GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ADDINGTON BRUCE, H., Above the the Clouds and old New York. An An historical sketch of the site and a Description of the many wonders of the Woolworth Building. Orig. edn.
S.I. [New York], s.n., n.d. [circa], 1935 Orig. limp wrappersstapled. Illustration of the Woolworth Tower and title printed in relief on front wrapper. [30]pp. Coloured frontispiece, 1 coloured plate, 1 coloured illustration on ti.-p., many black-white plates after phtographs, large ills. after drawings at tail of each page, decorative inittials.
Lavishly illustrated guide to the Woolwortn Tower, New York, published for distribution among the visitors to the Woolworth Tower New York. The Woolworth Building, completed in 1913, stands at a height of 792 feet, 1 inch. Conceived by Frank W. Wooworth, designed by Cass Gilbert and engineered by Gunvald Aus, it was designed and built to be the tallest building in the world. Fine copy, printed on art paper.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 46582

ADENEY, W.B., Fabric Printing. [First edition].
New York, The Studio, 1934 Small 8°. Original stiff wrappers. Coloured and decorative front wrapper with covertitle in bold red type. 64pp. 26 captioned monochrome diagrams of which 8 full-page with descriptive text on facing pp., featuring pattern designs of fabric printing with natural dyes, tools to be used, list of illustrations, index, table of contents, publ. serial list on verso of french title. ["Hours of Leisure with patterns and dyes", 3].
English language prarctical guide to fabric printing by natural dyes, tools and instru ctions: Tools and materials, the fabrics, get used to your tools, how to cut- and how not, mounting the cut lino, experiments with alternative patterns, printing more than one colour...Good to very cood copy of one othis old-fashioned manuals that seem the have almost disappeared. (some minimal dog-earing, signature on ti.-p.).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 55844

ADLER, L[arry] (Mouseorgan), Some of these days; Dardanella; Japanese Sandman, Somebody stole my Gal.
S.L., Decca, s.d. [circa], 1950 An original shellack 78rmp. recorde, fabricated in Holland, under the label Decca, in its original paper envelope (damaged at extremities). ["Decca", DR.2124-2125 M33117].
An original shellack 78rmp. record, fabricated in Holland, with Larry Adolf on Mouseorgan.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 43018

ADOLF HITLER "IN MEMORIAM" CARD - In Memoriam Adolf Hitler. Hij kwam....NIET IN ENGELAND; Hij zag....MOSKOU LIGGEN; Hij verloor....DEZEN OORLOG. [text on front cover].
S.I., s.n., [....], 1945 Original "In Memoriam" Card for Adolf Hitler, 11x7cm. Dutch language text printed on both sides, text within a black line border, swastika printed to both sides.
`Dutch language "In Memoriam" card in which the demise of Adolf Hitler is ridiculized, extensive text on verso of card ridiculizing other Nazi leaders as Hermann Goering, Anton ["Toon"] Mussert, Rost van Tonningen, Max Blokzijl, Very fine copy of this interesting ephemeric piece. Rare.

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 50088

ADOLF HITLER "IN MEMORIAM" CARD - Zakformaatleider ANTOON MUSSERT; Geldmagnaat ROST VAN TONNINGEN; Kameraad VAN GEELKERKEN; En de bekende radio-virtuoos BLOK-ZIJL geven met oprechte droefheid kennis, van het verlies van hun edelen Germaanschen leermeester ADOLF HITLER, gediplomeerd schilder, Professor in de Grootsprekerij, Houder.
S.I., s.n., [....], 1945 van het Bronzen Kruis van Kerkklokken. De Landwacht zal een eerewacht vormen...Geen bloemen, Geen medelijdend gehuil...Rust zacht lieve ADOLF, rust zacht. Original "In Memoriam" Postcard for Adolf Hitler, 11x7cm., together 29 lines of Dutch language text printed on recte of card, within a black line border, swastika printed at top.
Dutch language satyrical "In Memoriam" card in which the demise of Adolf Hitler is announced by Dutch Nazi party leaders as Mussert, Max Blokzijl, Van Geneachten, announcement printed on recte. Card could be used as a postcard. Few copies will have survived. Very fine copy of this interesting ephemeric piece. Rare.

