GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ADVERTISING ART - PHILIPS GLOEILAMPEN FABRIEK - Kunstlicht als Bedrijfshulp. [De Boerderij]. (subtitle on front wrapper). Orig. edn.
S.L. [Eindhoven], N.V. Philip's Verkoop-Maatschappij voor Nederland, s.d. [circa], 1946 sm. 8°. Orig. pict. coloured and lettered front wrapper, small coloured vignette in centre of lower outer wrapper. 71pp. Num. col. ills., of which many full-page, a coloured graph., many tables in text and full-page.
Promotes and stimulates the use and installation of electricity in dutch farms and farmhouses, both for private and commercial use, in connection with the reconstruction of farms and farmhouses and their electric powered machineries, after the devastations during the german nazi-occupation and the liberation of the Netherlands in 1945. Written and published by command of the Philips Sales Division for the Netherlands, in consultation of the dutch office for reconstruction of farms and farmhouses. A lavishly illustrated promotional booklet by the dutch electronics corporation "Philips", Eindhoven municipality. Very good copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44784

ADVERTISING ART & PROMOTION - Diabolo Boot Polish for patent leather and Box calf kid schoes.
S.I. [Boussu, Belgium], s.n.["Diabolo"], [circa], 1950 Large oval shaped thin cardboard with a string at top, 46x28cm. Text in bold red and black type, coloured illustration representing a lady with a Bell-hop polishing her shoe (with paste of the brand "Diabolo"), also with coloured circular trade-mark at left tail margin, the whole printed within a narrow decorative red coloured border. (verso blank). SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
An advertising piece representing shoe-paste of the brand "Diabolo", manufactured in Belgium, a wall-piece for a shoe-retailer. (calendar that should be present at tail of oval is NOT present however). An interesting well-preserved piece of advertising art and sales poromotion.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 47104

S.I., s.n., [circa], 1955 Original glazed coloured illustrated boards, representing a gentleman wearing a Borsalino and a Lady wearing a hat, with a row of buildings in the background, manufacturer's ornamented logo at lower right corner, sized 34.5x30cm. (verso blank with original folding standard of thin cardboard). SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A piece of advertising material, a display to be used at a retailer of female and male hats for all occasions, promoting the [british?] manufacturer "Wegener". In very fine almost unblemished condition.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 47105

ADVERTISING CONFERENCE PROGRAMME - Second International Advertising Conference Europe. Organized by the Netherlands Advertising Association. The Hague 11-13 September 1957.
The Hague, Netherlands Advertising Association, 1957 Slimp 8°., original coloured illustrated stiff wrappers, designed by H.V.R. advertising, The Hague. 64pp. Many portraits in text of participants, committe members, &c., of which one full-page of H.R.H. the late Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (President of Honour), many text-ills. illustrating famous dutch monuments and views, full-page plan of Kurhaus-Hotel, Scheveningen, with key at tail, another full-page situation-map indicating the location of Palace Hotel, extensive name-lists of members to various committees, list of exhibiting S.I.A.C. members, acknowledgements, general information (site of the conference, languages, conference bureau, pigeon holes, gala dinner and final party, embassies and legations, rates of postage, airmail, post offices. Table of contents. WITH a separate [3]pp. message to participants (centre folded); and invitation card issued by a dutch trade-company "Trouvaille" calling upon participants to pay them a visit with their collection, printed on both sides, stiff paper card; original stiff paper card with coloured organization's logo at front, name of perticipant 'Mr. J. Paan' (conterence id. 'g1' filled-in in ms. in ink, english language explanation printed at tail, with 5 vouchers, of which 2 have been used, for drinks and food; and a small obling twice-folded 'carte-de-visite' like information card, small rectangular window at front side with printed text "Any questions"? , concise info. printed on verso/recte. All loosely inserted in lower inner back/flap.
Full programme of this second international advertising conference as held at The Hague/Scheveningen, with extensive information of topics, papers, speeches, including six case histories, by participants, exhibitions, entertainment, exhibitions, brass band play, sight seeing tours, &c. Very good copy with beautifully designed outer wrappers in colour. Rare.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 47809

