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DREESMANN, C[écile], Embroidery. [A complete handbook for the beginning embroiderer, subtitle on dustjacket]. [First American edition, second printing after the edition 1969].
New York, MacMillan, 1971 Small 8°., original cloth, title in gilt on spine, dustjacket. 173pp. Many black/white ills. after photographs, of which some full-page, many drawings in text, diagrams, bibliography, table of contents.
A beginner's practical handbook, background, techniques, materials, tools, basic stitches, counting threads, established techniques...Very good copy. (some minimal occasional chafing to extremities of dustjacket).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 47366

DREESMANN, Cécile (1920-1994), Samplers for Today. [First edition].
New York City, Galahad books, [circa], 1970 Small 4°. Original buckram, dustjacket. 160pp. Monochrome fronispiece featuring a detail of an antique sampler, 10 photo-plates featuring many coloured and monochrome details of modern and antique samplers, with expert descriptive text, numerous monochrome illustrations with expert descriptive text featuring modern, and some antique, samplers with a great variety of motives applied, list of books for further reading, bibliography, table of contents.
English language expert survey of mlotives applied to moderns samplers compared with antique ones, numerous details of samplers are shown on plates and in text, comprising Samplers of the past (the beginning, the renaissance, pattern books), Samplers for today (free embroidery, counted thread-embroidery, storytelling samplers), Sources of inspiration, stitches and techniques (Basics, inspiration). Very fine copy with DUSTJACKET. (top of dusjacket a bit worn).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 55803

DRESS MAKING MANUAL - THE NEW DRESSMAKER. With complete and fully illustrated instructions on every point connected with Sewing, Dressmaking, and Tailoring. From the actual stitches to the cutting, making, altering, mending and cleaning of clothes for Ladies, Misses, Girls, Children, Infants, Men and Boys. 3rd.edn.
New York-Toronto-Paris-London, nd. s.d. [circa], 1925 orig.cloth, title in black lettering on upper boards, illustration on upper boards. 168pp. With 370 text-ills., figs., diagrammes & patterns for cutting, index, [6]pp. of mainly illustrated advert. relating to the subject at end of volume.
The third new revised and enlarged edn. of this excellent practical manual. Good copy. Scarce. (f.e.p.'s with some light foxing, fr. inner joint slightly weakened, but still firm).

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 38415

DREUMEL, H. VAN, Theater Werkboek Grime en Haarstijlen. Toneel, Opera, Ballet, Operette, Revue, Musical, Cabaret, Mime, Straattoneel, Oplenluchtspel. Pref. by J.W. Hofstra. Orig. edn.
Apeldoorn, 1975 large oblong 8°. orig. limp. pict. col. glossy wraps. 115pp. Many plates after drawings, text-ills, diagrs. & figs., 15 extra plates loosely added.
Technical manual for Stage Make-up: Opera, Ballet, Musica, Cabaret,&c...Fine copy.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 13137

DRIESSEN, Aggie, TEXTIEL NU 12: Aggie Driessen. [Tenonstelling Nederlands Textielmuseum Tilburg]. [Eerste druk;First edition].
Tilburg, Nederlands Textielmuseum, [Circa], 1982 Square 8°. Original stiff wrappers, covertitle in bold black type. Portfolio with tog. 12 unnumbered stiff leaves (versos blank). Author's explanatory introduction with monochrome portrait, chronology of exhibitions, 10 monochrome plates on stiff glossy paper, featuring artist's avant garde 3-dimensional textile sculptures. WITH printed announcement about current exhibition at the Dutch Textilemuseum Tilburg, A-4 sized printed on official stationary, loosely inserted.
Dutch language exhibition catalogue Tilburg Textilemuseum 19 maart-24 april [1982?], which includes artist's effort describing her technique and work. Very fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 55927

DROBNA, Z. Les Trésors de la Broderie Réligieuse en Tchécoslovaquie. L'enfant-Jésus de Prague.
Prague, Sfinx, 1950 sm.8°, orig. cloth, corvered with orig.col. pict. dustjacket. 63pp. of introd. text and extensive technical descriptions to ills. and plates, with tog. 103 ills. on 59 plates o.o.t., of which in col., with french captions on separate pp., 1 leave with technical notes to the photographs.
Listing and describing Prague ecclesiastical embroideries through the ages. French text-edn. Fine copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 6744

DROS-DE JONG, J., Modern Handweven op kleine en groote toestellen. Handleiding voor zelfonderrichtten gebruike op Nijverheidsscholen en voor de Aktes Na, Nq, Ns, NIXaj, N XI en Fraaie Handwerken.
Deventer, s.d. [circa], 1934 Small 8°, pictorial coloured lettered wraps., 96pp., 29 ills. on 8 plates o.o.t., 45 text-figures, register, some adverts at end.
Practical manual (self-taught) for weaving on small & large looms, in order to achieve various qualifications for teachers.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 9137

DROSTE, M. - M. LUDEWIG (, editors/compilers], Das Bauhaus Webt. Die Textilwerkstatt am Bauhaus. Ein Projekt der Bauhaus Sammlungen in Weimar Dessau Berlin. Jahresausstellung des Arbeitskreises selbständige Kultur-Institute AsKI. [Original Auflage/original edition].
Berlin, GH Verlag, 1998 4°., original cloth, dustjacket. Frontcover and spine with red capital title. 312pp., printed in double collumns. Coloured and captioned frontispiece, numerous captioned coloured illustrations on 91 plates featuring a great variety of specimen fabric designs in Bauhaus style, striped, circular, blocked patterns, many captioned monochrome illustrations in text and some full-page featuring Bauhaus fabric designs, portraits of female designers, some illustrations of looms, some topographical pictures featuring Bauhaus residences, mainly in Berlin, captions to illustrations in german and english, detailed catalogue raisonné listing listing 322 designs with key to pp., biographies of artists and designers, literature consulted, register, extensive acknowledgements, table of contents.
Overall German language (incl. some english language captions), incl. Catalogue raisonné, being the annual exhibition catalogue, incorporating many expert essays with many contributions, featuring designs in weaving after the famous Bauhaus tradition. Contribiutions by Michael Siebenbrodt, Jenny Anger, Anni Albers, Hamid Sadighi Neiriz, Otti Berger, ( Very fine copy, WITH DUSTJACKET. Out-of-Print.

