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ADRIAANSSEN, A. (chief ed. & introd.), De grote Mode Encyclopedie. First edn.
Utrecht-Tielt, Lannoo, 1990 large 4°. orig. pict. glossy thick boards. 240pp. Num. col. and plain ills, plates, index, bibliogr.
A lavishly illustrated modern fashion-encyclopaedia, suppl. vast information on fashion-designers all over the world, their most important designs and clients. Very fine copy.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 40765

ADRIANI, N. & Alb.C. KRUYT, Geklopte boomschors als Kleedingstof op Midden-Celebes en hare geographische verspreiding in Indonesië. [Eerste druk/first edn]. With notes, register, supplement and corrections by J.D.E. Schmeltz."IAE", Bd. XIV/XVI.
Leiden, Brill, 1905 sm.4°. recent cloth, new endpapers, orig.printed wraps. bound-up. [1], 78pp. Num. col. ills. on 5 lithogr. plates o.o.t., 20 text-figs. and diagrammes, descr. to plates, register and suppl. notes by J.D.E. Schmelz.["Publicaties uit 's Rijks Ethnographisch Museum", Serie II, V°.4].
Frontisp. depicts 2 Kayan-Dayak, Upper Mahakam, working on barktree. On the production of clothing from bark-tree:"Tapa", amongst the Toraja of Central-Sulawesi, and the geogr. spread of this technique of clothing-production across colonial Indonesia (:Borneo, Kayan/Dusun Dayak), Sumatra (Batak of Mandailing), Enggano, Ceram, Kei-Island group, Babar, Leti, Kisar, Tanembar islands, Flores, Adonare, Solor, Timor, Roti and Savu, Semau Island (Kupang-Bay), &c...A very important study. Very good copy. Rare. (2pp. with marginal foxing).

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EUR 650.00

Book nr.: 39649

ADVERTISING - "TERLENKA" CLOTHING - Terlenka Reclamecampagne voorjaar 1960. [Terlenka advertising campaign spring 1960].
S.L.[Arnhem], "Terlenka"/AKU, 1960 A vinyl-fabric 33 rpm. record, ø 30cm., with the large Elephant, being manufacturer's Logo ("Terlenka") in colour in centre with material-specifications Ms.printed in white: 'plooihoudend'(rumple-free), 'sterk' (strong), 'wasbaar' (washable) etc..., with "Terlenka"-jingles performed by the dutch female singer Teddy Scholten, the 'AKU' men-choir under direction of Jan Coljé and the 'AKU' harmony under direction of Albert Spruyt. On verso of record a revolving disk has been mounted, richly illustrated in colour, depicting 10 sceneries supporting the campaign.
A very fine example of promotional advertising for the textile and clothing-products of "Terklenka", a sub-division of "AKU", Algemene Kunstzijde Unie, manufacturers of textile-products and clothing on a mixed basis of artificial fibres and cotton, suplied to retailers. In very fine condition. Scans of both sides are available upon request.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 40875

ADVERTISING - BRECKNOCK ACCORDION PLEATING CO., - The Brecknock Accordion Pleating Co. Costume Manufacturers. Bluses, Coats, Gowns, Gloaks of all descriptions made in our own workrooms.
London, The Brecknock Accordion Pleating Co., 1914 Small 8°. Orig. wrappers. tin cord through spine. [14]pp. of full-page black/white illustrations, with descriptive text at tails, incloding companies' reference numbers, price-list in british currency printed on verso of front wrapper.
Advertises tog. 28 female dresses: Rest Gowns, Morning-Evening Wraps, Afternoon Frocks, Three piece suits, Smoking the latest fashions, captions also indicate materials used and colours. A charming little promotional catalogue. Very good copy. Rare.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 46493

