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AUTENBOER, E. VAN, Kant te Turnhout. In:"TAXANDRIA, Jaarboek van de Kon. Geschied-en Oudheidkundige Kring v.d. Antwerpse Kempen, Nwe reeks LVI/1-2, 1984".
S.L.[Antwerpen], 1984 pict. wraps. 147pp. many detailed ills, depict. old & modern lace-work, tabs. in text, foot-notes.
Describes in detail the history & development of the Lace-industry at Turnhout (Belgium), 17th-19th century. Fine copy.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 11957

AYALAH, D. & ISAAC J. WEINSTOCK, BREASTS. Women speak about their Breasts and their Lives. [First edition].
London, Hutchinson, 1980 Large 8°., original glossy limp wrappers with covertitle. 286pp. Frontispiece, many monochorme illustrations in text and full page with images of women's breasts, including some facsims. after advertisements, interview questionnaire, table of contents, synopsis printed on lower outer cover.
English language compilation of inverviews with women talking about their breasts, personal perception, psychology and personality, role in personal life and society, including i.a. notes on historic roles. Paperback edition (as published). Good to very good copy. (a little bit dog eared).

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 51451

AYALLAH, D. & ISAAC J. WEINSTOCK, Borsten. Vrouwen spreken over hun borsten. [First dutch edn., translated after the US edn. by Marianne Gort,].
Amsterdam/Antwerpen, Veen, 1981 Orig. limp glossy wrappers. 328pp. Frontispiece, num. black/white ills. and plates, illustrating a variety of shapes of female breasts, photo- and citation-credits, table of contents.
A collection of interviews in which a great number of women speak abouth their breasts and their lives. Paperback edn. (as orig. publ.). Good copy. (a little bit of dog-earing).

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 46597

AYYILDIZ, U., Contemporary Hand Made Turkish Carpets.
Istanbul, 1987 sm.8°. Orig.pict.col. glossy wraps. 95pp. of mainly col. plates & ills. with text, full-p. col. sketch-map depict. the spread of handmade carpet weaving centers of Turkey, with legenda printed at tail. MINT copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 13003

BAAL, J. VAN (introd.), India Nu. Exhib. Catalogue Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, November 1968.
Amsterdam, 1968 sm. slim 8°. orig. pict. col. wraps. 96pp. ills. on 8 plates, text-figs, sketch-map, short list for further reading.
Exhib. catalogue Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, listing & describing tog. 377 pieces, mainly covering arts & crafts from modern India: costume & dress, jewellery, shoes, textiles, carvings, copper-work, &c... Fine copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 11511

BAARSMA, C. (et. al.), Modern Haken en Breien. Transl. fr. the orig. Italian by I. Cialona Janszen. First dutch edn.
Amsterdam, 1977 sm. thick 4°. cloth with pict. col. dj. (vii), 320pp. num. col. ills, plates, diagrams with ext. technical directions, register.
Very ext. manual explaining various techniques covering modern crocheting & knitting, incl. historical ones. Well-illustrated & useful guide. Very good Copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 6405

BACH, E., Neue Muster im alten Stil. 1.Liefrung. (part 1).
Dornach, Th. de Dillmont, s.n.[circa], 1920 sm.4°. orig. printed boards portfolio, ties preserved. [2]pp of introd. text in german, [36]pp. Num. text-ills, of which almost full-p., with technical directions.
A technical manual for home-production of all kinds of female crafts after old examples as Venetian stitching, tapestry in tricot-stitching, flat-stitching, embroidery in ancient persian style, cross-stitching, oriental tapestry in knot-stitch, &c...Fine copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 39628

BACHEM, B. & W. EBERT, Anbetung des Korsetts. Orig. edn.
Hannover, Fackelträger-Verlag Schmidt--Küster, 1961 oblong 8°. pict. col. glossy boards. (4)pp. of introd. & 28 plates after draws. by B. Bachem with text on facing-p., light-heartly treating the Corset. Very charming & nice publ. indeed.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 41886

BACHSTITZ GALLERY CATALOGUE - Galerie Bachstitz. Catalogue des Tableaux et Tapisseries. Orig. edn.
Berlin, Albert Frisch, s.d. [circa], 1930 Eleph. folio. Orig. white vellum-backed boards, title in gilt on spine. [7]pp. of introduction in french language, printed in double collumns. 60 very fine helio-engraved plates, with extensive explanatory text on tissue-guards, which includes auction and bibliographic information, table of plates, orig. marbled ep's. ["Bachstits Gallery Catalogue", vol. I].
Volume I, of 3, complete in itselves, french text-edn., plates depict. old master-paintings, tapestries and wall-hangings. Limited and numbered edition of 300 copies only, this copy bears nr. 223. Provenance printed on verso of title-page. Very fine copy.

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EUR 450.00

Book nr.: 45231

BACKHAUS, D., Brevier der Pelze. Orig.edn.
München, 1958 sm.slim 8°. orig.cloth, small gilt line-vignette on upper boards, with pict.col. dj. Hftitle(verso blank). 196pp. ills. on 20 plates of which some coloured, text-ills. after drawings, some diagrammes in text, tables of names of fur-bearing animals, table of furs to be worn on various occasions (sports, official occasions,&c...), list of expressions used by professionals, short bibliogr.
A nice, concise, review of furs and fur-nearing animals, application of furs in fashions and other means, &c...&c...MINT copy.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 37546

BAHADUR, M. (ed.), Traditional Textiles of Manipur.
S.L. (India), 1997 151pp., many ills. & plates, index.
Describes & depicts. Manipur textiles, both traditional and modern. A fine publication.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 10835

BAILEY, A., The Passion ofr Fashion. 1st edn.
Limpsfield, 1988 large 8°. orig.cloth, pict.col. dj. 190pp. col. frontisp., many col. & plain plates & text-ills, bibliogr., index.
Covers the period 1700-1950. MINT copy.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 36246

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