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ACEH WAR - NEDERBURGH, S.C., De Proeve van een Onderzoek der Middelen tot Oplossing van het Atjeh-Vraagstuk, verdedigd en toegelicht.
's-Gravenhage, Nijhoff, 1887 Small 8°, orig. wraps., 121pp.
Defence & elucidation to previous articles & publications, in which author advocates a radical unorhodox solution of the dutch-acehnese armed conflict: almost complete retreat of the dutch from Aceh, a very unpopular point-of-view in those days. Unopened copy.

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Book nr.: 10610

ACEH WAR-(EEN OFFICIER van het Nederlandsch-Indische Leger in actieven dienst), De Atjeh-Onlusten in 1896. Voorafgegaan door een kort overzicht van den Atjeh-krijg en de voornaamste gebeurtenissen op Politiek en Militair gebied gedurende het bestuur van Generaal C. Deykerhoff, in het bijzonder de oorzaak, aanleiding en gevolgen van ons bondgenootschap met Toekoe Oemar.
Rotterdam, Van Ditmar, s.d. [circa], 1897 Imp. folio. orig. pictorial coloured lithographed stiff wrappers. 35pp., title-vignette-portr. of TUKU UMAR, many other portrs. on plates & in text, many text-ills., some sketches in text of various war-theatres in Aceh, advertism.
Review (by an "active Officer of the dutch colonial Army, K.N.I.L., operating in Aceh) of the so-called Aceh-riots in 1896, preceded by a review of the Aceh-war in general, the political and military events during the administration of the Governor, the general C. Deijkerhoff, with in particular the immediate cause and effect of our [=the dutch] alliance with Teuku Oemar, incl. Oemar's defection to the 'rebels'. The alliance of the dutch with Teuku Umar (Toekoe Oemar) and his auxiliary forces, was of great military, political and psychological importance. Umar's defection with his well-armed forces (supplied bu the dutch!) was a big blow to the then politico-military strategy of the dutch, commonly known as "the treason of Toekoe Oemar". Apart from some occasions tiny spots a very good copy of a very rare publication in orig. col. lithographed publ. wrappers.

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Book nr.: 41186

ACEH WAR MEMORABILIA APRIL-MAY 1874 - Aan Mevrouw H. Tinkhoff-geboren den Toorn aangeboden door de Commissie ter ontvangst van de uit Atjin naar Semarang teruggekeerde Tropen. April-Mei 1874.
Semarang, s.n., 1874 Official and Original Silver plaque, 121x92mm., sculpted edges, text in dutch in in very fine and elaborate calligraphy, together 7 lines, presented by the dutch Colonial Indonesian Commission, installed upon the occasion of the return of dutch colonial troops to Semarang, Java, at the end of the first Aceh-war (1873). Plaque presented to Mrs. H. Tinkhoff - Née Den Toorn . SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A very fine commemmorative piece executed in silver, NOT hallmarked, which was not unusual in colonial Indonesia. The plaque has originally been fixed to a small commemorative object, hence the four small screws still present at back of plaque. An interesting piece of memorabilia to the first Aceh-war in Sumatra. In excellent condition. A rarity.

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EUR 2,500.00

Book nr.: 48802

ACTA SOCIETATIS SCIENTIARUM INDO-NEERLANDICAE- Verhandelingen der Natuurkundige Vereeniging in Nederlandsch Indië; Acta Societatis Scientiarum Indo-Neerlandicae, Vol. I-IV (All publ.).
Batavia, Lange, 1856- 1858 Contributions bound in 4 vols. Stout 4°., contemp. clothbacked marbled boards, serial title printed in gilt on spines.
Volume I, 1856. (viii), 32; 76; 80; 61; 54pp. With contributions by H. Zollinger (Flora Botanical Garden Buitenzorg); P.Bleeker (2 contrib. on fishes collected at Amboina, Manado and Macassar, incl. scientific name-list of 557 species collected) and two contrib. by J. Hasskarl (Botany, in latin language).
Vol. II, 1857. (viii), 15 (with a black/white lithographed plate, illustrating beetles collected); 49; 23; 40 (illustrations Isopodes Cymothoadiens) on 2 black/white lithogr. plates; 21; 102pp. Contrib. by P.Bleeker, G.A. de Lange,
Vol. III, 1857-1858. (vi), [1](preface), 16. 32; 60 (with fold. triangulation map of Bagelen Residency, Java); 34; 4 (with 2 handcoloured illustrations of Sumatra Hornbilss on a lithographed plate); 7; 32; 50; 46 (with black/white illustrations of fishes of Japan on 4 lith. plates); 6; 16; 2; 4; 4; 6pp. (indexto species). [1]p. with errata. With contrib. by G.A. de Lange, H.A. Bernstein, H. von Rosenbert (hornbills of Sumatra), P. Bleeker, J.K. Hasskarl,
Vol. IV, 1858 (last to be published in the series). BLEEKER, P., Ichthologiae Archipelagi Indici Prodromus, vol. I. Siluri./De Visschen van den Indischen Archipel beschreven en toegelicht. Deel I (Siluri). (xii) (index and errata), 370pp. Incorporates a list of essays published by author on ichthyology, including publ. names and dates, printed on pp. 361-370. Library Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV calls for an incomplete set. ["Verhandelingen der Natuurkundige Vereenigingin Nederlandsch-Indië", vol. I-IV, ALL PUBLISHED].
Complete set with many scientific contributions and field-reports by dutch scholars, in dutch language and occasionally in french and latin, with as subject-matters physics and biology of the Dutch East Indian Archipelago, which incorporates a monograph (vol. IV) by P. Bleeker on Ichthyology of the Indonesian Archipelago and Japan.Volume I incorporates, besides an introduction by Association's Board of Directors, member's and supporter's name-lists. Published by command of the Association of Physics in Dutch Colonial Indonesia, established 19 July 1850 by P. Bleeker, J.H. Croockewit Hz., C. de Groot, P.J. Maier and P. Baron Melvill van Carnbée. Good copy. Rare. (ex-library copy in a contemp. binding, paper labelsto spine-ends, some ex-lib. stamps on french titles, foxing to f.e.p.'s and french titles, ow. a clean and tight set).