ADVERTISING-GENOOTSCHAP VOOR RECLAME, Rapport van de Onderwijscommisie ingesteld door het Genootschap voor Reclame.
[Amsterdam], Genootschap voor Reclame, 1953 Large 8°, wraps., 16pp., printed on rectos only. Added: The invitation for the Society's annual meeting Tuesdey 28 April 1953. Cyclostyled on recte only, on original letter-paper; The agenda for the meeting. [5]pp. of cyclostyle on recto's only; Balance-sheet for 1951 & 1952. [2]pp. of cyclostyle on recto's only, & the original minutes of this meeting, typo-script (carbon-copy), [2]pp. on recto's only. All A-4 sized.
Report from the instruction-committee of the [dutch] Soc. for Advertising ("Genootschap voor Reclame", Amsterdam) with suggestions for impovement of marketing courses.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 10135

ADVERTISING-SALES PROMOTION, Doe het Beter. Uit de Cursus "Beter Bedrijfsbeheer".
Den Haag, Nederlandse R.K. Kruideniersbond, 1950 Small 8°, wraps., 46pp., text-ills., tables in text.
'Manual' for [dutch] grocers, in order to improve sales by means of better advertising, window-dressing, marketing & efficiency as publ. by the [dutch] Roman Catholic Grocer's organization. Interesting. Mint copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 10188

ADVERTISING-SALES PROMOTION- Tips van T.I.P. Voor ondernemende kruideniers. Zaken doen in Augustus, Zomerdranken.
Amsterdam, Tot Ieders Profijf, [c. 1950 ]. Small 8°, stiff pict. col. wraps., 24pp., richly illustrated.
Guide-lines for grocers in order to improve summer-sales non-alcoholic bevarages, incl. hints for window-dressing, advertising, &c... Fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 10145

ADVERTISING-SLIKBOER, J., Handschrift in de Reclame.
Leiden, 1949 Small 8°, lettered boards, 112pp., over 40 text-ills. & figures, bibliography.
An interesting 'manual', with as subject the psychology of typography as used in advertising & window-dressing. Totally revised edn. after original artt. as published 1942/1943 in the dutch monthly "Organisatie en Efficiency". Mint copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 10184

ADVERTISING SPEIJER-RICHTER & Co. - AMSTERDAM, Verkeersseinenspel. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, Speijer-Richter & co., undated. [circa], 1955 Single multiple-folded paper sheet, printed and illustrated in colour (verso blank), title printed in upper margin in bold red type, actual game with dutch traffic signs printed in centre, informative text to traffic signs, rules of the game printed at tail, with marginal illustraded advertisements of sweets packed in tins, accompanied by informative text and prices in dutch currency, tiny circular company monogramme in upper right corner. Total size 57x44cm. SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A very well preserved example of a board game, "the traffic game", based upon the principle of the well-known "Mother Goose-play", being an advertising piece, linking entertainment and education for young and old with sales of sweets by a dutch sweets manufacturer "Speijer-Richter & Co.", based at Amsterdam municipality, with as brand-name "Star". Fine. (tiny brown spot in lower blank margin).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 46686

ADVERTISING TALENS PAINT - Handleiding voor het schilderen op zijde en andere stoffen, met Talens lichteichte Silka-verf. Orig. edn.
S.I. [Apeldoorn], Koninklijke Talens & Zoon, s.d. [circa], 1950 small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Coloured decorated paper fron side with title and manufacturer's logo in black in centre. 10pp. of cyclostyled text. 4 text-figs. and a diagramme.
concise technical directions how to decorate silk and other fabrics, with paint products by a large dutch manufacturer "Talens", Apeldoorn municipality, of paints and inks on behalf of painters and other artists. A nice piece of advertising art. (dutch retailer's rubber name stamp at tail of title on front wrapper and at tail of blank lower outer wrapper, NOT disturbing however).