ADVERTISING - ERICH SCHNETTER, Basttaschen und und Bastwaren Spezial=Fabrik [Erich Schnetter].
Coburg, Erich Schnetter, s.d. [circa], 1935 An A-4 sized art-paper leave, centre-folded, bearing tog. 25 coloured ills. of hand-woven bags from vegetable materials (recto/verso) with reference-number printed at tails and original price-lise in "Reichsmark"added, sm.8°. Message of manufacturer printed on front wrapper, price-list on page [3], sale-conditions printed on verso.
A nice piece of german advertising for all kinds of [hand] bags woven from vegetable materials. In very good condition.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 42542

ADVERTISING - FERDINAND BESTER, Frühlingsboten der Stoffmuster.
Mittweida, Ferdinand Bester, s.d. [circa], 1950 sm. slim 8°. orig. pict. col. wraps. [6]pp. of text and illustrations, completely coloured, incl. a coloured centre-fold plate. Stapled.
A promotional spring-catalogue as issued by a german Fabrics retailer "Ferdinand Bester", advertsing the latest fashions in fabrics as artificial silks, woollens, cotton, mousseline with prices per metre, incl. ills. of female dress. A colourful and charmingly illustrated promotional piece. Very good copy.

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 41549

ADVERTISING - GAMY AUSTRALIAN WOOL FACTORY RONSE - Nu wat over Gamy gepraat [title on front wrapper].
Ronse, (Belgium), Gamy Promotion, 1952 large 8°. Orig. limp wrappers, illustration in colour and title in black/white type on front wrapper. 12pp. 7 orig. coloured woollen samples of the brand "Lanamy" pasted-in, many coloured fashion-ills. after drawings in text, 9 partly black/white and coloured ills. illustrating the interior of the factory at centre-fold., with extensive text, manufacturer's logo repeated on every page.
A promotional brochure of a belgian manufacturer of australian woollen/cotton weavings of the brand "Lanamy", very suitable for children's clothing: light and strong, very suitable for the belgian sea-climate, incl. directions for cleaning and washing clothing with detergents. An attracitive nicely illustrated example of promotional art-design. Very good copy.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 45473

ADVERTISING - KELLOGG'S WAY OF DIETING - Keep on the Sunny Side of Life. A new way of Living.
S.I., Kellogg Company, 1933 Small 8°., original coloured and illustrated wrappers, stapled. 32pp. 6 coloured plates, coloured illustrations in text, tables in text, table of contents.
A guide to slimming, diets and dieting published by Kellogg, with useful information and recipes and menues, for short or longer periods (7-day dieting programme) in order to achieve the ideal weight accourding to height (with an explanatory table), in which obesitas is introduces as Public Enemy No. 1. What happens to the food you eat; the alimentary time-table, dangers of cathartics, laxative food, dieting for charm (fitting into fashionable female clothing), &c. A lavishly illustrated promotional guide. Very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 48113

ADVERTISING - LEATHER CLOTHING FOR MOTORISTS, Modellenboek "Gelmok". Dames- en Heeren Lederkleding Juli 1934.
S.L., "Jacobs Drukkerij", s.d. [....], 1934 small slim 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Front wrapper in black/white design, with brand-name "Gelwok" and an illustration of a motorcyclist at tail, lower outer wrapper left blank. 36pp. of black/white illustrations, with concise explanatory captions in dutch, table of contents. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A promotional brochure, informing clients on the latest fashions, 1934, in leather clothing: coats and jackets, caps, safety-caps, hats, boots, gloves, &c. for male motorcyclists & their female passengers, for daily use and sports, with as brand-name "Gelwok". A very good copy of a scarce item.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 45472

ADVERTISING - MOES, MANUFACTUREN-PELTERIJEN, Moes, Manufacturen-Pelterijen. [special promotional issue].
Doetinchem, C. Misset, 1938 4°. Orig. illustrated wraps., stapled. page 125-144. text-ills, of which diagrams, adverts. in text and on [4]pp., incl. inside front- and lower outer wrap., of which illustrated. ["Jaarbeursnummer", year 21, 8 september 1938, no. 7].
Promotional issue of a dutch Drapers' and furriers' "Moes", special issue published on the occasion of the dutch annual industrial Fair, Utrecht. With artt. on the Royal Dutch Industrial Fair in general, the Moes-company, window-dressing and decorating, the fur-trade, &c. Fine copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 43289

