GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ADVERTISING - MARITIME JIGSAW, Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd. [An original Jigsaw].
S.L.[Rotterdam], Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd, s.d. [circa 1935). A small jigsaw, published by the "Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd", containing tog. 16 wooden pieces, 3x3x0.5cm, when laid forming the word Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd, last piece depict. company's crowned logo, repeated on upper lid. Tog. in an original cardboard box, 12.5x12.5x1cm.
A nice piece of advertising. Complete and in good to very good condition. (some skilful restorations to boxs' sides. Rare.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 41167

ADVERTISING - MILITARIA - Rangen, Graden en Onderscheidingsteekenen bij onze Landmacht. [Welke Rang bekleeden zij?. Title on front wrapper].
Heerde, N.V. Zeepfabriek "De Klok", s.d. [circa], 1939 small 8°. (12x15cm.). Orig. wrappers, stapled, coloured illustrations with subtitle printed in red at tail on front side, large coloured Royal Dutch State coat-of-arms printed in centre of lower outer wrapper. [12]pp. with many mainly coloured ills., some full-page, with descriptive captions in dutch, incl. printed on recte of lower outer wrapper and incl. a portrait of the then dutch Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Dutch armed forces, the General I.H. Reinders, title and elicidating text printed on verso of front wrapper. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
Booklet informing the general dutch public on Uniforms, decorations, isignia and grades of the Royal Dutch Army just before the outbreak of the second World War. A nice piece of advertising art, published by a dutch manufakturer of detergents and soaps N.V. Zeepfabriek "De Klok", at Heerde, Gelderland Province, the Netherlands. A good copy.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 45877

ADVERTISING - NUTRICIA - JO SPIER, Wat zou het zijn Dokter? Diagnostiek in de Muziek. Nutricia 1901-1961. Orig. edn.
S.L. [Zoetermeer], "Nutricia", 1961 An original 45 rpm. record as issued by "Nutricia", Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, in its original glossy envelope with an illustration on front-side after a drawing by Jo Spier. Introducing and explanatory text printed on lower outer cover.
A 45-rpm record published by "Nutricia", Zoetermeer, a globally operating manufacturer of specialized nutritional products. The record has been produced to commemmorate the 60th anniversary of this manufacturer and has been sent to dutch medical practicioners only. The record is in fact a prize-contest: it contains 20 unidentified musical fragments to be solved. The solution to the contest is added on 2 pieces of sheet-music in original Ms. notation and text by a previous owner. The rules of the contest are printed on lower outer part of the original envelope. A nice, ephemirical piece of advertising and promotion. In excellent condition. Rare.

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 42398

Maastricht, René H. Hardy, s.d.[circa], 1950 sm. slim 8°. orig. thin stiff col.lithographed wraps., triple-folded, total size 31x21cm. Contains tog. 27 original coloured samples of cold-water paint. [A scan is available on request].
A very attractive piece of advertising-art of a dutch factory producing (a.o.) cold-water paint of the brand "Reina". Very fine copy.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 40307

S.L.[Apeldoorn], s.n. ["De Vereenigde Vakpers"], [....], 1948 Small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. coloured illustrated front wrapper. 27pp. Coloured centre-fold. plate, being an advertisment of a shoe manufacturer L. Hamers, Kaatsheuvel, bearing 8 illustrations of female shoes, export statistics over 1947, many other advertism dispersed throughout text, and adverts. with illustrations of shoes and leather bags on last three unnumbered lvs. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
An odd issue of this monthly, printed on art paper, supplying information on dutch im-and exports of leather goods as shoes, ladies' leather hand- and shopping-bags, bicycle-bags, &c. Very fine copy.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 45130

