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CAVALLO, A. S., Tapestries of Europe and of Colonial Peru in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Orig. edn.
Boston, 1967 Text-and Plate-volume. Tog. 2 vols. large 8°./large sq.8°.(plate-volume). orig.cloth, in a heavy boards slip-case, with 2 compartments. 249, [1]pp.(errata). some text-ills, extensive technical descriptions to tapestries in the collection, list of exhibitions held, short title index, index. Plate-volume contains over 65 col. and plain plates with captions. MINT set.

EUR 205.00

Book nr.: 36601

CEKOTA, A.(ed.), Thomas Bata. Wort und Tat. Transl. [fr. the orig. Czech language edn.}into german by Klaudy.
Zlin, Tisk, 1936 orig.blind wraps, with pict.col. dustjacket. [3], 280pp. Ills. and portrs. on 14 plates, of which 1 double-page, in 2 sections, list of contents.
Describes the history & development of Thomas Bat'a, proprietor of one of the World's largest shoe-manufacturer and retail-seller, the first to rationalize mechanic shoe-production. A very good and completely unopened copy. Scarce.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 39623

CHALMET, N. - G. DELMARCEL, N. POULAIN ( committee), Mobiele Fresco's van het Noorden. Wandtapijten uit onze Gewesten, 16de-20ste eeuw. Exhibition catalogue "Hessenhuis" 5.3.[19]94-5.6.[19]94.
Antwerpen, 1994 sm. 4°, limp glossy col. pict. wraps., 199pp. Numerous col. plates & ills., with extensive captions, notes to the chapters, bibliography, provenance of photos.
Lavishly illustrated Exhibition catalogue, illustrating and describing Wallhangings and Gobelins, manufactured both in Belgium and the Netherlands from the 16th up till the 20th centuries. The catalogue includes a number of essays on the technique, restoration and preservation of old Gobelins (:) E. Janssen, Techniek van de Wandtapijten; IBID, Conservatie en restauratie van wandtapijten; A. Verhecken, De grondstoffen; vezels en kleurstoffen (raw materials: fibres & dyes); G. Delmarcel & I. van Tichelen, Wandtapijtkunst in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden tijdens het Ancien Regime; N. Poulain, De tapijtkunst tijdens het Interbellum; etc. A splendid catalogue, beautifully executed. Very fine copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 41630

CHAMPEAUX, M.A. DE, Les Arts du Tissu. Etoffes-Tapisseries-Broderies-Dentelles-Réliures.
Paris, s.d. [circa], 1910 large 8°. cloth. 144pp.(of which 18 introd. text), num. plates with captions on pp. 21-139, list of contents at end."DESSINS ET MODELES" series.
Plates depict. examples of church vestments, tapestries, gobelins, embroidered clothing, lace-work & fine bindings fr. the 6th-19th century. (bds. somewh. shaved).

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 9610

CHANEL - BALLIÉN, Cl., Chanel solitaire.
Paris, 1971 sm.8°. thin blank wraps, with limp. pict. col. wraps. 214pp.
The life & times of the famous Parisian couturier Coco Chanel. Fine copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 13554

CHANEL-CHARLES-ROUX, E., Chanel and her World. Transl. fr. the orig. french by D. Wheeler.
London-Paris-Lausanne, 1981 Small 4°, limp pictorial glossy wraps., 256pp., numerous plain ills. & plates, notes, index.
Lavishly illustrated review of Coco Chanel. Mint copy.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 10588

CHAPUT, C., Méthode de Coupe et d'Assemblage. [Nouvelle édition, revue et augmentée/new revised and enlarged edn.].
Paris, Delagrave, 1957 Small 8°., original boards, front boards with a large coloured illustration and title. 160pp. Many diagrams in text and full-page with extensive practical directions, table of contents, publ. advertism. opposite ti.-p.., table of contents. ["Bibliothèque Juventa"].
french language textbook with as subject tailoring and pattern-drawing of female clothing, on behalf of higher classes french primary education and for students preparing for the apprence examination. Very good copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 47005

CHARBY, P., Embellir par la Coloration.
Paris, 1960 Original wraps., 69pp.
Manual for hair-dyeing with natural & chemical dyes.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 6592

