GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ARTISTS ALMANAC [PERSONALIA], KŘnstler Almnach fŘr Cabaret, Variete und Podium, VIII. Ausgabe 1939/40. [Erste Auflage; First edition].
Berlin, Wilhelm Ritter Verlag, 1939 Large 8░., original clothbacked silvered boards. 183pp. Many monochrome portraits of artists with text, (occasionally in english), alphabetical index of artists, table of contents. Nice decorative coloured ex-libris pasted inside front cover.
German language handbook of artists, listing clowns and musical clowns, acrobats, variety and cabaret, parodists, musical and song-acts (serious and comical), eccentrics, comedian dancers, circus acts, balance, jongleurs, magicians and manipulateurs, Riding and Training acts, etc. Good copy. (f.e.p. foxed).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 51715

ARUBA - A History of Aruba. Fourth edn.
Aruba, Pan-Aruban, April, 1940 Original wrappers, a binder. title and two decorative vignettes on front wrapper, repeated on ti.-p. 63pp. of cyclostyled text (versos blank). Frontispiece (a Native scene after a drawing initialled 'ES'), 2 fold. sketch-maps, full-page graph and a concise full-page population census of the Curašao area, introduction, table of contents.
A concise description of Aruba and the Curašao area (Netherlands Antilles), touching on a.o. the early history of the area, Buccaneers of the Spanish Main, Curašao today, the Petroleum industry of Venezuela, AloŰ for the World, population of Aruba and Curašao territory, posphate and gold mining, weather, Aruba refinery, San Nicholas as a storage terminal, &c. An interesting publication published shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Good copy.

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EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 47068

ASBECK, F.M. Baron VAN, Restauratie of Reconstructie. Voordracht. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Leiden, St. Lucas SociŰteit, 1945 Small 8░. Original printed wrappers. 45pp. Concise bibliography. ADDED Dutch pressclipping: orbituary to Mr. Baron van Asbeck with a portrait [1948], AND Cyclostyled order of his funeral service liturgy. A-5 sized, cyclostyled text on both sides, dated 14 February 1948, centre folded.["Universiteit en Samenleving Academielezingen te Leiden", I].
First ever published in the series dutch language Lecture held before an audience with as objective the near future of Scientific University education after the german nazi oppression of Holland 1940-1945, e.g.:a mere restauration of Academic morals and education or a complete revision of Academic education. Good copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 53912

ASCHER, Joseph, └ Mademoiselle Rosa Kństner. Fanfare Militaire pour Piano. (Op. 10).
Bruxelles-Londres, Schott, s.d. [circa], 1920 folio. orig. lettered front wrapper. 9pp. of sheetmusic. (spine refixed with clearview acid-free tape).

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 41507

ASHBEE, Henry Spencer ("Pisanus Fraxi"), A complete guide to Forbidden Books. Edited by E.S. Sullivan, introduction by Robert Kramer. [First edition].
North Hollywood, Brandon House, 1966 Small stout 8░. Original limp wrappers. Bold type covertitle with an illustration at tail. 447pp. Publ. promotional text on lower outer cover.
Detailed descriptive and annotated bibliography of forbidden books through history. Paperback edn. (as orig. publ.). (front cover a bit scuffed, a little bit dog-eared, front edge of bookblock with some brown spots, a bit dull copy).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 53468

ASHLEY, Laura, Laura Ashley Home 1994 [Moods & Tones]. [Eerste druk; First edition],.
York, (Printers), 1994 4░. Original coloured and illustrated glossy limp wrappers. 175pp. of DUTCH descriptive text alongside numerous coloured illustrations with reference numbers to Price-list in dutch currency, 4░-sized, original coloured and illustrated front-side, [3]pp. loosely inserted, table of shop addresses all over Europe, colour-schemes of soft furnisings, including lamp-shades in decorative fabrics, table of practical tips and hints on behalf of customers, table of contents.
Dutch language Projmotional Sale-catalogue published by a dutch representative of the Laura Ashley congromerate, for 1994, illustrting soft furnishings designed by Laura Ashley, creating a comfortable and sunny interior of your home. Fabric names in english, overall text in dutch, INCLUDES the PRICE LIST in dutch currency. Very gine copy.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 54079

ĂSOPHUS - JOSEPH JACOBS (editor/preface), Aesop fables. [Original edition, thus].
New York-Boston, H.M. Caldwell, [circa], 1900 Small 8░. Original publ. cloth. Covertitle in blind stamped bold type. Covers and spine richly embellished by coloured flower motifs, front cover with vertical delicate gilded lining. 228pp. Ti.-p. printed in red, printed within wide green coloured decorative top- and tail borders. 3 monochrome photo-plates, incl. frontidpiece, many elegant small monochrome images in text, decorative head-and- tail pieces, full-page Pedigree of Aesophus, extensive detailed notes and references to fables, list of fables, table of contents.
English language select and annotated collection of Aesop's Fables, translated and edited by Joseph Jacobs. Good to very good charming little volume in original richly decorative publ. cloth. (headband of spine a little bit damaged, skilfully restored however). Gaius Julius Phaedrus, ▒ 15 BC - ▒ 50 AD, said to be a Thracian slave born in Macedonia, living in imperial Rome under the Emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius. He is recognized as the first author to latinize books of fables, retelling in iambic metre Greek Prose Aesopic tales. Good to very good untrimmed copy, contents crisp and clean. Rare.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 56976