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EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 50089

ADRIANI, M.J. & E. VAN DER MAAREL, Voorne in de branding. Een beschouwing over de natuurwetenschappelijke betekenis van het kustgebied van Voorne in verband met mogelijke technische werken in dit gebied. [Breakers on Voorne]. First edn.
Oostvoorne, Stichting Wetenschappelijk Duinonderzoek, 1968 Orig. pict. wraps. 104pp. Many text-ills., diagrams and tables in text, full-p. sketch-maps, incidentally with legenda, bibliogr., english summary, list of contents, name-list of society-members, large fold. col. vegetation-map of the area discussed, 1: 25.000 with key in colours printed at tail, loose in endpocket.
An essay on the scientific value of the coastal area of Voorne, the Netherlands in relation to possible technical works in this area. It is feared that the biological characteristics will drastically be changed as a result of the development of the Rotterdam harbour and industrial area "Europoort" in front of the coast of Voorne. Very good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 42003

ADRIANI ENGELS, M.J., Geschreven Tennisportretten: 40 opmerkelijke figuren uit 20 jaar internationaal Tennis. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, J.J. Kuustra, [....], 1947 Medium 8°. Original clothbacked boards, dustjacket. Front cover with a small rectangular monochrome illustration. 190pp. Many captioned monochrome illustrations on 11 plaes after original photographs, featuring famousinternational female and male tnnisplayers in full action, Namelists at rear end listing Wimbledon champions 1884-1939 (interrupted 1940-1945), World ranking 1931-1939, national dutch champions 1899-1945-46 (interrupted 1943-1944), Davis-cup champions 1900-1939; 1946, National dutch Davis cup results 1920-1939 and 1946, table of contents, publ. adverts. on pp. 189/190.
Dutch language rather detailed historic survey, incl. biogr. notes, about the best tennisplayers of the world 1919-1939: Suzanne Lenglen, Bill Tilden, Jean Borotra, Helen Wills, Ellsworth Vines, Donald Budge, Elisabeth Ryan, Lily de Alvarez ( Supplies still interesting information on behalf of the engaged lover of tennis. Good to very good copy, WITH DUSTJACKET. (dustjacket unfortunately in rather poor condition, skilful restorations in many places, but...PRESENT).

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 55500

ADVERTISING - AVIATION-ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES, K.L.M. - Wenken voor een aangemame Reis/Hints for a pleasant Journey/Quelques Tuyaux pour rendre votre voyage encore plus agréable...[title on front boards].
S.L. [Amsterdam], Royal Dutch Airlines, K.L.M., 1959 Small tall slim 8°. Original harmonica, six folds, between original coloured glossy boards title printed on both sides with company's logo at tail. Informative and promotional text, with many coloured ills. after drawings by Velthuys in upper margin, on verso of harmonica, coloured maps showing K.L.M. air-routes across the world, with rather extensive information printed at tails, informing passengers on hot spots to be visited, all text in dutch, english, french, german, spanish and italian. World-map showing Northern Atlantic Route Map Europe-Canada-U.S.A.-Mexico on lower outer boards. Loosely inserted in pocket on verso of front boards: A small circular revolving world time table, ø 10 cm., company logo on recte, coloured world-map showing air-routes, with explanatory text printed at tail and coloured logo of Shell group at head, on verso; 2 unused air letter lvs. with envelopes, each with coloured company's logo; coloured unused K.L.M. self-adhesive luggage sticker, with instructions printed on verso; 3 unused coloured picture postcards, each with company's logo on verso (blank), showing K.L.M.'s Douglas DC-8 Intercontinental Jet, Lockheed Super Constellation L 1049 G. and Douglas DC 7C. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A fine piece of advertising art, presented to passengers of Royal Dutch Airlines, K.L.M., commemmorating company's 40th anniversary 1919-1959. In very fine condition, with all the extras in front pocket.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 45532

ADVERTISING - COLOUR CHART WITH ORIGINAL SAMPLES, Kleurkaart Serie A van Prachtbijts (sic!), Ceta-Bever.
Beverwijk, Verenigde Chemische Fabrieken "Ceta-Bever", s.d.[circa], 1930 sm.slim. 8°. orig. printed thin boards folder, folding-out once. Total size 20x19cm. Col. illustrations of various products printed on lower outer wrap. Chart with tog. 16 original coloured samples with short captions in dutch and concise directions for use. [A scan is available upon request].
A very nice piece of dutch advertising-art, of a famous and still extant Association of consolidated factories, "Ceta-Bever". Very fine condition.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 40308

