GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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AGERBEEK, B., A. VAN ZOESTP. WALLENBURG, Het werk van hun handen. De Glasmakers van Leerdam. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Haarlem, Becht, 2000 Large oblong 8°. Original coloured and illustrated glazed boards, matching dustjacket. 96pp. Numerous captioned coloured and monochrome illustrations of which facsims. after old photographs, incl. portraits of famous glass designers and glass objects, both antique and modern: A.D. Copier, Floris Meydam, Chris de Bueger, Chr. Lannooy, Sybren Valkema, Arie van Loopik, Pet van Klei, table of maker's marks in text, list of literature consulted, table of contents.
Rather detailed expert survey of Leerdam Glass industry: origin, development and future, masters of glass-blowing, art design and motifstechnique and process, education and traning. Very fine copy, WITH dustjacket.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 53837

AGERBEEK, B., P., Elke Dag is Zondag. Gedichten van Barney Agerbeek. 15 Gouaches van Chris de Bueger. [Eerste en enige druk/first and only edition].
Amsterdam/Leerdam, Nymfaeum Pers, 2005 Small folio, original culured illustrated limp glossy wrappers, with protective clearview limp vellum paper dustjacket. 34pp., with together 15 poems by Barney Agerbeek and 15 fine full-page tinted plates after original Gouaches by Chris de Beueger on facingpages. Lay0ut and designed by Jan van Waarden, printed in "Ruse", designed by Gerrit Noordzij.
Collection of 15 durch language poems by Barney P. Agerbeek, with 15 full-page plates after original Gouaches by Chris de Bueger. Published by Ny,faeum Press in a limited edition of 350 numbered copies, signed by both author and bookdesigner. This copy bears nr. 123, numbered in ink by hand. Provenance printed on verso of lower outer wrapper. Very fine copy.

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 49553

AGITPROP - ANTI-NAZI PROPAGANDA - Schwarze Listen für die Schwarze Schmuch. Schluss mit den Greuelmärchen! "Die Zerstörung des Reiches, die Wegnahme der Kinder unseres Volkes, die Sterilisierung der männlichen Jugend"- so beschrieb Hitler am 21. März 1943 die Absichten der Vereiten Nationen. Jedes Wort eine Lúge...
S.I. [London], s.n., [circa], 1943 An original thin paper flyer, printed recto/verso. Sized 22x13.5cm. Front side illustrates a mass of people with a picture of a SS-member in uniform, marked with a red circle, notice printed in bold black type across the illustration:"Schwarze Listen fur die Schwarze Schmach" (black lists for black Libel, in which both characters 'S' have been replaced by the well-known SS-sign). Extensive text printed on verso in german, signed in print "Winston Churchill". SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
General text informs the common german population that Hitler is lying in his speech of 12 March 1943, in which is stated that after an Allied victory over Germany, the german population will be terrorized, that all males will be sterilized by allied forces, the country will completely be destroyed, wommen and girls will be raped and killed, &c. Furthermore is stated that the german population will come to no harm, only the Nazis and their cronies will be punished severely, including Austrian nazis, and that Hitler is number one on the lis as a war-monger, a criminal and a war-criminal. Also os stated that the war is already lost and further killings of german soldiers and civilians is quite useless. An interesting piece of allied war-propaganda. Very well preserved. Good condition. Rare.

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EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 47902

AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY WAGENINGEN PAPERS: Landbouwhogeschool Wageningen 1940-1950. Inaugurele Reden, Openbare Lessen, levensbeschrijvingen, Dies en Overdrachtsreden, Gegevens betreffende Studiën,m , Gebouwen en Terreinen. Uitgegeven door de Senaat der Hogeschool. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Wageningen, H. Veenman, [....], 1951 2 vols. Stout large 8°. Original publ. sreappers, covertitles in bold white type. 619, 271pp. Tables of contents.
Dutch language compilation by the Senate of Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands, of scholarly publications by teaching University Fellows, period 1940-1950. A certain number of papers has been published after the german nazi oppression 1940-1945. Papers span a wide topical collection, e.g.: Inaugural Addresses, Public Lectures, Biographies, Dies and Transfers of seats, Data about students, Premises and Surroundings. An interesting set of academic papers. Very good set.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 56940

