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A.R. [Indonesian-dutch fashion designer]. [Collection of 5 partly handcoloured fashion designs based upon indonesian tradition female dress].
S.I. ['s-Gravenhage], A.R., [circa], 1947 In-plano. Tog. 7 A-4 sized leaves (versos blank). Each leave with a separate partly handcolured fashion design, with descriptive text in Ms. in ink. 1:(Serimpi): Skirt in blue Faille woven with silver stripes and a plain panel in front. Silver girdle lined purple. Bodice in darker blue velvet with silver braiding. 2: Model Jenny III. 3: Koor III. 4: Caladium . Suggestions for application... 5: Malayu. Gown in burnt-orange chiffon. Skirt straitht, folded over at a side to form a "Plis Creux". Skirt draped over belt at side, to re-appear from under belt as a plaited scarf in crimson and mauve. Bodice folded over at side. Belt and Sandals crimson velvet. The Bodice should fit tightly enough to dispense with shoulder straps; 6: Slendang. Gown in powder-blue and pale yellow geogette. The bodice crosses at the back and is held in front by two Javanese ornaments in Chaste Silver. One end of the bodice passes under the girdle as a long pleated loose panel. Belt in yellow felted faced silver. 7: "Sunda". Gown in brown and gold metal cloth. Skirt straight, folded over in front and draped under belt. Belt gold; Belt and bodice faced with green. Pink Coatee in stiff transparant material (Organdie with metal thread, stiffened lace etc.) jade buttons.
An interesting convolut, vere well preserved. Designs look a bit old fashioned, even for the first few years after the end of the Second Worldwar. It might be due to the fact that desiners lived on Java under the Japanese oppression 1942-1945.

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 56177

AAFTINK, B. & C. BOL, Cultuur en kleedgedrag in de 20e eeuw.
Groningen, 1950 Large 8°, orig. pict. col. wraps., 136pp., many text-ills., short glossary, bibliography, register.
Dress-habits in 20th century Europe & their cultural influence. MINT copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 13236

AAFTINK, B. - C. BOL, Cultuur en kledinggedrag in de 20e eeuw. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Groningen, Wolters Noordhoff, 1985 Small 4°., original coloured and illustrated limp wrappers with cover title. 136pp. Many monochrome illustrations in text, some comparative tables and diagrams, some illustrations after drawing, explanatory glossary of terms used, bibliography, register, table of contents.
Scholarly dutch language investigation in european culture and dress-code, habits and expression of male and female fashions and change during the twentieth century in Europe. Very fine copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 51011

AAFTINK, Bettie, Mode en kleding::Ontwerptekenen. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Groningen, Wolters-Noordhoff, 1989 large 8°. Original limp glossy coloured and illustrated wrappers. 156pp. Numerous captioned monoghrome illustrations in text drawn by Doran Matton featuring female, male and children's fashionable clothing, some captioned monochrome illustrations after original photographs, many cutter's patterns in text with technical directions, table of contents.
Dutch language textbook about hometailoring, drawing and cutting patterns, design, colour schemes, sizing, enlargement of patterns, downsizing, silhouttes, stitching, proportion scienceof fashionable dress, which is preceded by hisory and development of western and non-western fashions and clothing. A very handy and practical guide. Very good copy.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 54924

AALDERINK, Jac. (introd.), Oude Oosterse Tapijten. Tentoonstellings-catalogus Museum Willet Holthuysen, zomer '54.
[Amsterdam, 1954 Large 8°, pict. col. limp wraps. (an Armenian carpet), (6)pp. of text, ills. on 2 plates, summary in English.
Exhibition Catalogue on Near Eastern Carpets & tapestries, incl. Persian. (wrs. spotted.)

EUR 10.00

Book nr.: 6300

AARHTZEN, J. - L. CROMMELIN, M. UNGER (, Mode - kleren - mode. [Catalogus van een Tentoonstelling Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 18 januari - 19 maart 1980].
Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, 1980 large 8°., original coloured decorative limp wrappers. 131pp. Many coloured and black/white illustrations in text and full-page, illustrations after line-drawings, plan of museum ground-floor printed inside front wrapper, list of fashion educational institutes in Holland, occasional bi-lingual text, dutch-english, extensive english summary, table of contents.
A lavishly illustrated catalogue of an exhibition illustrating and describing latest dutch fashion design and accessories, as held at the Amsterdam Municipal Museum, preface by the then director Mr. Eddy de Wilden. Contains many contributions with as subject-matter culture and behaviour in clothing, clothing and fashion, fashion design, an interview with Claude Brouet, home-made fashion, secondhand clothing, marketing research, design in colour, manufacturers, fashion shows and the catwalk, medium and fashion, make-up and hairstyling, fashion photographers, private styling, underwear and lingerie, shoes, scarves, xportswear. Very fine copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 48203