ADVERTISING - C.W. PILZ, Sarggriffe mit Schrauben aus Eisen mit unzerbrechlichen Kunstholzmasseanguss in allen Farben.
Freiburg i. SA, Freiberger Zinn-gusswaren-Fabrik C.W. Pilz, s.d. [circa], 1935 One thin-paper sheet, large 4°, multiple folded, printed and illustrated on recte only, bearing tog. 28 illustrations of ornamental metal Coffin-grips with order-numbers and concise text in German.
Promotional sheet advertising ornamental metal coffin-grips as manufactured by C.W. Pilz, pre-war Germany. Very good condition.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 42567

ADVERTISING - C.G. VAN TUBERGEN HAARLEM-HOLLAND, New Bulbous- and Tuberous rooted plants introduced into cultivation by C.G. van Tubergen Ltd. Haarlem (Holland). Orig. edn.
Haarlem, C.G. van Tubergen, [....], 1947 large 8°., original limp wrappers, title in bold black type on front wrapper. 86pp. Many plates of which some coloured illustrating flowering plants, chronology of distictions obtained in Holland and elsewhere, 1865-1939 at very end.
This Haarlem-based firm started introducing bulbous and tuberous rooted plants from Central and Western Asia in the years 1897 to 1914. It is the aim to record in this publication to introduce these novelties and is directed to people who are interested in horticulture. Text also supplies extensive information on the hybridisation of bulbous and tuberous rooted plants. Publication of this 'catalogue' or better commemorative volume to the 75th anniversary of Van Tubergen, originally planned October 28th, 1944, but delayed due to the german nazi occupation of Holland during the Second World War. Very fine copy.

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 47099

ADVERTISING - DUTCH PROMOTIONAL DESIGN - Philips Miniwatt [title at tail of design].
S.L., s.n., s.d. [late 1920's]. An original design in watercolour on heavy paper, sized 66x49,5 cm., depicting a mini-sized radio-bulb as produced by the dutch electronic firm PHILIPS [Eindhoven, the Netherlands]. Bulb in centre of sheet, within a broad double coloured blue and red border, with brand-name in bold lettering "Philips miniwatt". Very well preserved. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. (some wear to original watercolour-paint to outer broad blue border).

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EUR 950.00

Book nr.: 40525

ADVERTISING - DECCA LONG PLAY RECORDS - Spelen me Muziek. Kiezen uit 54 elpees. Beroemde klassieke Dirigenten.
S.L.[Amsterdam], "Decca", s.d. [circa], 1965 sq. 12°. (8.5x8.5 cm.). 54 coloured 'playing-cards', being a musical quartett game with as subject famous conductors. Promotional text printed on versos of cards, incl. a concise list of Long play records available, with prices in dutch guilders. Together in an original coloured and lettered thin cardboad box, oval cut-out on front boads, explanatory text printed on verso of box, in dutch.
A promotional quartett card-game advertising some hundred Long Play records with classical music, published by the "Decca" label. Unused set, in very fine condition. A nice piece of advertising-art.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 42397

ADVERTISING - ETERNIT S.A. - Caissons et Hourdis. Orig. edn.
Capelle-au-Bois (Belgique), Eternit S.A., 1931 sm. 8°. Orig. lettered wraps., stapled. Illustration on front wrapper. 45pp. 9 plates, text-ills. and some diagrams, num. tables in text and full-page, being technical specifications to construction-material for sale, list of other brochures published printed on lower outer wrapper. ["Brochure", No. 15].
Plates and text-ills, all after photographs, depict. various buildings constructed with material as supplied by producer, incl. an aerial view of the works themselves. A promotional brochure of a belgian manufacturer of modern pre-fab. construction material, as U-profiles, elements for ceiling-construction, by a belgian manufacturer "Eternit" Lt.d. Fine copy.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 45022