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 45240

ADVERTISING TALENS PAINT - Handleiding voor het gebruik van Talens Reliefverf. Orig. edn.
S.L.[Apeldoorn], Koninklijke Talens & Zoon, s.d. [circa], 1950 small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Coloured decorated paper fron side with title and manufacturer's logo in black in centre. 10pp. of cyclostyled text. 4 text-figs. and a diagram, some other titles published by the same manufacturer on recte of lower outer wrapper, also stating some other brands as manufacturerd.
concise technical directions how to apply "relief paint", as produced by a large dutch manufacturer "Talens", Apeldoorn municipality, of a variety of paints and ink on behalf of artists and draughtsmen. A nice piece of advertising art. (dutch retailer's rubber name stamp at tail of title on front wrapper and at tail of blank lower outer wrapper, NOT disturbing however).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 45241

ADVERTISING TALENS PAINT - Enkele belangrijke wenken betreffende de techniek van het Olieverfschilderen. Orig. edn.
Apeldoorn-Djakarta-... Koninklijke Talens & Zoon, s.d. [circa], 1950 small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. 10pp. 9 tinted text-ills., table, illustrated manufacturer's advertism. printed on both sides of lower outer wrapper, with logo.
Some technical hints for artists painting with oil-paint on canvas and other fabrics, with the brand "Rembrandt", as manufactured by Royal Talens & Son, Apeldoorn. Fine.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 45245

ADVERTISING TEA - FIRMA C. KEG - Keg's Thee-Album. Album Theeplaajes. Firma C. Keg Thee- en Koffie. "Internationaal". Re impression 1920.
Zaandam, Theehandel Fa. C. Keg, [....], 1920 Orig. clothbacked paper-covered thin boards, title in bold white type on front boards with an illustration of a globe at tail, printed within a thin double-barred white coloured line border. [16]pp. of text. Album with tog. 90 very fine coloured lithographed small inserted plates, each 8x4.5cm., each with company's name in whity bold type at head, each with concise explanatory captions at tails, all depicting national flags, dress and occasionally national coins of countries exported-to as Holland, BelgiumBelgian Congo, France, Germany, England, British India, Russia, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Morocco, United States, Mexico, Bolivia, &c..., company's advertism. on verso of front boards, on verso of ti.-p., on recte of first unnumbered lve., on verso of p. [16], and on recte of last unnumbered lve. ["Internationaal", series]. Gooijaeres, page 69. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A nice example of a so-called "Plaatjesalbum", announced of historical value on front boards. Text on 6 unnumered lvs. supplies general information on countries exported to. Published by a dutch wholesale dealer in Tea and Coffee, "Keg", founded 1832, Head-office Zaandam, subsidiary at Alkmaar, Holland. (boards with some general shaving to extremities and corners, some damage to lower rim of paper of front cover, name of previous owner stamped on verso (blank) of front boards, illustrations and contents good to very good and fresh).

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 45643

ADVERTISING- Tweede Rapport van de Onderwijs-commissie ingesteld door het Genootschap voor Reclame [Amsterdam].
[Amsterdam, Ultimo 1953 ]. 1°. Triple folded, 5, [2], pp.of cyclostyle on rectos only. Short bibliography, budget of the commission (bijlagen A-B).
2nd report published by the Instruction-commission of the [dutch] Association for Advertising on renewal of instruction for advertising & marketing managers,incl. many notes on the situation of U.S. marketing. Very well preserved. Scarce.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 9858

ADVERTISING- Uitnodiging tot het bijwonen van de Ledenvergadering van het Genootschap voor Reclame op Dinsdag 4 October te Amsterdam om 10.45 uur.
Amsterdam, Genootschap voorReclame, 1949 A-4 sized, folded in centre. [5]pp.of cyclostyled text on rectos only, incl. profit & loss-account with elucidation, 31 December 1948.
Convocation for the annual member's meeting of the [dutch] Association for Advertising. Well preserved.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 9857

ADVERTSING- Kort Verslag 21ste Congres Genootschap voor Reclame, 11-12-13 november 1959 te Groningen.
[Amsterdam] Advertentiebedrijf N.V. de Arbeiderspers 1959 Folio. In-plano, four-folded. 4, 8pp., portrs., ills.
Preview, in newspaper size, issued before final publication in 1960, containing a number of artt. by various participants of the 21st advertising congress as held at Groningen municipality issued by the advertising-division of the "Arbeiderspers", Amsterdam, with as main theme advertising & the consumer. Well preserved.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 9840

