GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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BEETS, A. (Editor), Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal. Zevende Deel-Eerste Stuk [Vol. 7-Part 1]: J-KEURMEDE [Eerste druk; First edition].
's-Gravenhage-Leiden, Martinus Nijhoff-A.W. Sijthoff, 1920 Large Stout small 4°. Original calfbacked publ. cloth. Spine with gilded title, 3 gilded decorative publ. devices, separated by double barred horizontal gilded bands. Hftitle (verso blank). Verso9 of ti.-p. with printed motto after Bilderdijk. (x), 2680pp. Printed in double collumns, each column separately numbered. Includes preface with references, supplementary notes and errata on Xpp. preceding actual glossary.
Odd volume 7-part 1 of this dictionary of the dutch languace, which includes supplementary information about its etymology and references to citations by foremost dutch authors. Good to ver good clean copy. (top os spine heavily damaged, skilfully restored however, some general fading and rubbing).

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 56950

BEHNE, A. - P. LANDAU, H. LÖWING (Contributors), Das Politische Plakat. Herausgegeben im amtlichem Auftrage. [1. Auflage/first edition].
[Berlin] Charlottenburg, "Das Plakat", 1919 Original limp wrappers, title in bold black type with a large bi-coloured illustration on front cover, printed within a broad red coloured border. 49pp., incl. preface and table of contents printed on verso of ti.-p. 22 coloured plates out-of-text (versos blank), being speciments of political posters and flyers, coloured illustrations in text and full-page, featuring speciments of political flyers and handbills. SCAN AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.
A german language review of political posters, handbills and flyers, designed by A.M. Cay, Heinz Fuchs, Willy Jaeckel, Max Pechstein, Cesar Klein, With contributions on the history of political posters and flyers, communist party handbills and posters, &c. A classic on subject matter. Good to very good copy. (some minimal wear to toot of spine).

EUR 325.00

Book nr.: 48683

BEHRING - Über die Herstellung und Anwendung von Sera, Impf-stoffen und Spezialpräparaten.
Marburg-Lahn, NBehringwerke A.-G., nd.[circa], 1893 Small 8°, orig.wraps., 95pp., text-ills., register.
Emil von Behring, 1854-1917 can be considered as the founder of the production of Sera & the application of inoculation when he published his famous paper on immunity at the 4th of December 1890. This booklet supplies ample information on sera available as produced by the Behring Company, Germany. Loosely added is a "bookmarker" issued by the same firm. MINT copy.

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EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 36215

BEIJER, E. & L. SAMAMA (eds.), Muziek in de Nederlanden van 1100 tot heden. Studieboek bij de gelijknamige Teleaccursus.
Zutphen-Utrecht, Terra/Stichting Teleac, 1989 4°. Orig. cloth. Title in silver lettering on front boards and spine, dustjacket. 197pp. Many text-ills, incl. portrs., appendices, being text and elucidations to the CD's to the course, bibliogr., register, A-4 sized errata-leave, printed on verso only, and the four CD's added, completely unused: still in their cellophane wrappings. Tog. in the origical coloured and lettered thin boards box.
A popular but well documented course into the history and development of music in both the Southern- and Northern Netherlands, 12th-20th century. In very fine condition.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 42953

BEIJERS' [BOOK]AUCTIONS UTRECHT, The Art of Bidding. Original edition.
Utrecht, J.L. Beijers N.V., 1955 A-5 sized original leaflet with english captioned cartoons after drawings, featuring nine subtile ways of bidding at a Bookauction. Provenance printed on verso. Reproduced by permission of the Prorietors of "Punch".
A charming and lovely piece of ephemera of interest to booklovers, collectors and professional dealers. Printed in a limited edition of 100 copies only, NOT numbered however. Very fine copy. Rare.

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EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 50250

BEILEN MUNICIPALITY IN WAR-TIME - De gemeente Beilen in de Oorlogsjaren. In:"Historische Vereniging Gemeente Beilen", Jaargang 2-2, mei 1990.
[Beilen], Historische Vereniging, 1990 orig. wraps., large illustr. on front wrapper. 60pp. Many text-ills, incl. portrs.
Special issue of the Historical Association Beilen Municipality (Drente province, the Netherlands), describing the period of the german occupation during the second world war (:) the dutch nazi-party N.S.B., the resistance, personal recollections, persons in hiding, the jewish community and her fate, &c. Fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 42260