ADVERTISING - PERROT S.A./A.G. BIEL-BIENNE, Catalogue pour Articles de l'identification policière/Katalog über Artikel für den polizeilichen Erkennungsdienst.
Biel-Bienne, Perrot S.A./A.G., [circa], 1950 Small folio., orig. limp wrappers, a binder. Company's name in bold silver coloured type on front wrapper. Ti.-p. printed on limp paper. 20 unnumbered lvs., bi-lingual, german/french, cyclostyled text in double-collumns, on rectos only, with tog. 25 photogr. ills., varying in size, pasted within descriptive technical text. WITH a separate section at very end, with a separate title-page: Polizei-Kamera system "Bertillon"/"Bertillon"Police Camera. 4 unnumbered lvs. printed on art-paper, printed recto/verso. Large illustration of Bertillon with his camera on ti.0p. and 14 photogr. ills., varying in size, of which three show portraits of "criminals", with extensive technical descriptive text to the camera and spare parts. Also added at front an essay in french by theChief of the scientific Police Laboratory Geneva region (Canton) describing recent developments in dactyloscopy. HEGG, P., Une Méthode Nouvelle en Suisse, pour relever les Empreintes digitales de comparaison et ses applications pratiques. :"La Revue de Criminologie et de Policetechnique", Vol. III, No. 1, janvier-mars 1949. 5pp. 4 ills. of fingerprints.
Bi-lingual, french/german, promotional catalogue of a Swiss company PERROT S.A./A.G., based at Bienne/Biel, Switzerland. Advertising instruments on behalf of Police deparments and forensic laboratories, including a separate section on the modern "Bertillon"police-camera for identification and registration of criminals and recidivists. Alphonse Bertillon (1855-1914) was a french criminologist and anthropologist who created the first system of physical measurements, photography, and record-keeping that police could use to identify recidivis criminals. An interesting trade/promotional catalogue. Good copy.

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 46540

ADVERTISING - SPA, BELGIUM, Spa, België. (title on front wrap.). [Spa is de oudste badplaats ter wereld].
S.L.[Spa] (Belgium), s.n., s.d. [circa], 1930 sm. slim 8°. Gilt tooled medal in relief and title "Spa" printed in red, also in relief, on front wrapper. 43pp. of text, incl. many ills. on 8 plates, [6]pp. of mainly illustrated advert. at end, incl. advertising ferry-connection Zeebrugge-Hull and 1 leave with advert. of the "White and Red Star" lines (Oostende-Liverpool & Antwerpen- United States) each with an illustration of a company's ship, large fold. col. map printed on thin paper, with legenda in french text(overall text in flemish), 1:6000, with two inset-maps at right margin being a plan of Spa municipality, with legenda, and a map depict. rail-connections with Spa.
A nicely executed promotional booklet on Spa and her hot-and cold springs, recommended itineraries and remarkable points, athletics, leisure: sports and walking-tours, and a concise history of Spa during the german occupation in world war I and the reconstruction of Spa after the war. A good copy. (front wrap. very lightly soiled).

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 41192

ADVERTISING - SECOND WORLD WAR, Neubrom. Fabriek van Fotografische Papieren - BRÚNN.
Nijmegen, "Odin", augustus 1941 sm. 8°. [3]pp. of text in dutch, advertising photographic material for the amateur and retailers, with tables indicating technical details, to be ordered through their main representative in the Netherlands N.V. Odin, Nijmegen, with a loosely inserted price-list in dutch currency, A-4 sized, cyclostyled on recte only. Added: Price-list in dutch currency, sm. 8°. Quadruple folded, printed recto/verso, 47x19.5 cm., promoting photographic material as films, chemicals, &c. as produced by "Hauff"Aktiengesellschaft, Stuttgart-Feuerbach, with enclosed another price-list from the same firm, A-4 sized, cyclostyled on noth sides, for films. Also added: a short notice to "Odin" clients, 21x9cm., cyclostyled on recte only, informing the reader that "Odin"will be closed on Saturdays in order to economize on fuel and electricity. The whole in an original brown manila envelope, addressed to a client in Dinxperloo, Achterhoek, Gelderland Province, stamped and dated 23.X.[19]41.
An interesting war-time lot of promotional material of a dutch whole-saler of photographic material, N.V. Odin-Graafseweg 68-Nijmegen, the Netherlands, being the main representative of two german manufacturers of photographic material : "Neubrom", Brühn, manufacturer of photographic paper, and "Hauff" Ltd., Stuttgart and Feuerbach. All material but one dated August 1941, all material, but one, published by consent of the german nazi-administration of the Netherlands during the occupation 1940-1945, K1840, K7528 (two pieces). A nice and very well preserved lot of second world war advertising and promotion.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 43969

