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DUTCH TEXTILE MANUFACTURE Les Industries Textiles [de la Hollande]. [Première ékition; First edition].
S.I. [Leyde], s.n. [Typ. Eduard Ydo], [circa], 1935 8°. Original printed limp wrappers, stapled. 52pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations and plates after photographs, illustrating premises and interiors of dutch textile manufacturers at Vriezenveen, Tilburg, Enschede..., full page graphic table illustrating production. ["Division du Commerce du Ministère Royal Néerlandais de l'Agriculture, , de l'Industrie et du Commerce: Aperçu du commerce et de l'Industrie des Pays Bas", No. 20].
French langjuage official dutch government promotional suervey about products of dutch textile manufacure in the 1930s. Good copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 55041

[DUYVETTER, J.], "Hou en Trou" ("Always and Ever"). Klederdrachttentoonstelling 1967-1968 in het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum. Opgebouwd uit de bruikleencollectie H.M. Koningin Wilhelmina en de eigen verzameling.
Arnhem, Openluchtmuseum, 1967 Pict. limp wraps., 51pp., 49 ills. & figures of dutch regional costume, worn on the occasion of marriage. Summary in english
Exhibition catalogue Open-Air Museum, Arnhem, the Netherlands, listing and describing durch regional bridal costumes with as motto "Always and Ever", "Hou en Trouw". Nice copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 6762

DUYVETTER, J., Van hoofdbrekens en Kopzorgen. Klederdrachtententoonstelling 1975-1976 in het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum. Orig. edn.
Arnhem, Vereniging "Vrienden van het Openluchtmuseum", 1975 Orig. thin stiff blank wrappers, orig. dustjacket with large circular coloured illustration on front of dustjacket. 66pp. Many black/white photogr. ills., line-drawings in text by author, sketch-map and diagram with key printed on front inner flap of dustjacket, illustrating the spread of dutch regional costume and jewellery, concise english summary at very end by M.J. Manting.
Exhibition catalogue listing and describing a great number of dutch regional costume, jewellery, caps, bonnets and traditional ear-plates in gold and silver from bygone days, being the collection of the dutch Open airmuseum Arnhem and fromt the private collection of H.M. Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands. A very good copy.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 45631

(DUYVETTER, J.) Kinderen vieren feest. Klederdrachttentoonstelling in het Nederlands Openluchtmuseum.
Arnhem, Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, 1978 8°. Original blank limp wrappers, dustjacket. 87pp. num. text-ills. & diagrs., english summary.* Exhib. devoted to dutch regional costumes since 1900 with as main motif "children's festivities". The 20 cases describe (in english) various details of dress from various regions: caps & accessories, adornment of the feet, Chintzes, silver ornaments... Among the festivities mentioned are 1000th anniversary of Urk, The Holy Innocents, Whitsuntide Queen (Zaan Area). English language descriptions to contents of exhibition cases at rear end.
Dutch language exhibition catalogue compiled from various private collections, illustrating and describing ghildren's traditional regional garments showed at festivals. Very good copy. (name at top margin of dustjacket).

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 53469

DUYVETTER, J., Mal en mooi in de Mode. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Bussum, C.A.J. van Dishoeck, 1969 Small 8°, Original coloured and illustrated glossy limp wrappers. 128pp. Title-vignette, captioned monochrome and coloured illustrations on 10 plates, many monochrome illustrations and figures in text after drawings by Jan Duyvetter, bibliography, table of relevant Bible quotations, table of contents.
Dutch language scholarly concise survey of history and development of clothes and fashionable dress, both extravagant and beautiful (1400-1900) which includes headdress, hairdo's, footwear and accessories and underwear. With i.a. notes on external influences on style and appearance of society and religion. Very god copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 6763

DWIYANTI, Vonny, 100 Model Kebaya. [First edition].
Yogyakarta, Kanisius, 2000 Square 8°. [220x210mm]. Original coloured glossy limp wrappers, stapled. Frontcover with large red coloure bold type with a picture of an indonesian female in modern desgin dress. 63pp. of indonesian language. First `3pp. preface and basic principles of pattern-drawing, tailoring and cutting, monochrome illustration with descriptive text how to wrap the Kebaya. followed by 90 full-page captioned monochrome illustrations illustrating modern design in the Indonesian Kebaya, 4 illustrations to a page, printed on pp. 14-63, colophon on verso of ti.-p.
Indonesian language publication about modern design, aspects of tailoring and pattern drawing, of the indonesian Kebaya, an important piece of clothing for Indonesian women, now modernized with new motifs and patterns. Good to very good copy. (a little bit dog-eared).