BELGIAN CENTENARY COMMEMMORATED - Le Centenaire du l'Indépendance Belgique. In:"L'Illustration", vol. 88-No. 4557 ((5 Juillet 1930).
Paris, L'Illustration, 1930 Folio, original limp wrappers, title in bold type wity a large coloured Coat-of-Arms of the Belgian Kingdom on front wrapper, printed whithin a tri-coloured broad line-border. [60]pp. of french language text, 1 full-page coloured portrait tipped-in on a limp paper leave, num. black/white ills. in text and on plates, some sketch-maps in text, [64]pp. of mainly illustrated advertism., incl. inside front- and lower outer wrapper, full-size coloured advert. verso of lower outer wrapper.
Odd issue of this french language magazine, entirely devoted to the centenary of the Belgian Kingdom, 1930-1930. (spine with a modern cloth strip, somewhat dog-eared).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 47659

BELGIAN TOURISM - Spa, Belgique/Spa, Belgium.
S.L.[Bruxelles], Commisssariat de Tourisme, s.n.[c.1950]. slim sm.8°. orig.pict.col. sides. Harmonica with five folds. Total size 56x44cm. text and 15 illustrations, of which some coloured and fairly large, printed recto/verso, with text in french/flemish and english.
Lavishly & charmingly illustrated harmonica, propagating the Belgian City of Spa: on the skirts of the Ardennes. Fine.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 38840

BELGIAN TOURISM - La Lesse. De Rochefort à Dinant. La Meuse. De Givet à Namur et ses Affluens L'Hermeton, La Molignée & Le Bocq. Orig. edn.
Liège, E. Decq & M. Nierstrasz, 1885 sm.8°. orig.printed & pict. wraps. 107pp. fold col. map of Lesse-river basin, with legenda, full-p. col. map of River Meuse, plan of Namen-city with legenda, small ground-plan in text, list of contents
A charming little tourist-guide, french text-edn., suppl. ample information on the regions of Meuse- and Lesse-Rivers (Belgium), incl. a number of recommended itineraries and day-trips. Good to very good copy. (small circular paper label in upper left corner near spine of upper wrap., name on first blank, cancellation-stamp on verso, ex-lib.stamp on ti.-p. with cancellation-stamp on verso(blank), ex-libris stamp at tail of p. 104).

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 40152

S.L.[Bruxelles], Belgische Staatsspoorwegen, 1913 sm.slim 8°. orig. pict.col. lithogr. upper wrap., lithographed J. Goffin, Fils, Bruxelles. Harmonica of 7 folds. Upper wraps with inset-illustrations. Col. lithographed map with concise legenda printed on verso, extensive informative text printed on recto.
Describes for tourists Spa and the Spa's in her surroundings, Belgium. A beautiful publication by Belgian State Railways in excellent condition.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 38787

BELGIAN TOURIST RAILWAY GUIDE - Rondreis Luik Oevers der Amblève, Waterval van Coo, Spa, Barague-Michel, Afdamming der Gileppe.
S.L.[Bruxelles], Chemins de Fer de l'État, 1907 sm.slim 8°. orig. pict.col. lithogr. upper wrap., with french text, harmonica of 7 folds. Upper wraps with inset-illustrations. Col. lithographed pictorial map depicting the illustrated course of Amblève-river, with concise legenda and inset-illustrations printed on verso, extensive informative text printed on recte.
Describes for tourists Luik and her surroundings: borders of Amblève-river, Coo-waterfall, The barrage at Michel and lake, Belgium. A beautiful publication by Belgian State Railways in excellent condition.

EUR 80.00

Book nr.: 38788

BELGIUM - TOURISM: HOEI [Huy] Aan-de-Maas België. Villegiatuurcentrum. Gids voor den Toerist.
Hoei Aan-de-Maas, [c. 1930]. Tall slim 8°, original pictorial white lettered wraps., 16pp., text-ills., centre-folded plan of the city, with legenda, local adverts. (US $ 37,00)
Very fine executed tourist-guide, listing tog. 12 recommended walking-tours, description of the panorama as seen from the fortress, lists of hotels & restaurants, &c... MINT copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 11006

BELL, J.S. Journal of a Residence in Circassia During the Years 1837, 1838 and 1839. First edn.
London, Edward Moxon, 1840 2 vols. large 8°. contemp. calfbacked marbled boards. (xiii), 453; (viii), 488pp. 2 handcoloured frontisps., 10 plates of which 1 handcoloured, 1 folding map.
There was a large faction in England, led by David Urquart, worried by Russia's advances in the Caucasus. When Russia blocked the Circassioan coast Urquart persuaded Bell to sen one of his ships, the Vixen, to run the blockade, provoke the Russians and hopefully stir Britain to come out on the side of the Circassians. The ship was seized and Britain did nothing. The Russians complained that ther were British agent provocateurs in Circassia. Bell was in fact there along with the Time special correspondent, James Longworth. Bell lived with the freedom fighters, observed the fighting and recorded the way of life of these wild mountain people as they struggled to defend themselves against Russian might. This is one of the most important books on the Caucasus and the Russian invasion. Good to very good copy. Rare. (slight spotting on plates).