ASPINALL, A., The Pocket Guide to the West Indies. British Guiana, British Honduras, Bermuda The Spanish Main Surinam and the Panama Canal. New and revised edition 1931.
London, Sifton, Praed & Co., 1931 Small stout 8░. Original thin cloth, cover title and title on spine gilded. (xiv), 500pp. 15 captined monochrome plates featuring monumental buildings, 7 double- and single-poage plans oc major cities, 17 mainly coloured folded and full-page maps, some figures in text, tables in text, XVIIIpp. of illustrated adverts. at very end, appendices I-III (Steamship communications, Air Transport Services, Dollars and Sterling exchange tables, index.
Ample detailed guide to the West Indies, which includes the dutch Territory of Surinam (Guyanas). Very good and clean copy.

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EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 52395

ASSCHER, A. [Committee President] - d. cohen [Committee Secretary], De Ontrechting der Joden in Dutschland. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Joachimsthal, 1935 8░. Original wrappers, covertitle in bold black type, composition of various monochrome illustrations a top. Stapled. 28pp. Some occasional footnotes. WITH a [4]pp. brochure with information and objectives of the "ComitÚ voor bijzondere Joodsche Belangen" [Committee defending extraordinary Jewish interests] loosely inserted. (with some marginal staining).

artist's explanation to her art form design with portrait (verso blank), 10 captioned monochrome plates on stiff glossy paper, featuring artist's avant garde flat-woven textile designs. WITH some announcements about future exhibitions to be viewed at the Dutch Textilemuseum Tilburg, A-4 sized printed on official stationary, loosely inserted.
Dutch language brochure strongly opposing the de-regulation of Jewish rights laid-down in german public law, initiated by german nazi administration. Published by command of the "ComitÚ voor Bijzondere Joodsche Belangen", 's-Gravenhage-Amsterdam. Very fine copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 55926

ASSCHER-PINKHOF, C., Hoor eens Even. Orig. edn.
Alkmaar, Kluitman, [circa] 1935 sm. 8░. orig. pict. col. publ. boards. (designed by Miep de Feijter) 48pp. col.frontisp., 3 other col. plates, num. text-ills., all after drawings by Miep de Feijter. Printed within an ornamental border.
Juvenile. With a 2-line Ms. dedication in ink, signed by Author on first blank. Fine copy.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 39521

ASSCHER-PINKHOF, C., Van Twee Joodsche Vragertjes. First edn.
Amsterdam, W. Versluys, [....], 1918 sm.8░. orig. pict. wraps., with matching title-page. (vii)(introd. by author, signed in print Clara Pinkhof), 99pp. Many text-ills, design of front wrapper and title-page, all after drawings by L. Pinkhof.
Famous "reader" to be used at home and at school, informing jewish children about the jewis religion and rites; the reader is set in a family-situation: parents and two children, a small boy and a girl. Good to very good copy of this very rare First edition.

EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 42297

ASSELBERGHS, M-A., Daar komt de trein. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, "De bezige Bij", 1981 large 8░. orig. pict. col. glossy boards. 240pp. Num. col. and plain ills, plates, of which facsims. after old engravings, some tables in text, register of illustrations. With a press-clipping from a dutch daily, being a review, illustrated, loosely inserted, pictorial endpapers. ["Boek van de Maand" series].
History and development of european rail-transport. Very fine copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 42347

ASSENDELFT DE CONINGH, A.D. VAN - S.STOKVIS(, editorial committee), Wij in Hilversum. Driemaandelijks tijdschrift door de Gemeente Hilversum aangeboden aan de Hilversumse bevolking ter bevordering van de burgerzin. [Originele uitgave/original publication].
Hilversum, Gemeente Hilversum, 1956- 1973 Number 1 (1956, FIRST Issue)--8 (1958); 10-48 (1967); 51-53 (1967); 56-57 (1968); 59-70, (1970); 72-81 (1972) and Nr. 83 (1973; DISCONTINUED). Which includes special issues Nrs. 28 (Industry number); 44, 56, 62, 67, 79 (Annual Municipal Reports). Together in 74 parts as published. Large 8░., original printed coloured illustrated wrappers, stapled. Many black/white illustrations after photographs in text, tables, graphs and plans, many partly illustrated and coloured local sponsoring adverts.tales of contents.
Original dutch language municipal (Hilversum) magazine, first published quarterly and later 5 times annually. Published by Hilversum Municipality, The Netherlands in order to promote citizenship amongst the local population and also supplying information on city-planning and urbanization, local industries, festivals, municipal politics, history. A nice run in very good condition, DISCONTINUED after Nr. 83, 1973. (lacking in this run Nrs. 9, 49, 50, 54, 55, 58, 71, 82)