AGTERBERG, M., De Bodebus in Gelderland, Utrecht en Overijssel. Inventarisatie van Bodebussen van Gemeenten, Waterschappen en Ambachtsgilden in...
[Schipluiden, 1983 Large 8°, lettered wraps., 79pp., numerous text-ills. with extensive descriptions, full-p. sketch-map,
The dutch word "bus" has been derived from the greek word "pyxis". The history of the "Bodebus", a cylinder (a "bus") fixed to the girdle of an official courier ("Bode") dates back from early dutch medieval times. They contained official messages from dutch state-administration, the so-called "States-general", and lower forms of administrative offices as provincial-municipal and village councils. As such a courier was easily recognized by common civilians. In the course of time these cylinders developed from simple appearance and material to more and very elaborate pieces, mainly executed in silver, especially during the 17th-19th century when wealth had risen to a very high level in the Netherlands. In modern times they only serve as insignia for official occasions. This lavisly illustrated essay describes, in detail, the origins, history and development of these paraphernalia, as found in the dutch provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijssel. A good to very good copy. (some light occas. scuffing to extremities of wraps.).

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 12516

AGTMAAL, W. VAN - J. GERRITS, S. VAN NORDEN (, Naaisters in Amsterdam 1870-1914. Een Onderzoeksverslag. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Historisch Seminarium, 1979 Small 4°. Original wrappers. Bold black type covertitle, monochrome illustration at tail. 290pp. of PHOTOCOPY (as published) after the original Typostript, pagination by hand. Some facsim. illustrations in text of which cartoons, other facsims in text after archivalia, appendices (comparative tables) at rear end (facsims.), list of archivalia consulted, table of conents.
Detailed dutch language scholarly inquiry about the socio-ecomomic postition of Amsterdam seamstresses and sweatshops 1870-1914, e.g.: formation and influence of various Labour organization, organized and non-organized seamstresses, working-hours, labour conditions, wages, sanity and sanitation, automatization and its effects, unemployment, etc. An interesting scholarly report about a long-forgotten topic. Good copy. (copy dog-eared, contents clean).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 54928

AHOUD, W.F.M., Inventaris van het Oud-Rechterlijk Archief van de Gemeente Zutphen 1389-1811 (1818). [Eerste druk; First edition].
Zutphen, Gemeentearchief, 1989 Small folio, original glossy limp wrappers, covertitle with an illustration. 183pp. Frontispiece after an original pencil-drawing by W. van der Worp, 1855, Sketch-map in text, appendices I-IV (archivalia: civil legal cases, teritorial and judicial division of Zutphen district), concordance, index, table of contents. ["Zutphense archiefpublikaties", Nr. 5].
Dutch language indexed inventory of Zutphen, Gelderland Province, Communal judicial archivalia. Very fine copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 51483

AIKEN, J[oan], Hate begins at Home. First edn.
London, Gollancz, 1967 Small 8°., orig. boards, title in gilt on spine, dustjacket. 192pp.
Crime novel. WITH the original yellow dustjacket, printed in red and black. Dustjacket is known for its fragility. (Some very light fraying to extremities of dustjacket, some minor terars skilfully restored with clearview acid free tape).

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 46211

AIKEN, J]oan], The Windscreen Weepers and other Tales of Horror and Suspense. First edn.
London, Gollancz, 1969 Orig. cloth, title in gilt on spine, dustjacket printed in red and black. 256pp. Table of contents.
A collection of crime fiction and horror stories. Copy WITH original dustjacket. Very good. (small tear in dustjacket near lower outer front joint skilfully repaired with clearview acid free tape, own near fine).

EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 46212

AILEY, A., The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. Holland Festival 1967.
S.L., Holland Festival, 1967 slim 8°. Orig. bi-coloured printed front wrapper, coloured advert. of Schweppes printed on lower outer wrap., stapled. [12]pp. of text, centre-fold. plate, 5 other ills. in text, of which some full-page, portr. of Alvin Ailey, overall text in dutch, small parts in english. Programme designed by Hans Buys. Added an A-4 sized leave, cyclostyled on verso only, supplying general information on the Dance group in english, and 3 origical illustrated press-clippings in dutch being reviews of the performances.
Programme of the Ballet-dance group Alvin Ailey Amercan Dance Theatre, performing during the Holland Festival 1967. Ballets expressing the cultural heritage of the American Negro. Amongst the dancers we find a.o., Loretta Abbott, Enid aytch, Consuelo Houston, Geogre Faison, Miguel Godreau...Fine copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 43046

