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BLEACHERIES -HAAN, Tj. W.R. DE, Bennebroek-Vogelenzang. Bijdrage tot de geschiedenis en volkskunde van een voormalig Blekersdorp.
Meppel, 1965 orig. wraps. ills. on some plates, text-ills.
Concise history of bleacheries at the village Bennebroek-Vogelenzang, near the city of Haarlem. Fine copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 9878

BLERCHER, O. (editor), KVB Handbuch für den Kunstseide Verarbeiter. [3. erw. Aufl./3rd. enlarged edn.].
Berlin, Mittler & Sohn, s.d., [....], 1938 Small stout 8°. Orig. cloth, title in black type on front boards. [12], 847pp. Coloured frontispiece, num. black/white ills. in text and full-page, num. text-figs, diagrams, tables and graphs, fold diagramme with key illustrating the industrial process of artificial silk, from raw material to finished product, extensive explanatory glossary of technical terms used, table of contents, pp. 844-847 left blank for personal notes/annotations.
A massive and very detailed german language textbook to production-managers and management of artificial silk, from raw material to the finished product, incl. extensive notes on machinery to be used, production-schemes, rationalization of production, the nature of fibres, &c. A very good copy. (first f.e.p., blank, removed).

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 45778

BLOIMJOUS, Marjan, LIESBETH ERNST, YV9ONNE IJZERMANS (, editorial board). Bulletin Nederlandse Kostuumvereniging voor Mode en Streekdracht. iIn originele afleveringen zoals verschenen; In original parts as published].
Amsterdam, Nederlandse Kosuumvereniging, 2000- 2014 STOCKED: Volume 17-3 (September 2000); Vol. 18-nr. 1 (Februarii 2001, 3, title changed in Vereniging voor Kostuum, Kant, Mode en Streekdracht), nr. 3; 2002, nr. 1 (Februari), 2, 3, and 4 (December 2002); 2003, nr. 1-4 (December); 2004, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2005, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2006, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2007, nrs. 1-3 (September); 2008, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2009, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2010, nrs. 1, 2 and 4 (December); 2011, nrs. 1-4 (December); 2012, nrs. 1, 2, 3 (September); 2013, nr. ` (Mei); 2014, nrs. 1, 2 and 3 (September). In 49 parts as published. Small folio. Original wrappers, stapled. Each part with a coloured illustration on frontcover and title in bold black type. Each approx. 20pp. Numerous captioned coloured illustrations featuring a great variety of fashions, laces, shoes, etc.. WITH Annual report 2013: data about borrd of directors and special committees, 2013 protit and loss account and estimates 2014, report about annual members' meeting. EXTRA ADDED Annual issues "Kostuum", 2008-2012. tog. 4 parts. Special topic issues which include english summaries by Patricia Wardle. Also added Register 1983-10``. Together 56 parts as published.
Dutch language illustrated topical magazine published four times a year on behalf of Society members and those interested in the history and development of clothing in general, historic clothing, accessories as hats, shoes, vests, coats, umbrallas, children's clothes, folkcostume through the ages, knitting and other female crafts as lacework, crocheting, traditional dutch costumes andthe danger of extinction, special handicrafts no longer in use, further it supplies information about domestic and foreign exhitions and workshops, stories by members of antique pieces in their possession, etc.etc... Set in excellen and well preserved condition.

EUR 475.00

Book nr.: 56224

BLOMJOUS, M. (, Naar glanzende ijzers. Ontwikkelingen in de vorm van Nederlandse oorijzers (from base metal to gleaming gold. Developments in the shape of Dutch oorijzers[earplates].And four other essays. In:"Kostuum", 2003.
[Rotterdam], Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kostuum, Kant, Mode en Streekdracht, 2003 sm. folio. Orig. limp pict. col. glossy wraps. 80pp. Col. ills. on 4pp., black/white ills. to each essay, footnotes, english summaries, concise biographical notes to each contributor.
Annual publication of the Dutch Association for Costume, Lace, Fashion and regional dress. This issue contains following essays (we quote summary titles only): Betty Aardewerk, Drizzling, innocent pastime or theft?; Marian Conrads, Lucas d'Heere (1534-1584) and his theatre de tous les peuples et nations de' la terre avec leurs habits et ornemens divers tant anciens que 'modernes' diligement depeints au naturel.; Aaf Steur-Sombroek, The Volendam Jacket. An investigation into the provenance of the fabric, and Madelief Hohé, Ietse Meij; four decades of working in fashion and costume, an inspiring life's work. A conversation with the former curator of fashion of the The Hague Municipal Museum. A very fine copy.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 44163

BLUM, A., Het Costuum tijdens het Huis Valois.
Amsterdam-Antwerpen, v.h. Van Ditmar, 1951 Large 8°, orig.blind wraps with pict.col. dustjacket. pp.61-124. of introd. & extensive descriptions to the plates, incl. ills. on 55 plates at end, of which some col. all after paintings & engravings. ["Het Costuum/Geschiedenis van de Mode" (ed. by J. Laver).
Characteristic franch costume during the administration of the Valois-Kings, 1515-1590. Very good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 38587