ADVERTISING - MILITARIA - Rangen, Graden en Onderscheidingsteekenen bij onze Landmacht. [Welke Rang bekleeden zij?. Title on front wrapper].
Heerde, N.V. Zeepfabriek "De Klok", s.d. [circa], 1939 small 8°. (12x15cm.). Orig. wrappers, stapled, coloured illustrations with subtitle printed in red at tail on front side, large coloured Royal Dutch State coat-of-arms printed in centre of lower outer wrapper. [12]pp. with many mainly coloured ills., some full-page, with descriptive captions in dutch, incl. printed on recte of lower outer wrapper and incl. a portrait of the then dutch Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Dutch armed forces, the General I.H. Reinders, title and elicidating text printed on verso of front wrapper. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
Booklet informing the general dutch public on Uniforms, decorations, isignia and grades of the Royal Dutch Army just before the outbreak of the second World War. A nice piece of advertising art, published by a dutch manufakturer of detergents and soaps N.V. Zeepfabriek "De Klok", at Heerde, Gelderland Province, the Netherlands. A good copy.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 45877

Amsterdam, R. Pfeijffers Bally schoenen, s.d. [circa], 1970 Small 8°. Orig. stiff wrappers, coloured illustration on front-wrapper (Overview of Schoengarten, Switzerland, Bally shoe head-office). [12]pp. with many illustrations of male, female and children's shoes, with concise technical information, incl. size and occasionally with key to colour sample-chart printed on recte of lower outer wrapper, company's promotional text printed on verso of sample-chart, illustration of dealer's premises at the Leidsestraat, Amsterdam, on lower outer wrapper. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A promotional and lavishly illustrated brochure of an Amsterdam- Centre based shoe-shop R. Pfeijffers, dealer of the brand "Bally" shoes. A circular logo at head of promotional text on lower outer-wrapper reveals the 50th anniversary. Text invites regular clients, and others, to visit the shop and view the latest fashion of Autumn-Winter collection. A very fine copy of this brochure.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 45129

S.L.[Apeldoorn], s.n. ["De Vereenigde Vakpers"], [....], 1948 Small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. coloured illustrated front wrapper. 27pp. Coloured centre-fold. plate, being an advertisment of a shoe manufacturer L. Hamers, Kaatsheuvel, bearing 8 illustrations of female shoes, export statistics over 1947, many other advertism dispersed throughout text, and adverts. with illustrations of shoes and leather bags on last three unnumbered lvs. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
An odd issue of this monthly, printed on art paper, supplying information on dutch im-and exports of leather goods as shoes, ladies' leather hand- and shopping-bags, bicycle-bags, &c. Very fine copy.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 45130

ADVERTISING - RICHARD SPERLING PROMOTIONAL CATALOGUE - [A promotional catalogue published by Richard Sperling, Hamburg, under the brand "Dex"].
Hamburg, Richard Sperling, s.d.[circa], 1935 sm.oblong 8°. orig. lettered wraps. Ills. on 7 leaves, versos blank, original price-list in "Reichsmark" loosely inserted, verso blank.
A promotional catalogue offered by Richard Sperling, Hamburg, Germany, listing a.o. bags, serwing-boxes, tea- coffee-cosies, satin-covered hangers for clothes and bags, dressing-bags, &c. Nice copy. (small black stain on front wrapper).