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 56300

DRUESEDOW, Jean L.(introd.), The Costumes of Royal India. A checklist to the exhibition at The Costume Institute, December 20, 1985, through August 31, 1986.
Chicago, The Costume Institute, 1985 sq.8°. orig. lettered wraps. 24pp. Glossary of terms, credits, name-lists exhib.staff, volunteers,&c...2 full-p. sketch-maps printed inside upper and lower wraps, of which one depict. Princely India.
Supplies extensive technical data to pieces exhibited. Fine copy.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 39980

DRYAD HANDICRAFT -LEAFLETS, [A collection of 38 original illustrated and practical guides to advanced handicraft at home]. First editions.
Leicester-Manchester, Atlas-Dryad Handicraft, 1955- 1960 Together in 38 parts, each small 8°. Original publ. wrappers, stapled. Frontcovers with title in bold white or monochrome type. Each approx. 15pp. of text incl. occasional coloured, nainly monochrome images illustrating a variety of designs, diagrams, text-figs and practical suggestions to the desired product. frontcover illustrated in colour or monochrome related to topic discussed. Publ. adverts. on lower outer backcovers. Present in this set Parts 12: Handles for Baskets; 16: Cane & rush seating; 22: Stencilling on paper & fabric; 31: Glove-making; 43: Stool seating; 85: Rug weaving; 89: Weaving on four way table looms; 91: Hand-weaving on two-way looms; 92: Netting; 83: Making papier maché; 86: Painting for children, incl. crayon & chalk work; 102: Fabric printing with Indigosol dyes; 106: Lino-cutting & printing on paper & fabric; 108: Pattern making with cut paper; 110: Cross-stitch; 112: Rush Baskets & mats; 113: Making wolly toys; 114: Slippers from felt or Suede; 118: Painting white woodware; 121: Work with 'Perspex'; 123: Doll making with the professional touch; 127: Cord Knotting; 129: Some uses for coloured felt; 130: Rug making on canvas; 131: Smocking; 132: Lampshades; 137: Make these from raffia; 140: Moulding with 'Perspex'; 141: Embroidery for the Nursery; 142: Lacemaking; 144: Pottery & the once-fired method; 145: Cane work on simple frames; 148: Punch & Judy puppets; 149: Fabric printing by the bedfin 2001 Process; 152: Decorative knotting; 154: Felt work for the nursery; 155: Straw plait & how to use it; 156: Six woolly toys; 158: Animal glove puppets.ADDED DRYAD SEWING CARDS Nos. 1-6. Original edition. Leicester, Dryad Handicraft, approx. 1955. Tog. 6 cards.Original pub. thin cardboard. [each 220x140mm.]. Instructive text printed in double collumns on both sides. Each card with tinted detailed diagrams oillustrating athe technique of a variety of stitches:Seams, Binding, Buttonholes, Gathering or Shirring, Darning and Patching. AND: DRYAD HANDICRAFT EMBROIDERY CARDS, 2-6. Of the same nature of Sewing Cards. 2:Chain Stitch; 3:Cross Stitch; 4: Y Stitch; 5: Hemstitching and 6: Facoot Stitch. Each card with many diagrams and descriptive texts. TO BE SOLD AS A COLLECTION, NOT TO BE SEPARATED.
English language set by which practical and advanced home handicraft instgructive booklets. Each part supplies detailed information about the topic presented: special techniques, suggestions for designs, diagrams, materials, specitic tools and other almost forgotten tricks. Very fine set.

EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 57154

DRYAD HANDICRAFT INSTRUCTION CARDS: Dryad Sewing Cards. [Original edition].
Leicester-Manchester, Dryad Handicraft, [Circa], 1960 Tog. 6 cards.Original pub. thin flexible cardboard. [each 220x140mm.]. Instructive text printed in double collumns on both sides. Each card with tinted detailed diagrams illustrating technique of a variety of stitches: Seams, Binding, Buttonholes, Gathering or Shirring, Darning and Patching.
English language set by which practical Sewing techniques is clearly demonstrated. Complete set of 6 cards of an almost forgotten homecraft. Very fine condition.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 57157

DRYAD HANDICRAFT INSTRUCTION CARDS: Dryad Embroidery Stitch Cards. [Original edition].
Leicester-Manchester, Dryad Handicraft, [Circa], 1960 Tog. 6 cards.Original pub. thin flexible cardboard. [each 220x140mm.]. Instructive text printed in double collumns on both sides. Each card with detailed monochrome diagrams illustrating technique of a variety of embroidery stitches: Running Stitch, Chain stitch, Crossw stitch, Y Stitch, Hemstitch and Fagoot stitch. Complete set.
English language set by which 53 different practical Embroidery stitch techniques are clearly demonstrated and described. Complete set of 6 cards of an almost forgotten homecraft. Very fine condition.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 57158

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