EUR 1,950.00

Book nr.: 41780

BELL, Q., Bloomsbury Recalled. First U.S. edn.
New York, C.U.P., 1995 orig.clothbacked boards, with dustjacket. 234pp. ills. & portrs. on 5 plates, index, illus.credits on [1]page at very end.
Recollections to the famous Bloomsbury-Group of literati. MINT copy.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 40110

BELLAMY, FRANK (text) & CLIFFORD MAKINS (illustrator), High Command. De verhalen van Sir Winston Churchill en Generaal Montogmery. [Eerste nederlandstalige druk/first dutch language edition].
Rotterdam, Yendor, 1981 Large 8°., original coloured limp wrappers, front cover with title and illustrated. [88]pp. with coloured illustrations after drawings by Clifford Makins with balloon-texts in dutch by Frank Bellamy, preface by Frank Bellamy.
Dutch language strip-album, published simultaneously with the original english language edition, being a popular description of life and times of Sir Winston Churchil and Fieldmarshall Montgomery [of El Alamein. (signs of wear to covers, lower right corner of front cover with a light crack, a bit dog-eared, contents very good).

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 49207

BELLARMINUS MOL, M. [father], Mijn Levensweg. Een boek voor jongens en meisjes die hun eerste H. [eilige] Communie hebben gedaan.
Utrecht, De Fontein, 1952 Original coloured and illustrated boards. [30]pp. of text and numerous coloured illustrations after drawings by Frans van Noorden.
A lavishly illustrated story, to be presented to dutch Roman Catholic girls and boys upon the occasion of their first Holy Communion, showing the way of life, keeping on the "straight and narrow" in order to enter eternity with as motto 'to Jesus, through the Holy Virgin Maria'. A typical piece of Roman Catholic faith and practice from the early 1950s. (spine with wear, damaged, fairly large piece of boards gone at spine-end, smaller piece gone at top of spine, neat children's name and a private presentation entrance on recte of first blank, ow. a good and well preserved copy).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 45988

BELLEBAUM, H., Fritz der Hammerschmid. Fortsetzung von Harold dem Zigeunerkönog. Neue billige Ausg.
Siegen, 1924 sm. 8°. clothbacked orig. boards. (ii), 118pp. NOT in HOVENS. (US $ 47,00)
A Gypsy-story set in Siegen(Siegerland, Germany) and partly in Brazil. Good copy.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 11675

BELLEBAUM, H., Harold der Zigeunerkönig. Eine Geschichte aus des Siegerlandes Vorzeit. 3. Aufl.
Siegen, 1924 sm. 8°. orig. decor. boards. (ii), 170pp. BLACK, p. 9. NOT in HOVENS.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 11699

BELLOT, ANNETTE, La petite Enfant assasinée à Bruxelles le 1 Décembre 1907 [avec signalement du ravisseur en 6 lignes en bas du portrait!].
S.I. [Bruxelles], Ern. Thill, 1908 An original photo-card with the portrait of Annette Bellot, abused and killed 1907 at Brussels, Belgium, 14.5x9cm. Girl's name and a six-line police description of the [suspected] murderer in french at tail margin of portrait.
Carte postale en photo de Annette Bellot, abusé et assassinée à Bruxelles, 1907, avec signalement policière en 6 lignes en bas du potrait! A moving photo card, unused. Very good copy.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 47753

BELT, J.H. VAN DE, Rorschach-onderzoekingen in de gevangenis en het Huis van Bewaring te Haarlem. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, C.P.J. van der Peet, 1952 orig.lettered wraps. 235pp. Tabs., graphs. and diagrammes in text and some full-p., bibliogr.
After an introductory note of various international trends in Rorschach-research, author describes and analyzes results of his field-psychological research by application of the so-called "Rorschach-test", period 1942-1943, amongst both criminals and civilians in political detention, in custody and in Haarlem Municipal Prison; 10 plates as mentioned and described in pp.227 ff, have been suppressed for privacy reasons. A very interesting study. Good copy.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 40063

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