BLUM, A., Het Costuum ten tijde van Hendrik IV en Lodewijk XIII.
Amsterdam-Antwerpen, 1951 Large 8°, orig.blind wraps with pict.col. dustjacket. pp.313-376: introd. & extensive descriptions to the plates, incl. ills. on 55 plates at end, of which some col. all after paintings & engravings. ["Het Costuum/Geschiedenis van de Mode"] (ed. by J. Laver).
History of french female & male costume covering the period 1590-1643, generally seen as 'romantic'in style, but a certain revival of simplicity is clearly visible. Good copy. (tear in upper part of lower wrap skilfully restored, some light rubbing to tail-ends)

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 38591

BLUM, S.(ed. and introd.), Ackermann's Costume Plates. Women's Fashions in England 1818-1828.
New York, Dover, 1978 large 8°. orig. pict. col. glossy stiff wraps. VIpp.of introd. col. frontisp., 87 plain plates after old engravings, with extensive captions at tails, glossary. MINT copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 13389

BOCCAZZI-VAROTTO, A. (text & photographs), Dentelles de Cogne. [Bobbin Lace]. [reprinted].
Ivresa, Priuli & Verlucca, 1996 small slim folio. Orig. boards, dustjacket. 116pp. of tri-lingual text, french/italian and english, incl. introd. 124 small but very detailed text-ills, with technical captions, 21black/white plates depict. in great detail old pieces of bobbin-lace, 9 col. plates depict. lace-makers at work and their instruments.
A lavishly illustrated review, incl. many technical remarks, describing the origins and development of bobbin-lace. Very fine copy.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 42903

BODE, W. VON & E. KÜHNEL, Vorderasiatische Knüpfteppiche aus Älterer Zeit. 3. Verb. u. Verm.Aufl.(3rd. revised and enlarged edn.).
Leipzig, Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1922 orig.cloth, title in white lettering on spine, title-label on upper boards, orig. dustjacket. 56pp. of text. Col. frontisp., many ills. on 44 plain plates o.o.t., with captions at tails. ["Monographien des Kunstgeweber", I].
A classic, in good condition. (some fraying & sunning to dustjacket).

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 39599

BODT, S. DE .. Op de Raempe off mette Brodse... Nederlands borduurwerk uit de zeventiende eeuw.
Haarlem, 1987 Limp pict. coloured glossy wraps., 111pp. Many text-ills. after photos, with provenance of the ills.
Describing dutch 17th century embroidery. Mint copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 6484

BODT, S.F.M. DE & M.L. CARON (, Schilderen met gouddraad en zijde. Kerkelijke Borduurkunst 1475-1675. Exhibition catalogue Rijksmuseum "Het Catharijneconvent".
Utrecht "Het Catharijneconvent, 1987 Small 4°, pict. limp wraps., c. 250pp. Many plain plates & text-ills., bibliography, C.V. of authors at end.
Catalogue of an exhibition as held at Utrecht State Museum, "Het Catharijneconvent", listing and describing silken embroidered ecclesiastical vestments from the Netherlands, period 1475-1675. Very fine copy.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 6485

BODY CULTIVATION (Female), Schönheit des Leibes. 12 Kunstblätter aus dem Leben des Bundes für Leibeszucht.
Berlin, Deutsche Leibeszucht, [c. 1938]. 2°. orig. clothbacked col. pict. boards. Title printed in red and black. 12 fine col. tipped-in plates depict. female nudes.
A Nazi-publication, depict. strong, healthy and beautiful nude females in various poses. Fine. Rare.

EUR 160.00

Book nr.: 10427

BOEHN, M. VON - I. LOSCHEK (ed.), Die Mode. Eine Kulturgeschichte vom Mittelalter bis zum Jugendstil. [Revised & abridged reimpression].
München, 1976 2 vols. sm.8°. cloth, with's. 344,344pp. Num. col. & plain ills, of which full-p., registers.
This famous 8-volume work, that fetched 5 editions, has orig. been published at the beginning of the 1920's, and can be considered as one of the most comprehensive researches, not only into the history and development of european fashions, but also on the cultural history of Europe. This copy is a abridged reimpression in 2 vols., edited by I. Loschek. MINT copy.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 36178

BOEHN, M. VON, Bekleidungskunst und Mode. Orig. edn.
München, 1918 clothbacked pict. boards. 128pp. frontisp., num. ills. on 47 plates, of which facsims. after old prints and paintings, many text-ills. and figs.
The history & development of female dress in Europe and Asia. (spine worn, both inner joints restored with a cloth strip, first blanks soiled, all. in all a reading copy only).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 13470

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