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 42541

ADVERTISING - Services de Table et à Thé [marque AFA].
S.I., AFA, [circa], 1947 Small oblong 8°., original limp wrappers, original cord through spine, original trader's paper label in upper right corner of front side. Album with 8 plates illustrating table-cloths for various occasions (versos blank), each leave with trader's inventory number and very concise description at tail margin, each leave with company's small circular logo in black with lettering AFA in upper right corner, followed by a cyclosyled price-list (verso blank) in french [?] currency, with inventory numbers, and 3 full-sized cotton samples of table-cloths/napkins, with company's original paper label with original ms. annotation at tail of each sample.
A promotional trader's 'catalogue' with three original samples and a price list, promoting manufacturer's table-cloth and napkins for all occasions, promotional text in french language only. Very well preserved.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 47057

ADVERTISING - SHOES M. VAN DE VEN, [Salamander Shoes, season 1965].
Arnhem, M. van de Ven, 1965 Small 8°., three-fold promotional brochure, printed and illustrated on both sides, illustrating 7 fashionable ladies' shoes, pumps with promotional text printed inside, 7 other coloured illustrations of men's shoes, incl. a brogue with promotional text printed on recte, manufacturer's logo printed at tail of each page, added a flyer added, printed on both sides, ooffering a reduction to clients when shown, dutch currency.
A nicely illustrated promotional brochure presenting latest fashion in shoes, both for women and men, seasong 1965. Published by a dutch Arnhem-based retailer M. van de Ven, representative to the German manufacturer operating under the brand "Salamander",

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 48246

ADVERTISING - TILBURG TEXTILE INDUSTRY, Tilburg. Centrum der Wollenstoffen-en wollen Deken-Industrie. [title on tront wrapper]. Uitgegeven door de Wolindustrie van Tilburg en Omgeving ter gelegenheid van de Jaarbeurs te Utrecht van 21 t/m 30 maart 1950 [subtitle printed on verso of front wrapper].
Tilburg, Wolindustrie Tilburg, 1950 small 8°. Orig. coloured and illustrated wrappers, stapled. [12]pp. of coloured ills. after original drawings, with captions in dutch at tails, incl. a centre-fold. plate, a coloured and illustrated statistical table listing numbers of Wool-factories in the Netherlands, name-list of all texile-factories residing at Tilburg printed on verso of lower outer wrapper, continued on inner bacl-flap. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A lavishly illustrated promotional brochure of the Tilburg Wool-industry (clothing and blankets), published on the occasion of their exhibition at the Utrecht annual fair 1950. The illustrations are strong look-alikes of those by JO SPIER, not identified as such however. A charming copy. (upper right corner of margin and front wrapper with some little damage caused by rodents, ow. a very good copy).

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 45471

ADVERTISING - TRADE CATALOGUE/PRICE LIST GEORGE PISA EN ZOON - Voorjaar en Zomer 1962. Kollektie samengesteld door FA. George Pisa en Zoon, Afdeling Dameskonfektie. Orig. edn.
Eindhoven, George Pisa en Zoon, 1962 Small 4°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Title and company's logo on front wrapper. Title-page with a fashion illustration and list of company's showrooms, preface[5]pp., listing ladies'ready-wear clothing with extensive descriptions and prices in dutch currency.
Price-list, with extensive descriptions of female ready-to-wear clothing, issued by a dutch fashion manufacturer George Pisa & Son, Eindhoven municipality, the Netherlands, Spring/Summer 1962. Very good copy. (staples rusty, no offsetting however).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 45478

ADVERTISING - Wood-Milne. Bulldog Wood-Milne[text on front boards].
S.I., Wood-Milne [shoe soles],[circa], 1930 24°. orig. thin stiff wraps., stapled. Brand-name "Wood-Milne" and a small illustration of the heel of a shoe-sole with the imprint "Buldog Wood-Milne"on front cover. 15 unnumbered blank leaves. Illustration of the same heel as on front wrapper repeated inside front wrapper, with text: "Geweldig Sterk" (=Very strong) Anti-slipping. Charming small illustration of a Bulldog holding a shoe-sole in his mouth with text:"Weigert alle minderwaardige namaak" (= Refuse all inferior imitation). SCAN OF BULLDOG AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A little note-book, completely unused, issued by an unidentified dutch retailer of british produced shoe-soles of the brand [Bulldog] Wood-Milne. A lovely piece of advertising art and memorabilia in condition. Rare. (some light superficial rubbing to boards).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 43762

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