GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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Amsterdam, Amsterdam Municipality, 1911 Small 8. Original blind tooled cloth, gilded covertitle "Familiestamboek" (Genealogical Register), with gilded Amsterdam Municipal Coat-of-Arms. All edges gilded. 36pp. Partly printed text: city regulations birth, marriage and death, first [5]pp. filled-in by hand, with official stamps, rest left blank. First page listing the marriage of Johannes Beckmann (1885-1964] and Johanna G. de Graaff (1888-1980), gilt speckled endpapers, with both original nineteenth century birth certificates loosely added, both with Amsterdam Coat-of-Arms at top, A-5 sized, partly filled-in in ms. in ink, together in the original stiff paper envelope. ADDED some minor family memorabilia: an "In Memoriam" card with a public press notice to Johanna Geertruide de Graaff, widow of Johannes Beckmann. WITH "In Memoriam" Card for Johannes Beckmann, 1885-1964; AND an official Amsterdam Municipal statement in which grave-rights are acknowledged on the Amsterdam Public Cemetery to the Beckmann-family. Together in a modern plastic binder.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 52096

BEECHER STOWE, H. - TANTE MARIE [Aunt Mary], Een Kijkje in de Hut van oom Tom door Tante Marie voor hare Neefjes en Nichtjes. Met eene Toespraak van de schrijfster H. Beecher Stowe aan de Jeugd. Transl. fr. the english. 2e herziene druk. (2nd. revised edn.).
Sneek, Van Druten & Bleeker, nd. [circa], 1860 sm.8. orig.cloth. Large gilt vignette tooled on upper boards, with title in gilt in centre, richly gilt decorated spine, with title in gilt lettering. [2pp, publ. list], hftitle (verso blank), richly illustrated, lithographed and partly handcoloured ti.-p. depict. sceneries from the story, with text in centre, (verso blank), 2nd. ti.-p.(verso blank). (vi), (vi), 294pp. handcoloured lithographed frontisp., 4 plain lithogr. plates with captions.
H.Beecher Stowes'famous novel 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', as told for dutch juveniles by 'Tante Marie' (Aunt Mary), with an introductory speech by Harriet Beecher Stowe on pp. [v-vi]. According to publ. note this 2nd. revised edn. has different plates as the first edn. A good copy. Rare. (a one-line inscr. by previous owner in upper margin of hf.title, dated [december]1867.

EUR 430.00

Book nr.: 38085

BEECHER STOWE, H., Uncle Tom's Cabin; or Life among the Lowly. With introductory remarks by the Rev. James Sherman.
London, H.G. Bohn, 1853 sm.thick 8. orig. blind tooled cloth, skilfully recased, orig. spine laid-down. (xx), 483pp. engr. frontisp., 8 other engraved plates, publ. list printed inside upper and lower outer boards.
A rather curious U.K. edn.: although published a year after the first edn., any publ. statement about a 2nd. edn./printing is present. Good copy. (waterstain on verso of 1 plate, without consequences to the illustration).

EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 38785

BEECHER STOWE, H., De Negerhut. (Uncle Tom's Cabin). Een verhaal uit het Slavenlaven in Noord-Amerika. Translated from the english after the 20th american edition by C.M. Mensing. Tiende druk. [10th dutch edn.].
Amsterdam, C.L. Brinkman, s.n. [circa], 1900 sm. 8. Orig. clothbacked marbled boards. (vi), 317pp. frontisp., and 6 other steelengraved plates after drawings by [Joh. Braakensiek]. ["Volksuitgave"].
A dutch popular edition of this famous anti-slavery "novel". (some light shaving to extremities of boards, ow. a good copy).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 43699

BEECKMAN, Nathalie (text), BELGICA: De eerste overwintering Antarctica 1897-1899. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Antwerpen-Stavanger, Natinaal Scheepvaartmuseum, 1988 Square 8. Original coloured limp wrappers. Covertitle with an illustration. 77pp. Many captioned monochrome facsim. illustrations in text of which portraits charts, objects, facsims. after archivalia, toponyms, slected list of sources consulted, list of archivalia, colophon, table of contents.
Dutch language illusrated account of the Belgian Antarctic expedition by the schooner "Belgica", and the subseauent hibernation. Catalogue alongside the exhibition kept at the Antwerp maritime museum 7 July-13 november 1988. Very fine copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 54002

BEEK, H.J. VAN, Dventer vroger en noe. Orig. edn.
Deventer, Kluwer, 1921 sm.8. orig.printed wraps. 174pp. ills. on plates, occas. endpieces after drawings.
Popular history of Deventer Municipality, written in the local dialect. Nice copy. (some light dog-earing).