CHARLES, M. & L. PAGÈS, Dentelles françaises et Étrangères. Orig. edn.
Paris, Félix Juven, 1906 large 8°, orig. richly pict. col. & gilt tooled publ. cloth, title and blindtooling on spine, a.e.g. hftitle (publ. list with contents printed on verso). ti.-p. (verso with publ. imprint). 240pp. title-vignette (monogramme), 33 plates, num. text-ills. of which many very large, lace-patterned head-and-tail pieces, some ills. of tools and machinery used. ["Les Broderies et Dentelles (cours en quarante Leçons - 2e série"].
An excellent technical manual on french and foreign embroidery and lace-work. Plates & ills. mainly depict. very detailed pieces of old laces. The first part, pp. 1-144 deals with delicate embroidery techniques, pp. 145-238 (11th-20th lessons) deals with hand- and(for a small part) machine-made laces as: Chantilly, Valenciennes, flemish lace as duchesse, Brugge, Ypres, Malines, laces, italian laces, english & russian lace. In a very nice prize-binding, prize-label pasted-in on verso of upper boards. Very good copy. Rare.

EUR 340.00

Book nr.: 37666

CHARLIER, O., Geheimen van Schoonheid en Gezondheid. [Eerste druk; First edition].
S.I. [Gent, België], S.M. "Volksdrukkerij", [circa], 1935 Small 8°. Original printed wrappers. 123pp.
Dutch language investigation into female beauty-care and its preservation linked to good health. Nice copy. (spine with a smaqll library ticket, spine-ends a bit damaged).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 53959

CHAUMIER, R., L'Ondulation, la Coupe, la Mise en Plis. Nouvelle méthode, entièrement revue, corrigée. [New method, completely revised and corrected]. Preface by R. Rambaud.
Paris, "Décor et Typo", s.d. [circa], 1930 orig. lettered wraps. 90pp. Portrs. on a plate, many text-ills. and diagrams, [8]pp. of partly illustrated advertism. printed on pink paper, also inside front wrapper and on recte/verso of lower outer wrap.
A technical manual on hairdressing, permanent wave and cutting as instructed on a Paris hairdressers' school, portrs. depict. directors of the school, incl. instructions for beauty cultivation, incl. manicure. Nice copy in orig. publ. wraps.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 41479

CHILDREN'S COSTUME - CATALOGUE, Modes Enfantines 1750-1950. [Exhib. Catalogue}. Palais Galliera, Juin-Novembre 1979.
Paris, Musée de la Mode et du Costume, 1979 sq. 8°. orig. stiff pict. col. wraps. 63pp. many plates, text-ills.
Exhib. Catalogue children's costumes listing & descr. tog. 391 pieces, incl. 4 of doll's costumes. Nice.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 10341

CHILDREN'S DRESS - Terlenka in Kinderland. Feest in Ravottenburg.
S.L., n.d. [c. 1960]. sm. 8°. orig. pict. col. advertising-leaflet, folding-out six-ways, with text and col. plates after drawings, recto/verso, depicting dutch children's dress manufactured by "Terlenka".
A juvenile story referring time after time to "Terlenka" children's clothing. Well preserved.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 11944

London, 1952 Cloth, 100pp., coloured frontips., 52 ills. on plates, some text-figures, description to plates on facing-p.
Describes author's collection, covering c. 1760-c. 1934, incl. i.a. notes on underwear, focused on small girls-teen-age girls. Scarce.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 10640

CHINESE ANTIQUE TEXTILE EXCAVATIONS: [Chinese language survey of antique textiles excavated from archaeilogical sites]. [Original edition in chinese language].
S.I., s.n., 1973 Folio. Original cloth, bold gilded title in chinese caracters on front cover, white coloured blind stamped device at tail, gilded chinese title on spine. [6]pp. of introductory text, numerous chinese character captioned coloured illustrations of details of excavbated antique weavings on 44 plaes at end (versos blank). ADDED: SUPPLEMENT. Folio. Original printed wrappers. Staplled. [8]pp. of chinese character text. 1 captioned monochrome illustration in text, small sketch-map of excavation site in text. Tog. 2 parts in its original boards portfolio, monochrome chinese character title on spine.
Chinese text album illustrating details of antique chinese woven textiles unearthed on archeological sites. Very fine copy.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 55252

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