AEROPLANE AVIATION - WILSON, JOHN C. (artist), The Glatton Straggler. A BB17-G Fortress of 457th. Bombgroup, 750 Bomb Squadron, circles Glatton Airfiled, Huntingdonshire for its landing approach with Connington Church in Foreground. [An original coloured print].
S.I., John C. Wilson, 1992 Large coloured print after an original painting by John C. Wilson, actual size of illustrated area 50x36cm; text partly printed and ms., incl. provenance at tail margin of print. Framed under glass within a gilded wooden frame in "compartments". total size 70x60cm. Title printed at tail margin. Limited edition of 250 numbered copies only, this copy bears nr. 250/19, signed in full "John Wilson", numbering and signaturein pencil at lower left part of tail margin of print. With further text printed at lower right corner of tail-margin, reading:"John C. Wilson 1942-1994, fifthieth anniversary" with crossed coloured flags of the U.S.A. and England. Text on plane reads (partly shot-away) "U[SAF"], with as Id. number 338857. SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A very fine coloured print after an original painting by John C. Wilson, issued to commemmorate [his] fiftieth birthday. Bomber featured in full flight, part of tail and tail-wings/ailerons shot-away and damaged, right engine aflame. A "Straggler" is a damaged plane flying at tail of squadron. An impressive and beautiful image in excellent condition. A fine piece of memorabilia pertaining to the Airwar during the Second World War. PLEASE MIND COSTS OF SHIPPING!!!

EUR 750.00

Book nr.: 48349

AESOPUS, æsop's Fables. [Facsimilé of the 1912 edition]. New translation by V.S. Vernon Jones.
New York, Avenel Books, [circa], 1980 Orig. boards, title in gilt on spine, dustjacket. (xxix), 223pp. Coloured ills. on 7 plates (reduced), black/white ills. in text and full-page, all being facsims. after original drawings by Arthur Rackham, table of contents.
Fables of Aesopus with an introduction by G.K. Chesteron and facsimilé illustrations, reduced, by Arthur Rackham, after the 1912 edition. Fine copy, WITH dustjacket.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 46225

AFRIKAANSE VOLKSWYSIE - JO SPIER (illustrator), Sarie Marais. Afrikaanse volkswysie [title on front wrapper]. Orig. edn.
Haarlem, Oud & Co., Wijnkopers, s.d. [circa], 1955 Large oblong 8°. Orig. limp paper wrappers, title in bold black type in lower right corner of front side. full-size illustration of the south-african country-side ('the country of Sarie Marais'), after a drawing by Jo Spier, on verso of front werapper, with music-scores and text in 'afrikaans' printed on recte of lower outer wrapper. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
The famous south-african popular song of "Sarie Marais", with text in afrikaans. A promotional publication by a dutch whole-sale wine-dealer "Oud & Co.", Haarlem municipality. Well preserved copy. (small rectangular rubber-stamp at lower right corner of lower outer wrapper from an Amsterdam-based wine-retailer, "Van Doornik", Middenweg, not disturbing however).

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 45164

AGATHA [= Reinoudina de Goeje, 1833-1893], Roodkapje. [Dutch language edition, edited and translated from the english publication by Dean & Son, London 1893].
Amsterdam, Jacs. G. Robbers, [....], 1893 Large Theatre-stage shaped 8. Original double harmonica hidden by double front-doors. [34x21cm.]. Coloured lithographed illustrated covers. Frontcover title in bold capital red type, serial title in bold black type. Tog. 12 coloured and lithographed limp paper captioned plates arranged vis-à-vis (or, each side with 5 plates facing each other), coloured lithographed centre-fold plate, also captioned illustrating fairy tales' happy end. Opposite each coloured plate images of galleriew populates with spectators in monochrome lithography. Entirely lithographed by Van Leer & Co.,, Amsterdam. ["Agatha's Pantomime Prentenboeken", No. 3].
Dutch language pantomime fairy tale of Little Red Ridinghood told and illustrated for dutch late nineteenth century children. A very charming, entirely chromelithographed unusually shaped publication. Generally in good to very good conditioln. (copy a bit dog-earedouter hinges and vertical central hinge rather crudely repaided by blue cloth strips, lower left corner of right front cover door torn away, general contents crisp and fresh colouring).

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 57034

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