AIRCRAFT SECOND WORLDWAR - Duitsche, Italiaansche Britsch-Amerikaansche en Sovjetrussische Oorlogsvliegtuigen. Omschrijving, Onderscheiding, Bewapening enz. Stand Zomer 1943. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Amsterdam, Van Ditmar, 1943 Small 8°. (15x10cm.). Original coloured limp wrappers, illustrated front cover. 167pp. Numerous black/white silhoutees of warplanes in text, many diagrams in text with technical information, notes on identification and registration markings. Nicely designed original lino-cut exlibris on verso of front cover.
Dutch language description of German, Italian, British-American and Soviet war=plates for 1943, with technical details, notes on armament and how to spot and identify the planes. Published during the Nazi occupation of Holland 1940-1945, this issue Summer 1943. Very good copy. (some minimal dog-earing, private annotation in mis. in ink on ti.-p.).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 49326

AIRCRAFT SPOTTING IN THE 1930S.: Het Vliegtuigenboekje. Weenswaardigheden van Vliegtuigen, hun bouw, consructie en gebruik. [Eerste druk; First edition].
S.I., s.n., [....], 1935 Small square 8°. Original boards. Covertitle in bold black type, illustration of an aircraft at tail. 92pp. Captioned coloured and monochrome illustrations, incl. some diagrams, on 43 platesfeaturing domestic and foreign military and civil aircraft, further extensive dsecriptions on 52pp. with rater detailed technical info. about planes illustrationd, incl. construction features.
Dutch language booklet listing, illustrating and describing military and civil aircrdaft constructed in the interbellum. Good copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 55911

AISCHYLOS (, Gulden Woorden uit de Wereldbibliotheek. [Eerste druk, Eerste serie; First edition, First series].
Amsterdam, WB. Vereeniging, [....], 1925 Small oblong 8°. (15.5x12 cm.). Original black limp cloth. Gilded bold covertitle, printed within a broad gilded decorative border, repeated on lower outer cover. Hftitle (verso blank). [92] unnumbered pp. (incl. preface and introduction), and alphabetically arranged (by author) citations by domestic and foreign famous authers.
Dutch language anthology of golden citations by dutch and foreign authors (from Aeschylus to Ernst Zahn), compiled from previous publications by "Wereldbibliotheek Vereeniging". Published Not-for-the-Trade on behalf of Society members only. Good, clean and attractive copy. f.e.p. and french title somewhat soiled, upper right corners torn-off but skilfully repaired).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 53634

AITTON, D., Nederlandsch Oost- en West-Indië ten dienste van het Onderwijs. Tweede [herziene] Druk [Second [revised] edition].
Grpmomgem. Noordhoff, 1889 Small 8°., recent private cloth, new endpapers. [4]pp. of publ.notice and preface. 141pp. With comparative statistical information of physical areas and census between The Netherlands and the East- and West Indian dutch colonies, table of contents, publ. advert. on final unnumbered leave. NOT called-for in Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Dutch language textbook in which information is supplied on the Dutch East- and West Indies (colony of Surinam, Curaçao and dependencies), e.g. physical geography and area, flora and fauna, mineral deposits, indigenous population groups, dutch civil administration and government and so-called pecularities. Rare. (contents browning, NO brittleness however, on-going fairly large brown stain to centre folds of each page).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 50428

AKEN, CH. H. VAN (editor), Aardrijkskundig Woordenboek der geheele Aarde. 4e verbeterde en vermeerderde druk. [4th revised and enlarged edition].
Rotterdam, Nijgh & van Ditmar, [....], 1926 Small stout 8°, original cloth, title in bold black type on front boards and spine. [2], 959pp.
Glossary of the world's geographical names, still of use. Good copy. (small circular ex-lib. paper label at tail of spine, small circular ex-lib. stamp on ti.-p., signature on verso of f.e.p., NOT disturbing however).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 47087