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 39927

BEEK, WILLEM VAN (Caricaturist), Keep Smiling! 15 Prenten van Willem van Beek. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Amsterdam, "De Telg", [....], 1945 Small folio, original wrappers. Title in bold black type on front cover, with a fairly large black/white cartoon, repeated on ti.-p. Hftitle (verso blank), 15 full-page black/white anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler caricatures after drawings by Willem van Beek, with explanatory captions in dutch and english on facing pp., colophon.
In March 1945 5100 copies of "Keep Smiling" were printed, a hundred of which, numbered from 1 to 100 and printed on Old-Dutch paper will be given to members of the underground movement. Because of a search by the Gestapo the publication had to be postponed till after the day of the liberation of The Netherlands of the Nazi-oppression. Good copy. Scarce. (somewhat dog-eared).

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 50064

BEEKMAN, A.A., Nomina Geographica Neerlandica uit een Geographisch oogpunt beschouwd. In:"TAG", 1902, 1903 & 1906.
S.I.[Amsterdam], Tijdschrijft van het Aardrijkskunding Genootschap, 1902, 1903 & 1906. Tog. 3 parts bound in 1 vol. recent cloth, new endpapers. pp.1-58 (1902); pp. 824-909(1903); pp. 1-44(1906). Tog. 4 fold. col. lithographed maps, lith. Mulder(Leiden), with legenda. With a post-scriptum by author, being a suppl. note at very end of volume.
An interesting essay on North-Holland Province place-names and their genesis.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 39581

[BEEKMAN, A.A.], CATALOGUS van Kaarten, enz., betrekking hebbende op de oudere en tegenwoordige gesteldheid van Holland's Noorderkwartier.Tentoonstelling in het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam gedurende de maand September 1917. Tweede druk [Second edition].
Leiden, E.J. Brill, [....], 1917 Small 8., recent clothbacked original printed wrappers (xi), 124; 55pp. fold. coloured facsim. map with key, 1: 200 000, pasted inside lower outer wrapper, name-list of lenders and exhibition committe.
Dutch language Exhibition catalogue, published by command of the Royal Dutch Geographical Society K.N.A.G., held at Amsterdam Municipal Museum, september 1917. Catalogue Listing and describing 627 Antique maps, plans, engraved topographic views featuring northern part of North-Holland Province, 1300-1900. The 55pp. descriptive catalogue at end is preceded by an expert contribution by A.A. Beekman, a history of this particular section of the said Province, of which geological and topographical features underwent a drastic change between 1300-1900. Good copy. (spine with a modern cloth strip, small library stamp at tail of ti.-p.).

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 50194

BEEKMAN, E.W., Het Proces-Verbaal en deszelfs plaats in de Strafvordering. Handleiding voor de Politie. 5e druk, belangrijk gewijzigd en uitgebreid.(5th greatly revised and enlarged edn.).
Dokkum, Schaafsma & Brouwer, s.n.[circa], 1934 clothbacked marbled boards. 340pp.
Official [dutch] Police minutes, a manual, and its place within criminal procedure. Fine copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 39496

BEEM, H., De verdwenenMediene. Kal Hakohol Hakododousj Hazee. [Eerste druk/first edn.].
Amsterdam, Joachimsthal, 1950 Orig. cloth, title in gilt on front boards and spine, dustjacket. 125pp. Many black/white text-ills., incl. portraits and group-portraits, glossary, table of contents on last unnembered lve. (verso blank).
Reviews life, times, cultural heritage of dutch jewish communities in Holland, in the so-called "Mediene", excluding Amsterdam. Illustrations show jewish life and culture in dutch provinces before and after the holocaust. Very good copy, WITH dustjacket. Scarce. (dustjacket skilfully restored in places, some particles gone).

EUR 145.00

Book nr.: 46592

BEEMSTERBOER, P., Verkeersongevallen. Een Handleiding voor de behandeling van Verkeersongevallen door de Politie.
Dokkum, Schaafsma & Brouwer, [circa], 1935 12. recent cloth. 79pp. ills. on 3 plates, 1 fold.diagramme, some text-figs.
Dutch Police-manual for traffic- & road-incidents. Interesting. (slightly dogeared copy).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 39506

BEEMT, F. VAN DEN - P.BROOD (, Ach lieve Tijd. Tien Eeuwen Drenthe, de Drenten en hun hoofdstad. Orig. edn.
Zwolle, Waanders, 1987-1988. Complete in 15 parts as orig. publ. 4. orig. pict. col. wraps., tog. in an orig. decorated & lettered cloth binder. 366pp. Num. col. and plain ills, plates, sketch-maps. ADDED: a number of original press-clippings on the subject and publisher's original promotional announcement, harmonica in 4 folds. 4, richly illustrated.
A lavishly illustrated and complete set describing the history of Drenthe Province through 10 centuries, the Netherlands, incl. subjects as a.o. {:) travellers, villages, folklore, gentry, religion, administration and law-enforcement, trade and commerce, education, the first inhabitans, soldiers, &c. Very fine set.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 42409

BEER, TACO H. DE & E. LAURILLARD, Woordenschat. Verklaring van woorden en uitdrukkingen. [Eerste druk/first edition].
's-Gravenhage, Haagsche Boekhandel en Uitgevers-Maatschappij, 1899 Stout 8., original private blind panelled cloth, title in gilt on spine, marbled f.e.p.'s. Hftitle (verso blank), (xviii), 1277pp. printed in double collumns.
Dutch etymological glossary, words and expressions. Originally published in installments between 1893-1899, in a nice private blind panelled cloth binding. FIRST EDITION. Very good copy. Rare. (small ex.-lib. stamp in corner of f.e.p., repeated at upper right corner of ti.-p., NOT disturbing however).

