GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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BATTIE, D. & L. WELLER (editors), Fakes and Forgeries an Exhibition incorporating Sotheby's Black Museum. Exhibited atthe Olympia Antiques Fair 31st May - 10th June 1990.
London, Sotheby, 1990 Small 4°., original limp glossy coloured and illustrated wrappers, stapled. 52pp. Large illustration on ti.-p., 143 coloured and black/white illustrations, of which some full-page, with extensive descriptions, acknowledgements to lenders and contributors. ADDED: the concise story of the so-called "Shadwell Dock Forgeries", fakes manufacturerd by Charlie Eaton and Billy Smith, Thames 'mudrackers", mainly faking medieval pilgrim's medallions, A-4 sized, printed on verso only with the letterhead of Sotheby's Amsterdam.
An interesting catalogue on the history of fakes and forgeries in fine arts. Illustration no. 36, a "Leeds" Cornucopia, circa 1760, has been pasted-over, description available however. Very fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 47210

BATTLE OF WATERLOO - PANORAMA van den Slag van Waterloo.
Brussel, nd.[c.1930]. sm.oblong 12°. orig. col. stiff wraps. [2]pp. of text (concise explanation of the Panorama). Album containing tog. 12 picture postcards (photocards), with ext. text in dutch at tails, depict. various stages of the Battle of Waterloo in panorama.
The panorama with memorial has been founded in 1912. All cards with perforation in left-margin for tearing-out, all presend & all unused. MINT copy.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 13001

BATZER, Ida, Pauline BERENS, Laura BEYER (, Members Award Committee), Lieblingsgerichte der deutsche Familie; 276 preisgekrönte Gerichte hervorgegangen aus einem gemeinschaftlichen Preis-Ausschreiben der Deutschen Moden-Zeitungund Deutschen Frauen-Zeitung. [Erste Ausgabe; First edition].
Leipzig, Otto Beyer, [circa], 1925 8°. Original cloth. Covertitle in bold black type. large coloured illustration at tail, printed within a decorative narrow black border. 111pp. Occasional decorative monochrome head-pieces, decorative monochrome end-pieces, some pp. left blank for cook's annotations, namelist of prize awarding committee printed on terso of ti.-p., decorative coloured endpapers, table of contents.
German language cookbook describing in rather detail 276 prize-winning favourite family recipes, e.g.: starters, soups, snacks, dinners, bicuits, puddings and cakes, hot and cold snacks and meals, hot and cold drinks. Contest initiated by two popular women's magazines, German fashion magazine and German Women magazine. Very fine copy.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 54271

BAUDET, A., L'Esperanto dans le Commerce. Cimmunication faite...à la Réunion par les Présidents des Chambres de Commerce le 3 Février 1931. Extract from "Compte Rendu <In-extenso> de la Réunion".
Paris, s.n., 1931 Small 8°., original printed wrappers, stapled. 24pp. Some tables in text. ["Assemblée des Présidents des Chambres de Commerce de France et d'Algérie"].
Paper submitted to a meeting of the general Assembly of Presidents of french and Algerian chamberrs of commerce, meeting at Paris 1931, with as subject-matter benefits of Esperanto in commerce. The name 'Esperanto' has been derived after the first publication on this language in 1887 by Ludovich Zamenhof, using the pseudonym 'Esperanto' (= 'Let's hope'). Of all artificial languages Esperanto became, no doubt, the most successful one. Esperanto is specially designed to assist global communication between people from all thinkable cultures and languages, practical use has been already proved over a period of more than a century. Good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 47494

BAUDET, H. (compiler), Handelswereld Wereld handel: Honderd Jaren Internatio [1863-1963]. Tien Essays. [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
Rotterdam, s.n. [Internatio], 1963 Original cloth with covertitle. 331pp. Comparative tables in text, C.V. with portraits of contributors, table of contents.
Dutch language collection of 10 essays commemmorating the centenary of a dutch globally operating trading company "Internationale Crediet- en Handels-Vereeniging "Rotterdam" Ltd., which includes the Dutch East Indies/Indonesia. Contributions by H. Baudet, W. Brand, H. Drion, H.W. Lambers, A.J. van Lier ( Fine copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 51931

BAUER, E., Handbuch für Schriftsetzer. 2. neubearb. Aufl.(2nd. revised edn.).
Frankfurt am Main, Klimsch & Co., 1905 orig.qtr.calf, title in gilt on spine between raised bands, horizonally thin gilt barred, horizontal gilt tillets alongside upper and lower spine, limp marbled endpapers. Hftitle (verso with publ. imprint). (viii), 288pp. some text-ills., many diagrammes in text and full-p., decorative head-and-tail pieces, initials within a decorative typographical border, extensive technical glossary of terms used.
A thorough technical manual for manual type-setting, with num. examples. Very good & attractive copy. (verso, blank, of first endpaper and hftitle with some spotting).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 39656