EUR 750.00

Book nr.: 49087

ADRIANI, N., Sangireesche Spraakkunst. Orig. edn.
Leiden, A.H. Adriani/Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap, 1893 sm. 8°. Orig. printed wraps, (viii), 284pp. Footnotes, table of contents, list of abbreviations used.
Grammar of the language as spoken on the Sangir, or Sangihe Island-group, dutch colonial Indonesia, incl. comparative notes on the grammar and vocabularies of Miindanao-group, N. Philippines. Compiled by a dutch reformed missionary by command of the Dutch Bible Society, NBG (Nederlandsch Bijbelgenootschap). Good uncut copy. Scarce. (small portion of papered spine gone at tail).

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EUR 245.00

Book nr.: 44306

ADRIANI, P., Herinneringen uit en aan de Chineesche Districten der Wester-Afdeeling van Borneo 1879-1882. Schetsen en Indrukken.
Amsterdam, s.n. (circa), . 1890 Small 8°, gilt lettered cloth, 290pp.
Excellent observations by a medical officer covering the Chinese regions on Borneo over a period of 3 years: Singakawan, Montrado, Sambas, incl. at the end a description of North Borneo (British) during the early stages of the first exploration of Borneo. Rare. (bds. somewh. shaved on extremities, some spots on upper bds.)

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 585

AITTON, D., Nederlandsch Oost- en West-Indië ten dienste van het Onderwijs. Tweede [herziene] Druk [Second [revised] edition].
Grpmomgem. Noordhoff, 1889 Small 8°., recent private cloth, new endpapers. [4]pp. of publ.notice and preface. 141pp. With comparative statistical information of physical areas and census between The Netherlands and the East- and West Indian dutch colonies, table of contents, publ. advert. on final unnumbered leave. NOT called-for in Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Dutch language textbook in which information is supplied on the Dutch East- and West Indies (colony of Surinam, Curaçao and dependencies), e.g. physical geography and area, flora and fauna, mineral deposits, indigenous population groups, dutch civil administration and government and so-called pecularities. Rare. (contents browning, NO brittleness however, on-going fairly large brown stain to centre folds of each page).

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Book nr.: 50428

ALMANACK - ZWAAMEN & THOMPSON, Van Zwaamen's en Thompson's Koopmans-, Kantoor- en Schrijf- Almanak voor het jaar 1878. Aanwijzende alle Kermissen, Jaar-, Paarden-, Beesten en Leermarkten, den loop der Zonne, Schijngestalten, mitsgaders den Op- en Ondergang derMaan, Eklipsen,...Alsmede de Zegels,... Afvaart der Stoombooten, enz.
Dordrecht-Rotterdam-Amsterdam, Blussé en van Braam/Erven Mulders/C.L. van Langenhuysen, 1878 orig. marbled boards with paper-covered spine. [12] blank leaves, [210]ppl.of actual calendar (interleaved), [13]pp. of printed text, 15 blank leaves. Title-vignette.
Late 19th century dutch almanack for 1878, incl. calendar (interleaved), with at end statistical information on 7 leaves [13]pp., suppl. information on water-levels, tides, travelling guide by water and land, incl. fares to and fro, and revision of coinage. An interesting almost unused Almanack. (some very occas. notes in ink or pencil, paper-covering of boards spine partly gone, corners somewh. bumped, some general shaving to boards, contents fine).

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EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 40844

ALMANACK DUTCH COLONIAL CIVIL AND MILITARY SERVICE - Regeerings-Almanak voor Nederlandsch-Indië 1879. Orig. edn.
Batavia, Landsdrukkerij, 1878 sm. thick 8°. Recent clothbacked marbled boards, orig. thin printed boards bound-up, new endpapers. (xxvii), 888, (cclx)pp. Num. tables in text, full-page and one folded (being cable-tariffs), appendices.
Official and annually published dutch Colonial Govenment Almanack, supplying a wealth of official information, indispensable for all ranks and files of the civil and military service corps, incl. ranking mutations, passing of exams, postings, &c... A fine copy. Rare.