ABER, I., The Art of Judaic Needlework. Traditional and Contemporary designs. Orig. edn.
New York, Scribner, 1979 sm. 4°Orig. limp pict. col. glossy wraps. 150pp. Col. ills. on 4 photo-plates, 130 black/white text-ills. and diagrams, glossary of terms used, bibliography, index.
A comprehensive publication on the subject. (apart from some light dog-earing a good copy).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44129

ACHJADI, J., Pakaian Daerah Wanita Indonesia/Indonesian Women's Costumes. First edn.
Jakarta, Djambatan, 1976 Square 8°, orig. limp pict. col. wraps., (xi), 114pp., frontisp.-plate, many other plates & full-p. drawings, sketch-maps on end-papers & in text, printed in 2 collumns, bi-lingual: Bahasa Indonesia/English.
National Indonesian women's costumes, how to wear & wrap, (:) Aceh, Sumatra Timur, Minangkabau, Palembang, Sunda, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan Timur, Bugis, Mandar, Toraja, Sumbawa, Sumba, Rote, Timor & Maluku. Nice copy. Scarce.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 38551

ACKROYD, P., Dressing Up. Transvestism and Drag: the History of an Obsession. 1st.
London, 1979 Cloth, pict. col. dj., 160pp., frontisp., 160 ills. on plates & in text, bibliography, index.
A well-illustrated & documented study on the subject of transvestism. Few titles have been publ. on the subject. MINT copy.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 9260

ADAMS, J.D., Naked we came. A more or less Lighthearted look at the Past, Present, and Future of Clothes. First edn.
New York-Chicago-San Francisco, 1967 sm.8°. orig. thick col. decor. boards, with dj. 123pp. ills. on photo-plates and many drawings by T. Lewis. A charming booklet. MINT copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 37245

ADELSON, C.J., European Tapestry in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
Minneapolis, 1994 sm.thick 4°. cloth, pict.col. dj. (xvii), 475pp. col. frontisp., many col. plates & ills, plain text-ills, list of works and exhibitions cited, index. MINT copy.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 36523

ADENEY, W.B., Fabric Printing. [First edition].
New York, The Studio, 1934 Small 8°. Original stiff wrappers. Coloured and decorative front wrapper with covertitle in bold red type. 64pp. 26 captioned monochrome diagrams of which 8 full-page with descriptive text on facing pp., featuring pattern designs of fabric printing with natural dyes, tools to be used, list of illustrations, index, table of contents, publ. serial list on verso of french title. ["Hours of Leisure with patterns and dyes", 3].
English language prarctical guide to fabric printing by natural dyes, tools and instru ctions: Tools and materials, the fabrics, get used to your tools, how to cut- and how not, mounting the cut lino, experiments with alternative patterns, printing more than one colour...Good to very cood copy of one othis old-fashioned manuals that seem the have almost disappeared. (some minimal dog-earing, signature on ti.-p.).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 55844

ADRIAANS, H. (, Ruisende Rokken. 200 jaar kostuums uit de collectie van het Centraal Museum [Utrecht}. Exhib. Catalogue (with a Fashion-show) 10 oktober - 5 november 1995.
Utrecht, Centraal Museum, 1995 Slim tall 8°, orig. col. stiff extending wraps., bearing 30 small oval fashion illustrations, with descr. text printed inside wraps., 18pp. of text, many oval text-ills, extending centre-fold. plate depict. a Robe à la française, c.1765.
Catalogue, published upon the occasion of the Fashion Show & exhibition "Ruisende Rokken", commemmorating 200 years of costume in the collection of the Utrecht Central Museum. A charming "catalogue", with an unusual fascinating lay-out. MINT copy.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 13452

ADRIAANS, H., Marion Herbst, een overzicht, 1969-1982. Promotial leaflet publ. upon the occasion of an exhibition as held at the Utrecht Municipal Museum, Costume Section, 28 augustus t/m 26 september 1982.
Utrecht, Centraal Museum, 1982 sm.4°. [4]pp. 11 text-ills. depict. avant-garde jewellery as designed by Marion Herbst.
This promotional leaflet has been written upon the occasion of the presentation of the 'Françoise van den Bosch' award for advanced jewelry design, awarded for the 2nd. time in history to Marion Herbst, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. MINT copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 38407

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