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CUNNINGTON, C. WILLETT, Why Women wear Clothes. First edn.
London, 1941 sm.8°. orig. cloth. 261pp.
Costume as method of sex attraction, Physical charm, attractive regions, neutral zones, Emancipation, &c...Good copy. Ex-libris pasted on first blank. Scarce. (bds. somewh. dusty).

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EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 13474

CUNNINGTON, C. Willet & Ph. The History of Underclothes. Orig. edn.
London, 1951 Cloth, dustjacket. 266pp. Title-vignette, ills. on 43 plates of which after old engravings, many text-ills. of which some line-drawings, g mainly depicting female underwear, incl. bra's & corsets, nighties, but also men's, extensive foot-notes, index.
An excellent and still unsurpassed review. Very good copy. Rare. (name-entry on first blank, orig. dustjacked plastified, small particles of tail-ends of dustjacked gone).

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 37241

CUNNINGTON, C.WILLET The Art of English Costume. 1st edn.
London, 1948 Cloth, dustjacket. (xii), 243pp. Col. front., 2 other col. plates, numerous ills. on 24 plain plates with captions, depicting the evolution of English costume, appendices, index.
A classic. Covering the 14th/19th century. Original edn. Scarce. (name inside upper bds., dj. frayed on rims, some small particles gone.)

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 6649

CUNNINGTON, Ph., Costume in Pictures. Reprinted.
London, 1969 sm. 8°. limp pict. col. wraps. 157pp. frontisp., many ills. on plates, text-ills, index. "Studio Vista/Dutton Pictureback" series.
An excellent concise guide from the Middle Ages up till the first half of the 20th century. Paper-edn. Fine.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 10452

CUTTING - DANCKAERT SYSTEM, Nieuwe Knip-Methode (systeem Danckaerts). Samengesteld voor het Onderricht aan Modevakscholen. Verious edns.
[Amsterdam], Danckaerts, 1951-1952. Tog. 9 parts. large 8°. orig. lettered wraps. Each part c. 16pp. with many diagrammes for cutting female clothing.
Technical manual in 9 parts for cutting female clothing: Blouses, Skirts, children's clothing (boys & girls), Lingerie (in 3 parts), Tailles, Coats. Fine copies. (small name-stamp, 1 line, in upper right corner of wraps.)

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 36507

CUTTING & SIZING, A Ms. in ink in a very neat hand on cutting & sizing.
S.L, [c. 1935]. sm. folio. boards. [72]pp. Added 2 paper rulers.
A collection of cutted thin-paper patterns tipped-in, with ms. directions for cutting & sizing female garments.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 11982

CUTTING & SIZING - M. HENDRIKSE-KNAPEN (ed.), Practische Handleiding tot het maat nemen, knippen en vervaardigen van alle voorkomende Dames-, Kinder- en Jongenskleeding. 5e herz. druk.(5th revised edn.).
S.L.[Amersfoort], Mode-Vakschool, nd.[c.1935]. sm.8°. orig. lettered wraps. [1]p. of introd., 80pp. of diagrammes with descr. text on facing-pp.
A technical manual, for self-taught, on sizing, cutting and producing Ladies', children's & boy's clothing at home. Interesting. (very light dog-earing, ow. fine copy).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 38285

CUTTING & TAILORING - Coupe & Couture.
Paris, s.d. [circa], 1935 Large 8°, cloth, 117pp., with many patterns for cutting, with directions & text-ills.
Cutting female clothing. A home-course for the advanced cutter.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 6346

CUTTING & TAILORING - Leichte und sichere Lehre des Zuschnitts für Herrenbeinkleider zum Selbstunterricht. Nebst einer Schnittaufstellung für die verschiedenen Gamaschen-und Stulpenformen. Lehre des Zuschnitts für alle Arten Knabenkleider zum Selbstunterricht. System Fortschritt. IV. Aufl. (4th edn.).
Dresden, (Klemm & Weiss) Verlag Europ. Modenzeitung, s.n. [circa], 1920 2 vols. in 1. large 8°. orig. cloth, with black lettering. 151, 97pp. Num. diagrammes, being cutting-patterns, text-ills. ["Die gesamten Fachwissenschaft des Kleidermachers", Bd. III].
A technical selftaught-manual for cutting Men's and Boy's (vol. 2) clothes, incl. instructions and patterns for cutting spats and gaiters, according to the system "Fortschritt". Good copy. Scarce. (bds. somewh. soiled, some shaving to edges and corners, first 2 pp. with foxing).

EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 39621

CUTTING & TAILORING - Nieuwe Knip-methode (Systeem Danckaerts). Blouse. 25e druk.
S.L. s.d. [circa], 1950 Wraps., 16pp., many diagrams (patterns for cutting) & a sizing-table.
Technical manual for fashion-schools for cutting ladies' shirts. Fine.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 9663

CUTTING - Cutting & Sizing. A Ms. in ink in a very neat hand.
S.L. [c. 1935]. sm. folio. boards. [148]pp. with pattern-drawing & sizing male, female & children's garments.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 11981

CUTTING, P., R. ROSS & R. HILL, Hairdressing. Theory, Science and Practice. Reprinted.
London, Pitman, 1988 orig.limp. pict.col. glossy wraps.(vi), 377pp. many text-ills, figs. & diagrammes, tabs. & graphs, multiple-choice questionnaires at end of each chapter, with answers as appendix 1, glossary of terms, index.
Hairdresser and client, the hairdressing salon, actions and reactions, hair-diseases and cures. An excellent modern technical manual for advanced students. Good copy. (this reprint published in the same year as orig.edn.).

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EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 38773

CUTTING- Nieuwe Knip-Methode (Systeem Danckaerts). Rokken. 15e druk.
S.L., 1949 Wraps., 16pp., many diagrams for cutting & a sizing-table.
Technical manual for cutting ladies's skirts, for fashion-shools, both in the Netherlands and in Indonesia.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 9664

DAFOE, Dr. (Introduction) - DRESSING THE DIONNE QUINTUPLETS: Meisjes, laat ons samen gaan waar de madeliefjes staan.... [Covertitle]. Wat de Canadese Vijfling de hele dag doet...[.
Ansterdam, Snefelder [TYP], Colgate Palmolive Handelmij, [....], 1938 Square 8°. [240x210mmm.]. Original thin stiff wrappers. Fronticover with a large coloured illustration of the Dionne Quintuplets (five girls) displeyed within a romantic flower scenery, text in occasional bold monochrome type at tail. Lower outer cover with illustrations of the five Dionne girls with name tags at feet, further instructive text printed on versos of images. Stapled. 1 page of text printed in double collumns on verso of front cover in which Dr. Dafoe reveals why Palmolive Soap was selected caring for the five girls. 4 unnumbered leaves with numerous coloured images of clothing to be cut-out in order to dress-up the five girls. WITH the original brown manila envelope, addressed in manuscript, original stamp preserved and postmarked 1938, official stationary of the "Colgate Palmolive Handelmij.", with some other coloured company advertism., AND a cyclostyled name list of prize winners, 1-3, initiated by "Palmolive Soaps", loosely inserted.
The Dionne Quintuplets, five Girls, were born in Canada May 1934, are the first quintuplets known to have survived infancy living up to adulthood. This piece of advertising by "Palmolive" soaps and detergents, is presented to dutch girls offering a choice collection of clothing to the Dionne quintuplets advertised as dolls to be dressed by pressing the imageswith . Booklet is complete with all figures and informative text, with the original brown envelope, addressed, postmarked and with original stamp and concise advertising text in dutch. A complete set in excellent complete condition. A rarity.

EUR 450.00

Book nr.: 56498

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