting/Nijhoff, 1908 Imp.folio. Orig. clothbacked printed boards Portfolio, ties preserved, with 2 large coloured lithographed fold.-maps, 1: 3000.000, both with legenda and 18 centre-folded sectional geological profiles, each sized 70x34cm. ["Jaarboek van het Mijnwezen in Nederlandsch Oost-Indiė", zevententwintigste jaargang, 1908, Wetenschappelijk gedeelte].
Both large coloured fold. maps depict. (:) Track-map of Verbeek's voyage 1899 through the Eastern part of colonial Indonesia (Sulawesi, the Moluccan archipelago and New Guinea), and a geological map of the region on the same scale. Rare. (porfol. soiled and rubbed at extremities, maps in excellent condition).

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EUR 875.00

Book nr.: 39935

VINGBOONS, Joh., Verzameling van Pas-kaarten, dienende tot de vaart naar Oost-en Westindien; meest alle uitvoerig met de pen getekent: benevens eenige afbeeldingen van voorname eylanden , steden en sterktens, zo wel in de Spaansche Engelsche als Nederlands Indien gelegen...Facsim. after the 1660 edn.
Haarlem, 1981 Imp. folio. artif. calf, gilt lettered with V.O.C. & W.I.C. monogrammes in gilt on upper boards. With tog. 107 beautiful coloured maps & plans after the original watercolours by Joh. Vingboons., of which double-spread. With a [16]pp. introd. in dutch, in a separate booklet in endpocket, by J. van Bracht, incl. a description of all 100 maps and plans, indexed.
This splendid facsim. contains handdrawn & painted maps, charts & views, dating from ca. 1660 from the secret map archives of the V.O.C. & W.I.C.. They have never been printed before. Depicting a.o. India, Ambon, Aceh, Ceylon, Cambodia, The Philippines, &c...&c... A near mint copy. Scarce.

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EUR 1,200.00

Book nr.: 12434

VISSER, H.F.E., Over Ornamentkunst van Seram.-J.P. KLEIWEG DE ZWAAN, Tanimbarschedels.
Amsterdam, Koloniaal Instituut, 1917 folio. orig. wrps. 104pp. 24 col. and plain plates, with captions, diagrs. in text."Volkenkudige Opstellen, I."
The article by Visser covers pp. 91-104 and deals with ornamental art on the Island of Ceram(Moluccas), being decoration of houses as present in the collection of a former resident of Ambon: H.J.A. Raedt van Oldenbarnevelt, contains a sketch-map and num. col. & plain ills. 14 plates with captions. The 2nd. article by Kleiweg de Zwaan deals with skulls as excavated on Tanembar(Moluccas) with tabs. in text and many ills. on 10 plain plates. (spine-ends damaged, dog-eared copy).

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 9450

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