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EUR 60.00

Book nr.: 56166

DYEING-E.KNECHT & W.M. GARDNER, (eds.), The Journal of the Society of Dyers and Colourists.
Leeds & London, 1911-1918. Tog. 7 vols. large 8° clothbound. Vol. XXVII-XXXIV, 1911; 1913-1918. Number of pages varying from 250-375. With portrs. on plates, text-figures, numerous tables, formulas in text. Each vol. with a number of original cotton, linen & woollen dyed samples, mainly at end of vols., but also dispersed through text (so-called pattern-sheets, all samples with extensive describing text alongside (characteristics, application, reactions to varyous dyes), indexed.
A nice run of this famous dyer's journal, incl. many artt. on the subject, discussions, reports, lists of british & foreign patents, applications of fibres, anything that a dyer should know orbe informed about. Very well preserved set of this important journal.

EUR 680.00

Book nr.: 9269

DYEING OF FIBRES-HOLSBOER, H.B. & J. LANCZER, Practisch Kleurstofonderzoek op de Vezel. Handleiding voor Textieltechnici, Manufacturenhandelaren, enz. 3e herz. druk.
Enschede, 1951 Slim 8°, original gilt lettered cloth, 71pp., tables & formulas in text & full-p., [13]pp. of partly illustrated & related adverts at end.
Practical research into chemical dye-stuffs, being a manual for professionals.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 10404

DYEING ON PAPER - SAMPLE-ALBUM I.G.FARBEN, Anilinfarben auf Papier. Typfarbstoffe.
Ludwigshafen, I.G. Farben, 1930 orig. cloth portfolio, richly gilt lettering on upper boards and on spine. Ti.-p. and [2]pp. of introd. text tipped-in on verso of upper boards. With harmonica, 14 folds. 210x25cm. bearing num. orig. tipped-in dyed paper samples with orig. protective thin clear paper-guards, with captions in german.
An original collectio of dyed paper-samples in a Leporello. In very fine condition.

EUR 170.00

Book nr.: 38714

DYEING-SEIDENFADEN, W., Künstliche organische Farbstoffe und ihre Anwendung. Orig. edn.
Stuttgart, 1957 Cloth, with dj., 256pp., many formulas in text, short bibliography, register. "Sammlung chemischer und chemisch-technischer Beitr., Neue Folge Nr. 55".
Chemical dyes & dye-stuffs analyzed & described.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 10402

EARNSHAW, PAT, The Identification of Lace. [First edition].
S.I., Shire Publications, s.n. [circa], 1980 Medium 8°. Original glossy limp wrappers. Covertitle in bold white type, covers illustrated by lace patterns. 160pp. 161 very detailed and extensively captioned monochrome illustrations in text by which a variety of antique, modern and imitation lace is determined by photography and X-ray, includes illustrations of laced clothing presented in antique portraits and paintings. full-page informative table comparing lace machine and Bobbin Lace products, glossary of lace terms, bibliography, index, captioned monochrome facsim. plate after archivalia illustrating , full-page biogr. note to author, synopsis on lower outer cover, table of contents.
English language lavishly illustrated and detailed guide to the intricacies of identifying a piece, listing and illustrating the points to look for in each lace. It covers the whole range of lace from all parts of the world. A must for each collector and dealer. Very fine copy. (large ms. signature at top margin of ti.-p., small coloured sticker pawsted inside front cover).

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 56469

EBEL, C., Die Fabrikation von Schuhcreme und Bohnerwachs. Orig. edn.
Halle/Saale, Wilhelm Knapp, 1930 orig.lettered cloth. 168pp. Footnotes, some graphs & tables, formulas in text, bibliogr.(incl. list of periodicals), registers, [8]pp. of publ. list at very end. ["Monographien über chimisch-technische Fabrikationsmethoden", Bd. XLV].
Manual explaining the fabrication of shoe-shine polish. Good copy. (some light rubbing to corners and spine-ends).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 39624

EBERHARDT, H. (precace), Deutsches Ledermuseum angeschlossen Deutsches Schuhmuseum Offenbach am Main. Kunsthandwerk, Volkskunde, Völkerkunde, Fachtechnik. Orig. edn.
Offenbach am Main, Deutsches Ledermuseum..., 1956 sm. square 8°. Orig. clothbacked limp pict. wraps. 163pp. Ills. on 14 plates, [34]pp. of sponsoring advertism., of which many illustrated at very end, table of contents, errata-slip loosely inserted.
A descriptive 'catalogue' of the holdings of the combined Leather-and Shoe-museum at Offenbach am Main, Germany. Ills. depict. all kinds of leather-ware, incl. wayang-kulit figures, shoes and boots, from the most ancient up till modern times, from western and non-western civilizations: Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. (some light shaving to corners of wrappers, upper right corner of front wrapper with a light crack, ow. a good copy).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44050

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