AKEN, L.C. VAN - J. BERLAGE & H.G. VAN EVERDINGEN(comp./eds.), Wet van de Sociëteit Minerva.
Leiden, 1946 sm.8°. orig. red lettered wraps, vignette on upper wrap. (Pallas Athene). 47pp. of text, printed in red, with revisions loosely inserted(3)pp.
Laws, by-laws & regulations as issued for the Leyden Student Association L.S.C.(Leidsch Studenten Corps) and their Club "Minerva". MINT copy. Scarce.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 36391

AKTIEGROEP DE DOLLE MINA [FEMINIST ACTION GROUP "DE DOLLE MINA"]: "Waar werd oprechter Trous..." MAAR:Wie wast de luiers; Wie Stofzuigt; Wie lapt de ramen; Wie maakt de WC schoon...? Bent U ook een blanke Slavin en wilt u dat blijven? [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Aktiegroep De Dolle Mina, 1970 A-4 sized Agitprop. Brochure, stapled. [12] unnumbered pp. of cyclostyled text. Full-page monochrome comic with balloon text, a parody on the Mother Goose boardgame illustrating repression of females during her life-time, from birth to death, on verso of lower outer cover.NOT called-for in Royal Dutch Library, KB.
Dutch language agitprop. brochure published by an anarcho-feminist actiongroup by the name "Dolle Mina", established in 1970, by which dutch housewives are urged to drop domestic work which is marked "whit women's slavery", shrug off repression by male pigs by liberating themselves and turn to true feminism en emancipation.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 55034

AL QUR'AN- S. KEYZER (editor)M. KASIMIRSKI, L. ULLMANN, (et. al.), De Koran. Voorafgaande door het leven van Mahomed, eene inleiding omtrent de Godsdienstgebruiken der Mahomedanen, enz. Met ophelderende aanteekeningen... van M. Kasimirski ( Waaraan is toegevoegd een Overzicht van de geschiedenis der Turken... door N. Japikse. Vijfde druk [Fifth edition].
Rotterdam, D. Bolle, [circa], 1918 Small stout 8°, original blind stamped publ. cloth, gilded title and vignette on spine. Hftitle (verso blank). (xiv), 682pp. 3 coloured lithographed fold. maps with legenda (lith. Casparie), extensive foot-notes/references, table of contents, list of maps. WITH an illustrated press-clipping taken from a dutch newspaper, september 1974, with information on Ramadan or "Poeasa", AND a 4pp. cyclostyled 'introduction' to Islam, loosely inserted.
Dutch language translation of the Koran or Qur'An, edited by S. Keyzer a foremost dutch nineteenth-twentieth century oririentalis, which includes a biography of Mohammed the Prophet, a survey of Islamic religious customs and an assessment of the political relations between the Osman Empire and Europe. Good copy of the fifth and slightly amended edition in original publ. cloth. (some minor foxing to french title, occasionally to mergins).

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 51394

ALADIN EN DE WONDERLAMP: Aladin en zijn Wonderlamp: Een verhaal voor kinderen uit de Duizend en Één Nacht [Covertitle in bold red coloured type]. {Eerste druk zoals verschenen; First edition, thus].
's-Gravenhage, G.C.T. van Dorp, [circa], 1940 Large oblong 4°. (310x230mm.). Original boards. Covertitle in bold red coloured type with a full sized coloured illustration at top, bi-coloured tripple line border alongside front outer hinge. [12] unnumbered pp. of dutch language descriptive text to 12 fine coloured plates after drawings. Text is preceded by an introduction about the history of "Thousand and one Night", printed in double collumns and within a typographycal black line border.
Aladin and his Wonderlamp translated into dutch on behalf of dutch children. Nice copy. (covers a little bit fingered, some minimal wear to corners, two small spots in text, staples a bit rusty, NO offsetting however).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 54466

ALBARDA, J., Onze Koninklijke Landmacht, 5: Overige Wapens en Dienstvakken. [eerste druk/first edition].
Alkmaar, De Alk, [circa], 1970 Small 8°. (15x11cm.). Original coloured and illustrated glossy boards. 64pp. Many black/white illustrations in text and full-page, all after photographs, diagrams in text, coloured and illustrated publ. serial list on lower outer boards, nicely designed original lino-cut ex-librias pasted on f.e.p. ["De Alkenreeks", Nr. 173].
Dutch language encyclopaedic historic review, including technical data, of Royal Dutch Army, supportive and service Branches. Good to very good copy. (a little bit of wear to spine-ends, private ms. annotation in ink on f.e.p.).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 49227

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