ADVERTISING - SHOES M. VAN DE VEN, [Salamander Shoes, season 1965].
Arnhem, M. van de Ven, 1965 Small 8°., three-fold promotional brochure, printed and illustrated on both sides, illustrating 7 fashionable ladies' shoes, pumps with promotional text printed inside, 7 other coloured illustrations of men's shoes, incl. a brogue with promotional text printed on recte, manufacturer's logo printed at tail of each page, added a flyer added, printed on both sides, ooffering a reduction to clients when shown, dutch currency.
A nicely illustrated promotional brochure presenting latest fashion in shoes, both for women and men, seasong 1965. Published by a dutch Arnhem-based retailer M. van de Ven, representative to the German manufacturer operating under the brand "Salamander",

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 48246

ADVERTISING - TRADE SAMPLER, Geboortekaarten. Steeds Direct Leverbaar. A.B.C. Orig. edn.
S.I., s.n., s.d. [circa], 1955 Small folio, orig. stiff thin boards, single thread string through spine. Title and trader's logo (an Owl) printed on front side, printed within a red coloured 4-barred line border.. Trader's presentation album with tog. 36 original birth-cards, varying in size, partly coloured and illustrated, partly with a small blue- or pink coloured silken ribbon (boy or girl baby), with matching envelopes, pasted on 7 limp leaves (recto/verso), with technical specifications to quality of paper and ordernumbers. ["Monsterboek", E]. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
An original trade-album offering a variety of birth announcement cards with matching envelopes, varying in paper quality and colour, from the early 1950s, issued by an unidentified dutch printer. Very well preserved and complete. (spine-ends and corners of boards somewhat damaged).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 46446

ADVERTISING - WAGONS-LITS/COOK- Vacantie-Programma 1954. Orig. dutch edn.
[Amsterdam], Wagons-Lits//Cook, 1954 sm. 8°. orig. wraps., stapled. Large col. illustr. on front wrap. signed in print by Lander, full-size advert. of Wagons-Lits printed on lower outer wrap. 52pp. many text-ills. depict. holiday-resorts, many adverts. of which illustrated relating to the subject, many tables in text and full-page being rail- & plane tariffs, prices of complete holidays, a.o. of Pullmancar Land Cruises.
A finely executed promotional guide published by Wagons-Lits//Cook, presenting holidays throughout Europe, by Pullmancar or plane, incl. a great number of itineraries. Very fine copy. Scarce.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 42973

ADVERTISING - Wood-Milne. Bulldog Wood-Milne[text on front boards].
S.I., Wood-Milne [shoe soles],[circa], 1930 24°. orig. thin stiff wraps., stapled. Brand-name "Wood-Milne" and a small illustration of the heel of a shoe-sole with the imprint "Buldog Wood-Milne"on front cover. 15 unnumbered blank leaves. Illustration of the same heel as on front wrapper repeated inside front wrapper, with text: "Geweldig Sterk" (=Very strong) Anti-slipping. Charming small illustration of a Bulldog holding a shoe-sole in his mouth with text:"Weigert alle minderwaardige namaak" (= Refuse all inferior imitation). SCAN OF BULLDOG AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A little note-book, completely unused, issued by an unidentified dutch retailer of british produced shoe-soles of the brand [Bulldog] Wood-Milne. A lovely piece of advertising art and memorabilia in condition. Rare. (some light superficial rubbing to boards).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 43762

ADVERTISING - WINDOW DRESSING/DISPLAY, Dekoration und Reklame. Blätter für Schaufenstergestaltung. [title in front boards]. Bilder aus unserrer Schaufenster Mappe/Billeder Fra vor Vinduesudstillings Mappe. 1/A [Erste Auflage/first edition].
Wien, R.H. Hammer, 1942 Small 4°., original clothbacked boards, front boards in colour with title and illustration in nice design. [152]pp. (76 lvs. nmbered in roman numerals) with numerous illustrations after photographs, some after drawings, illustrating specimens of windowdressing on behalf of german and danish retailers for all seasons, extensice captional bi-linguag texts in german and danish.supplying.
A sample collection, compiled from previously published illustrations for windowdressing, presented by an unidentiefied german company,on behalf of german and danish retailers. A nice piece of advertising art and design. Very good copy, with a nicely designed coloured front voers.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 48116

ADVERTISING "CETA BEVER" - JO SPIER, [De Hollander zegt "Kapot"].
S.L., "Ceta Bever", s.d. [circa], 1935 A collection of tog. 12 coloured lithographed thin boards cards, actual sizes 10.2x5.4 cms, mounted on boards, 13,9.3cm., numbered 1-12, being illustrations after drawings by Jo Spier, with captions at tails, being statements outspoken by various nationalities as dutch, germans, frenchmen, egyptians, chinese, japanese, &c., on broken objects displayed at their feet, to be repaired by glue of the brand "Velpon".
A complete set of 12 original coloured cards, issued by a dutch manufacturer of glues and paints "Ceta Bever", promoting glue of the brand "Velpon", in order to repair broken objects. Set in very good condition with fresh colouring.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 44546