EUR 240.00

Book nr.: 48311

BEESLY, P., Room 40. British Naval Intelligence 1914-18. First edn.
London, Hamish Hamiltin, 1982 Orig. cloth, title in bold silver lettering on spine, dustjacket. (xi), 338pp. Ills. and portrs. on 8 photo-plates, appendices: list of abbreviations and list of Staff Identified as Serving in or closely connected with Room 40/ID25, 1914-18, list of sources and select bibliography, index.
The history of 'Room 40', the unofficial name of the British Admiralty's World War I codebreaking organization. Good to very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44051

BEETHOVEN, L. VAN, Ludwig van Beethoven Streichquartett/string quartet/quatur cordes. A dur/A major/La majeur. Op. 18 Nr. 5.
Wien, Philarmonischer Verlag, s.d. [circa], 1960 sm.8. orig. decor. wraps. [2]pp. of introd. in german, english and french. 32pp. of sheetmusic, frontisp.(portr. of countess Marie Erddy). ["Philarmonia", no. 314]. Very fine copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 41920

BEETHOVEN, L. VON, Sonaten fr Klavier und Violine. Nach der Ausgabe von Joseph Joachim neu Herausgegeben von Walther Devisson, Opus 12 No. 1.
Leipzig, C.F. Peters, [circa], 1935 2 parts. 4., original printed wrappers. 36, 102pp. pf sjeetmusic,, incl. 2pp. of publ. preface in german and english to Piano Part, table of contents at tail margin of Violin Part, first page. ["Edition Peters", Nr. 1355].
Violin and Peiano parts. Good copy. (wrappers a bit soiled, especially of violin part, both spines with a recent cloth strip, a bit dog-eared).

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 49254

BEETHOVEN, L[udwig] Van (sic!}, Violin-Konzert fr Violine und Pianoforte. Herausgegeben und mit Kadenzen versehen von Carl Flesch. Neu revidierte Ausgabe.
Leipzig, C.F. Peters, s.d. [circa], 1928 2 parts. 4., orig. wraps. Title printed within an elaborate decorated border. 19, 35pp. of sheetmusic, list of other Beethoven concertos printed on versos of pages 19 and 35, publ. list printed on lower outer wrap. (some wear to spine-ends, page 19 loose, ow. good). ["Edition Peters", Nr. 189].

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 43482

BEETON, Isabella Mary (Ne Mayson, 1830-1865), Mrs. Beeton's Household Management. A complete Cookery Book with sections on The Housewife, Household work, servant's duties, labour-saving, laundry work, carving and trussing, the art of "Using-up", the home doctor, the home lawyer, etc....New Edition.
London and Melbourne, Ward Lock & Co., [circa], 1950 Stout 8. Original dark brown leatherette backed heavy boards. Hftitle (verso with list of Mrs. Beeton's other books on cookery, 1680pp. Captioned coloured frontispiece, numerous captioned illustrations on coloured and monochrome plates, some diagrams in text, some tables in text, partly coloured advertism. inside covers and on 7 unnumbered leaves, table of general contents, , general contents, list of coloured and monochrome plates and illustrations, list of economies and substitutes, notice to the use of the book, analytical index. publ. prefaces.
Still a goldmine of information about Household Management and Cooking in the Victorian age by Mrs. Beeton, commonly known as one of the first and best cookery writers. Very good copy. Scarce.

EUR 375.00

Book nr.: 55059

BEETS, A. & J.A.N. KNUTTEL (Editors), Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal. Zesde Deel: HERST-IZEGRIM. [Eerste druk; First edition].
's-Gravenhage en Leiden-Batavia-Kaapstad, Martinus Nijhoff & A.W. Sijthoff; Kolff & J.C. Juta, 1912 Large Stout small 4. Original calfbacked publ. cloth. Spine with gilded title, 3 gilded decorative publ. devices, separated by double barred horizontal gilded bands. Hftitle (verso blank). Verso9 of ti.-p. with printed motto after Bilderdijk. (xxi2264pp. Printed in double collumns, each column separately numbered. Includes preface with references, supplementary notes and errata, fourth supplement to prteceding volumes, all on XXIpp. preceding actual glossary.
Odd volume 6 of this dictionary of the dutch languace, which includes supplementary information about its etymology and references to citations by foremost dutch authors. Good to ver good clean copy. (top os spine heavily damaged, skilfully restored however, some general fading and rubbing).

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 56949

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