ADVERTISING - FORD FAIRLANE & STATION CAR - De Nieuwe Thunderbird Y-8 motor. Alle modellen van de Fairlaine en Station Wagonseries met Fordomatic transmissie worden geleverd met de nieuwe 202 pk Thunderbird Y-8 motor, waarmee de Thunderbird in Amerika een ongekende reputatie heeft verworven. Orig. dutch edn.
Amsterdam, N.V. Nederlandsche Ford Automobiel Fabriek, s.d. [....], 1956 large oblong 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Front wrapper with a large coloured illustration of a Ford Fairlane model 1956. [12]pp. 11 mainly coloured ills. of Ford Fairlane models 1956, both in sedan and waggon, other black/white and coloured ills. depicting interiors of models, steering-wheel, &c., extensive technical details printed on verso of last unnumbered page, with in margin Ford security features printed in red, other security details of the Ford Thunderbird Y-8 engine printed on recte of lower outer wrapper. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A nice and richly illustrated piece of advertising art, promoting sales of the new Ford Fairlane and Waggon model 1956 with automatic transmission for the dutch market. (brochure has been centre-folded, lower right corner of front wrapper clipped, white coloured lettering on front wrapper:"Ford 56" marked in a child's hand in ballpoint, all in all a rather well preserved copy of automobile promotion).

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 45633

ADVERTISING - FELIX & DIJKHUIS BOSKOOP - Bloemen en Planten voor den Siertuin. Beschrijvende catalogus van aanbevelenswaardige Bloemen en Planten voor Tuinen en Parken. 2e vermeerderde druk[2nd. enlarged eiditon].
Boskoop, Felix & Dijkhuis, [circa], 1948 Original wrappers. 164pp. Tables in text, register, table of contents, errata-leaf (verso blank) loosely inserted.
Promotional descriptive catalogue supplying extensive information on a variety of species of flowers, flowering plants and shrubs for private gardens and public parks by Felix & Dijkhuis, growers at Boskoop municipality, The Netherlands. Good copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 47290

ADVERTISING - Hardy's Muurverven geven de toon aan!.
Heerlem, Verffabriek René Hardy, s.d.[circa], 1930 sm. slim 8°. orig. stiff paper lettered and illustrated front boards. 14 original coloured water-paint samples on verso of front boards, further promotional text on facing page and lower outer wrap. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A nice ephemeric piece of advertising and promotinal material as published by a dutch paint manufacturer "René Hardy", Heerlen, Limburg Province. Very well preserved.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 40735

ADVERTISING - H.W. POSTMA, In de Pen, over de Pen naar de pennevruchten. Orig. edn.
Rotterdam, H.W. Postma, s.d. [....], 1955 Small slim 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. Title printed on front wrapper, speciment of a calligraphed text printed in black/white on lower outer wrapper. 7pp. Some text-ills. of pens.
Promotinal brochure by a Rotterdam-based importer and representative H.W. Postma, importing Swedish pens since 1918, incl. i.a. notes on medieval calligraphy and illumination. Very fine copy.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 45636

ADVERTISING - KUNSTHANDEL GEERLINGS, Enkele belangrijke wenken betreffende de techniek van het Olieverfschilderen.
's-Gravenhage, Kunsthandel Geerlings, s.d. [circa], 1920 small 8°. A five-folding harmonica. 10pp. of text and illustrations, printed recto/verso. 8 tinted text-ills., illustrated front-side.
Advertising leaflet as issued by a The Hague retailer "Geerlings", offering a variety of oil-paint for artists, incl. varnishes and canvas, including technical directions for artists how and when to use various brands of oil-paint, canvas and varnishes, as supplied by a famous dutch wholesaler and manufacturer "Talens", Apeldoorn municipality. Very well preserved.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 45237

ADVERTISING - KELLOGG'S WAY OF DIETING - Keep on the Sunny Side of Life. A new way of Living.
S.I., Kellogg Company, 1933 Small 8°., original coloured and illustrated wrappers, stapled. 32pp. 6 coloured plates, coloured illustrations in text, tables in text, table of contents.
A guide to slimming, diets and dieting published by Kellogg, with useful information and recipes and menues, for short or longer periods (7-day dieting programme) in order to achieve the ideal weight accourding to height (with an explanatory table), in which obesitas is introduces as Public Enemy No. 1. What happens to the food you eat; the alimentary time-table, dangers of cathartics, laxative food, dieting for charm (fitting into fashionable female clothing), &c. A lavishly illustrated promotional guide. Very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 48113

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