EUR 475.00

Book nr.: 42210

ALMANAK Tau Sahani Su Apan Tahanusan Sangihe Taung, 1899.
Leiden, Brill, [ 1899 ]. 12°, blind tooled cloth, gilt lettering on upper wrap., 115, (18)pp., tables.
Almanack for the year 1899 in the Sangihe-language. Fine copy. Rare. (bds. faded.)

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EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 640

AMSTERDAM CENTRAL STATION - BORGER, E.J., (comp. & ed.), Compound machine voor de Electrische Verlichting van het Centraal Station te Amsterdam. Vervaardigd door Gebr. Stork & Co. - Machinefabriek - Hengelo.
Amsterdam, Autogr. Inrichting Wed. A. Kroon & Zn. [c. 1897 Oblong imp. folio. (47x60 cm.). clothbacked marbled boards. Title-page, 36 L.l bearing diagrammes. (rectos blank).
Official Plan for the electrical installation as designed & executed by the Delft Polytechnic School, later Delft Tech. University, for Amsterdam Central Station, constructed by Machinefactory STORK at Hengelo (The Netherlands). Rare. (bds. somewh. shaved, ow very good copy).

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EUR 430.00

Book nr.: 13240

AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL COLONIAL EXHIBITION 1883. Internationale, Koloniale en Algemeene Uitvoerhandel; TENTOONSTELLING Amsterdam 1883. Officiëele Wegwijzer. [1 Mei tot ULTo. October 1883]. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Amsterdam, s.n., [....], 1883 Small 8°., original printed wrappers with decoration alongside front joint. Hftitle (verso blank). Ti.-p. with dedication to King William III and name-lists of organizing committee members. 97pp. Folded chromolithographed plan of exhibition grounds with reference numbers relating to explanation printed on verso. Plan lithographyed by Emrink & Binger, loosely inserted. Decorative head-pieces to each chapter, advertism. on verso of ti.-p., other advertism. on final 5 unnumbered LL., and on both sides of lower outer wrapper. ADDED 14 original chromolithographed plates, lithographed Emrik & Binger, each 18x12cm., captions in dutch language, featuring dutch pavillions in colonial dutch indonesian architecture, of which one illustrates main-gate and a traditional pavillion dutch territory of Surinam. WITH SOUVENIR l'Exposition Internationale Coloniale 1883 Amsterdam. S.I., Société du Bureau Néerlandais de Touriste, [1883]. 24°. (12x7cm.). Original printed and decorated purple wrappers. Leporello with 12 chromolithographed plates, total length approx. 120cm., lithographed by Emrik & Binger, with dutch langage captions (versos blank). featuring dutch pavillions in colonial indonesian architecture. FURTHER ADDED original commemmorative medal to the exhibition, ø (diameter) 5cm., weight 57grs.,dutch text on recte in relief:"Herinnering aan de Internationale Koloniale- en Uitvoerhandel Amsterdam 1883, with main gate in relief on verso. Fine copy.
Dutch language guide on behalf of visitors to the late nineteenth century Amsterdam International Colonial and general Export exhibition, 1 May - October 1883, which includes some additional material of great interest, especially for the chromolithographed illustrations of dutch colonial pavillions. For an extensive appraisal see Ileen Montijn's "Kermis van Koophandel De Amsterdamse Wereldtentoonstelling van 1883". Bussu,, Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1982. 73pp. illustrated in colour and black/white. A rare collection in good condition. (wrappers of guide a bit frayed, lower right corner of front wrapper clipped, spine with a modern cloth strip, chromolithographs with some occasional minor foxing as usual).

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EUR 575.00

Book nr.: 48713

ANDRÉ, A. Th., Cultuur en Bereiding van Indigo op Java.
Amsterdam, De Bussy, 1891 Large 8°, gilt lettered cloth, [4], 316pp., frontisp., 1 table, tables in text, 2 plans of an Indigo Factory, of which 1 double-page, with elucidations.
The Cultivation & production of the vegetable dye Indigo in colonial Indonesia, and her application. Very good copy. (paper label on head of spine, some very light rubbing to spine-ends, publisher's own bookplate inside upper boards)

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EUR 215.00

Book nr.: 661

ANDRIESSEN, P.J., Het Heidebloempje. Een verhaal uit onzen Tijd. 3rd. edn.
Amsterdam, Van Holkema & Warendorf, [....]. 1896 sm.8°. orig. pict.col. cloth. 256pp. frontisp., 3 plates by Wilm Steelink. [Geïllustreerde Lelie-bibliotheek; deel 1]. BUUR, I.J., 0075.
Juvenile set in the Netherlands (the Hague), but incl. references to colonial Indonesia, incl. i.a. notes on a sugar-estate on Java. Rare. (bds. a bit dull, spine-ends and corners shaved, ow. a good copy).

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EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 37490

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