BAUME, E., Five Graves at Nijmegen. Orig. edn.
Nijmegen, Thieme, [....], 1954 sm. 8°. Orig. cloth, five crosses tooled in gilt on front boards. Hftitle. 44pp. frontisp., 2 ills. of which one full-page, all after drawings by J. Rijlaarsdam.
Novel, published by command of Nijmegen Municipality, commemmorating the first decade (1944-1954) the liberation of Nijmegen by British forces during the second world war. Limited and edition of 200 numbered copies, this copy bears nr. 166. Very good copy. (signature on first blank).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 43640

BAX, W.F., De Nederlandse Ridderorden en onderscheidingen. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Rotterdam Nijgh & van Ditmar, 1951 Original coloured and decorative boards, large coloured vignette at centre of front boards, repeated on e.p.'s. 56pp. coloured frontispiece, many coloured illustrations on 5 photo-plates with captions, full-page table illustrating the hierarchy of military orders and medals, table of contents, list of sources consulted.
Dutch language descriptive introduction into [dutch] Knighthood orders, military medals and ribbons, fundament, history, development, heraldic background and status. Good copy in attractive coloured publ. boards. (some skilful restorations to both upper- and lower outer front joints).

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 48804

BAZI PROPAGANDA - Wilt U de waarheid weten? Hitler zooals men hem aan u getoond heeft, en zooals hij in werkelijkheid is. Orig. edn.
S.I. [Den Haag], s.n. [Hauptabteilung für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda, undated. [circa], 1940 Original wrappers, title on bi-coloured front wrapper. [46]pp. of dutch text, incl. captions to many plates and text-ills. after photographs and drawings.
Nazi-propaganda, addressed to the general dutch public, promoting its leader Adolf Hitler as a nice person, contrary to foreign anti-propaganda, including some caricatural illustrations after drawings from foreign, e.g. enemy sources. Published by command of the german nazi governor for occupied Holland, Seyss Inquart, a war criminal, executed after the unconditional surrender of germany. Very good copy.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 46942

BEATA = B. Zegers Veeckens], Huisvriendjes en Speelkameraadjes. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Utrecht, Lentz & de Haan, [....], 1896 Stout square 4°., original glazed and heavy boards, covertitle and full-sized chromolithographed illustration featuring a young girl with her pets (cats). 7 heavy boards Ll. with large chromolithographed illustrations after watercolours by Helena Maguire (2 plates signed), also inside outer covers, with dutch text throughout.
Dutch language late nineteenth century children's book in which children are introduced to [domestic] animals and pets as playmates: sheep, horses, dogs, rabbits, fowl, cows, lambs, pigeons, cats, pigs and piglets, deer. (nicely calligraphed ownership's entry in ink, dated 1896, at upper left corner inside front cover, spine skilfully renewed, corners a bit worn and damaged, child's ballpoint scribbling on lower outer cover, contens very clean with still very fresh colouring).

EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 51868

BEATLES SCRAP-BOOKS - [A collection of 2 Scrap-Albums on the Beatles].
Small folio, limp wraps., spiralled spines. col. ills. on upper wraps., spiral spines, covering the early 1980's( 1983-1984). Containing numerous col. & plain paper & magazine-clippings neatly pasted-in on tog. 56 leaves (recto/verso). Mainly dutch text. Incl. some letters from the Beatles fan-club preserved in envelopes. Also a number of loose cuttings added & a Beatles-supplement to "Muziek-Parade", 321/322 (Mei/Juni 1984. [14pp]. EXTRA ADDED a full-colour Strip-Album: Beatles Story. Tilburg, De Vrijbuiter, nd. Large 8°, pict. col. limp wraps., 50pp., with ills. & balloon-text in dutch. "Strip-Album Nr. 1." A very fine copy. Nice collection of this phenomenon.

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 25974

BEATON, C[ecil, 1904-1980], Self-Portrait with Friends. The selected diaries of Cecil Beaton 1926-1974. Edited by Richard Buckle. First Penguin edition.
Harmondsworth, Middx., Penguin Books, 1984 Orig. thin stiff wrappers, title and ilustrations on front wrapper. (x), 435pp. Ills., incl. some portraits on 12 photo-plates, index, biographical note to author, incl. list of publications printed on recte of first unnumbered lve.
The diaries of Cecil Beaton, famous british [stage] designer and fashion expert. FIRST Paperback-edition, after the original published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1979. Good to very good copy. (last few pp. wrinkled).

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 45704

BEAUFORT, L.F. DE (, editors), ONS AMSTERDAM. Maandblad van de Gemeentelijke Commissie Heemkennis. [Maandblad gewijd aan de Hootdstad des Lands, subtitle]. [Originele uitgave/original edition].
Amsterdam, Gemeentelijke Commissie Heemkennis, 1949-1949- 1961 21 volumes. Volume 1 (January 19490-volume 21 (December 1969. Large 8°., original bi-coloured cloth (black cloth spines, red cloth covers), black/white illustration on front covers, title on spine with Amsterdam municipal Coat-of-Arms at tail ends. Numerous black/white illustrations after photographs, facsims after archivalia (old maps, plans, engravings), portraits, references, lists of literature for further reading, partly illustrated local sponsoring adverts., tables of contents.WITH REGISTERS op de Jaargangen 1-18 (1949-1966) van het Maandblad ons Amsterdam. [Amsterdam, 1967]. Large 8°., original printed and coloured limp wrappers, stapled.31pp. With black/white illustrations, facsims. after archivalia, local sponsoring adverts, partly illustrated.
Lavishly illustrated dutch language monthly magazine with numerous scholarly contributions describing the cultural heritage and legacy of Amsterdam Municipality, Capital to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Traditional and modern Architecture, cultural and historic development, Guilds, arts and crafts, maritime history and development, city planning and urbanization, local and multi-racial population, policy and tradition, economic history and importance, museum history, theatre, etc. A very nice run. Very fine set.

EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 49932

BEAUJON, O. - J.W. ELLIS, M. GUALBERT, HANS HERMANS, H. HOETINK, CARLOS RÖMER (, Christoffel. Algemeen Sociaal-Cultureel Maandblad voor de Nederlandse Antillen. Vol. 1-no. 1(1955)- vol. 2-no. 8 (Januari 1958). (All published).
Curaçao [Willemstad], Stichting Christoffel, 1955- 1958 Tog. 20 parts, privately bound in 2 vols. cloth & clothbacked marbled boards. 580; 384pp. 1 coloured tipped-in plate, a design by Joseph M.H. Frenken, some black/white ills. and advertism, table of contents, all to vol. I; Original limp wrappers bound-up in vol. 2, each with a large woodcut on front side, 1 full-page portrait, 12 photoplates, some local advertism., table of contents to each part on verso of front wrappers.
Complete set of this still important dutch language socio-cultural monthly to the dutch territory of the Antilles, West Indies. Each part with essays on a variety of subjects as history, development, literature, local arts and crafts, fine arts, economics and politics. Merged after vol. 2-no. 8(January 1958) with "De West Indische Gids"and "Vox Guyanae", and continued as "Nieuwe West-Indische Gids". Good set. Scarce. (binding of vol. 1 with some wear to edges, corners somewhat bumped, some small circular ex-lib. stamps throughout, in margins however; vol. 2 fine).

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 46930

[BEAZLEY, M], Atlas van Grondstoffen, voedsel en energie. Voor nu en voor de toekomst. Transl. after the orig. english ("The Mitchell Beazley Atlas of Eart Resources") by Th. F. Burgers. First dutch edn.
Ede, "Boeken B.V.", 1980 folio. Orig. cloth, dustjacket. 208pp. Num. col. and black/white plates, text-ills, sketch-maps, tables & graphs, list of world organizations, explanatory glossary, register, bibliogr.
A lavishly illustrated atlas of world mineral resources, nutrition and energy, now and in the future. Fine copy.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 43071

BECHTOLD, J. & G. GOOSSENS, Tegelsche Volkskunst. Orig. edn.
Maastricht, "Veldeke", 1943 large 8°. Orig. clothbacked lettered boards, small gilt tooled circular vignette on front boards, repeated in colour on fly-leaves. 106pp. Num. ills. on 39 plates, full-p. sketch-map, 1: 500.000, depict. the folk ceramic production between the Limburg rivers Maas, Swalm and Niers, list of illustrations at end. ["K1373"].
Reviews and describes the history and development of polychrome folk earthen-ware, pottery and ceramics of Tegelen municipality and surrounding areas, Limburg province, the Netherlands. Published under the nazi-occupation of the Netherlands, 1940-1945, approved under the number K 1373. Very good copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 42595

BECKER, H., Open de luiken van uw geheugenen vertel uw verhaal. Een uitgave bij het Herinneringsmuseum van Humanitas Akropolis Rotterdam. [tweede druk; Second edition].
Rotterdam, Stichting Humanitas, 2006 Medium oblong 8°. Original cloth, covertitle partly silver tooled. 135pp. Numerous captioned coloured and monochrome illustrations on plates, text of some popula songs at rear end.
Dutch language lavishly illustrated survey in which the complexity and reproduction of unversal human recollections is demonstrated in pictures. Published on the inauguration of the Rotterdam based "Akropolis" Museum, based on concept and ideology of Humanism. Fine copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 52591

BECKERS, J., Ik ben Zigeuner. Me hum Sinthu. Gesprekken met Zigeuners over de vervolging in de periode [19]40-'45 en de jaren daarna. First edn.
Den Haag, Horus, 1980 sm.8°. orig. limp pict. wraps. 132pp. 4 plates, a facsim. document in text, bibliogr. of gypsy-music records and printed literature.
Collection of conversations and talks with [dutch] Gypsies and caravan-dwellers, elucidating their experiences during the nazi-persecutions in occupied Netherlands, and their experiences after their return to the Netherlands. Good copy. Paperback (as orig. publ.).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 41058

BECKMANN, W., Handleiding voor de Zebravinkkweek. Kweek. Vederstructuur. Vererving. Keuring. Orig. edn.
Zutphen, W.J. Thieme & Cie., s.d. [....], 1968 Orig. cloth, dustjacket. 237pp. Col. ills. on 4 plates, many text-ills., figs., diagrammes and tables, table of contents.
Handbook for breeding and improving the Zebrafinch, Taeniopygia Guttata. Dutch text. Good copy. (some light occasional fraying to edges of dustjacket).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44094

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