ADVERTISING (DANISH), Vinduet. Tidsskrift for moderne Butikskultur, Oktober-November, 1947.
S.L. (Denmark), 1947 Orig. illustr. wraps., pp.50-63, numerous ills. & plates.
Issue of a danish monthly devoted to advertising, under redaction of G. Larsen & T. Svendsen, supplying num. interesting examples of danish post-war advertising-art & design. Fine copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 10905

ADVERTISING - Het Merkartikel in de Samenleving.
S.L., Stichting "Her Merkartikel", [c. 1950 ]. Small 8°, 28pp.
Brochure on function & position of name brands in [dutch] society.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 10867

ADVERTISING - Verslag van het 17e Reclamecongres van het Genootschap voor Reclame op 18 en 19 November 1954 te Rotterdam.
S.L. [Amsterdam], Genootschap voor Reclame, [ 1954 ]. Small 8°, orig. wraps., 78pp. With loosely added a 7pp. summary of all lectures. 4°. centre-folded. Stapled.
Collection of all lectures as held by participants to the 17th advertising-congress as held at Rotterdam 18/19 November 1954, with as central theme advertising & management-policy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 10868

ADVERTISING - Verslag van het 18e Reclamecongres van het Genootschap voor Reclame op 13 en 14 October te Amsterdam.
[Amsterdam], 1955 Small 8°, orig. wraps., 78pp., portrs. on 4 plates.
Report on the 18th Advertising-congress as held at Amsterdam, with verbatim text of speeches & lectures, with as main subject advertising-responsability. Fine.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 10853

ADVERTISING ART & DRAWING - KOK, P., Reclame-Schilderen en -Teekenen. Taken fr.:"Geïllustreerd Schildersweekblad, waarin opgenomen het Schildersweekblad". Year 41 no. 41-year 42 no. 14.
Leeuwarden, 1940 4°. Pt. I-XXVI. (lacks no. XXII). ADDED: a number of odd issues, by the same author on the same subject, published in other years of this periodical for painters & designers: year 40(1938-1939)tog. 27 artt., year 41(1940) 9 artt. and year 42(1941), 5 artt. EXTRA ADDED: A collection of the loosely added so-called 'bijlagen', being examples of designs for advertisements in colour, printed on loose leaves 23x31cm. each: year 40 no. 34; year 41 nos. 32-33; 39-40; 45, 47, 49-52; year 42 nos. 1-3; 6-11; 30-31; 36-39; 42-48 & 51; year 43: nos. 1-3; 5; 9-10; 27. Tog. 40 leaves. Loose as issued.
Designs of advertisments by A.PH. Sterken, Joh. Elsinga, Jan Kost, H.D. Essin, Gé Hurkmans...An interesting collection on drawing & painting of advertisments and design of advertisements. Well preserved.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 10899

ADVERTISING ART - LAVIES, J[an, 1902-2005], HOLLAND. Official Tourist Information Office, The Hague. Netherlands Railways Through Holland with 8 day's Season Tickets.[An original printed coloured poster designed by Jan Lavies.
The Hague, Official Tourist Information Office, s.d. [circa], 1950 An original coloured printed promotional poster designed by Jan Lavies, as produced for the British holiday-market. Sized 95x65cm. Title in bold black lettering at tail, incl. dutch reailway information: fares: 1st, 2nd. and 3rd. Class. On foreground a dutch child in bathing-costume holding the dutch flag on top of a dune, with in background the sea. A SCAN IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!
Jan Lavies (1902-....), a dutch commercial draughtsman and designer arrived in colonial Indonesia in 1925 and settled in Batavia and was emploed at the publicity Agency "Aneta". He returned to the Netherlands in c. 1935 an is one of the foremost dutch commercial designers. This beautifully coloured and designed original thin paper poster has especially been designed for British Tourist Agencies, promoting holidays in the Netherlands. Few copies will have survived. In very good condition, very colourful. A SCAN IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST! Rare.

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EUR 2,500.00

Book nr.: 41314

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