EUR 350.00

Book nr.: 49920

ASSOCIATION OF DUTCH RECOGNIZED BOOKSELLERS - N.N., Verslag der Werkzaamheden van het Bestuur der Vereeniging ter Bevordering van de belangen des Boekhandels over het Vereenigingsjaar 1900-1901.
[Amsterdam], Vereeniging ter bevordering van de belangen des Boekhandels, [....], 1901 4░., triple folded.7pp. In-plano. With profit- & Loss account. Added: the official invitation, large 8░. In-plano, 1 page of text. And: Punten van Beschrijving voor de 84ste Algemeene van de Vereeniging ter Bevordering van de Belangen des Boekhandels. S.L.[Amsterdam, 1901]. sm.8░. 15pp., horizontally folded. Stapled.
Annual Report as supplied to members by the Board of the Official Association of recognized [dutch]Booksellers, "Vereeniging ter bevordering van de Belangen des Boekhandels", together with the official invitation to a member and the complete Member's agenda for the meeting. Very well preserved. Rare.

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 39518

ASTRA: ILLUSTRATED DUTCH WEEKLY: Ge´llustreerd Weekblad ASTRA: Volume I-Nr. 1 (April, [19XX] - Nr. 26 [September, 19XX]). [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
Amsterdam, Roetemeijer, Witstum & Co., [circa], 1900 sm.4░. contemp clothbacked marbled boards. 416pp. 26 fine original coloured lithographed wrappers bound-up, designed by Alfred d'Osselet. Lithographed by Roetmeyer Wistijn & Co.(Amsterdam), many captioned monochrome illustrations in text, of which cartoons, advert. at end of each issue of which illustrated. Printed by E. & M. Cohen Bros. (Amsterdam). NOT called-for in holdings Royal Dutch Library, KB.
FIRST volume of this dutch popular family weekly with a running popular serial, funny short stories & anecdotes, cross-word puzzles and household managing tips. This weekly has been spread both in the Netherlands and Belgium. The col. lithographed coverplates feature female and male fashions of the era with a comic undertone. Well preserved copy. (spine and covers a bit rubbed and shaved).

EUR 225.00

Book nr.: 55241

ASTROPHYSICS/ASTRONOMY - A collection of tog. 5 orig. Mss. in ink on the subject.
S.L. [Haarlem, c. 1930's]. sm. 8░. 17, 15, 32, 16, 33pp. in a very neat hand. Each 'essay' with some tables, charts & diagrammes.
A curious collection of 5 orig. Mss. in ink, mainly being extracts/summaries derived from printed sources cited at end of each Ms. Very inteesting indeed, in excellent condition.

EUR 70.00

Book nr.: 10869

ATHLETICS - Fest-Zeitung 14. Deutsches Turnfest K÷ln 1928. (title on front wrapper).
Dresden, 1928 folio, recent clothbacked wraps., large coloured illustration on front wrapper. page 270-315. Many ills., incl. portrs. in text and full-p., full-p. coloured sketch-map of Germany, many sponsoring advertism. at end relating to athletics, sports and gymnastics of which illustrated, also printed on lower outer wrap. ["Erinnerungsblńtter", Doppelnummer 12/13, August/September 1928).
Special issue comemmorating the 14th German Athletics competition, Cologne 1928. Covers various diciplines: mass-gymnastics, athletics, fencing, swimming, javelin-throwing, discus-throwing, the high jump,&c. A lavisly illustrated publication, incl. portrs. of [german] champions. (staples replaced by a string, some marginal tears restored, somewh. dogeared, ow. good).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 43934

ATLAS - Verklarende en Ge´llustreerde Wereldatlas. [Nieuwe Verklarende en geillustreerde (sic!) Haagsche Courant Wereldatlas] (title on front boards). Orig. edn.
S.L.['s-Gravenhage], "De Haagsche Courant", s.d. [circa], 1942 folio. recent cloth with new endpapers, orig. illustrated and lettered front wrapper laid-down, designed by "Octave". (xii), (alph.register), 367pp. Tog. 240 coloured maps, single-page and double-spread, all with legenda, and extensive text in dutch being descriptions of the maps, with illustrations, incl. portraits of famous explorers and scientists, incl. a double-spread map of international airline-connection, one with shipping-lines across the world, 2 coloured celestial maps of both hemispheres, full-size plans of main world-ports with legenda and descr. text, a double-spred col. map depict. Europe in 1941 under Nazi-occupation, 1 chart bearing coloured international signal-flags with explanat. text on facing page, list of maps at very end.
A very interesting multi-diciplinary World-atlas, with extensive text, also describing curiosities of each country: monumental buildings, folklore and regional dress, meteorological maps, census-maps, anthropology, mineralogy, meteorology, mineral resources,&c.&c. Published as a premium to subscribers of a dutch daily newspaper de "Haagsche Courant". A very good copy of a curious atlas.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 43059

ATLAS - VAN TROPISCH NEDERLAND Atlas van Tropisch Nederland. [Eerste druk/first edn.
Batavia, Royal Dutch Geographical Society, K.N.A.G./Topographische dienst, 1938 Folio, original green coloured crushed cloth, title in bold gilt type and oval portrait of Plancius on front side, title in bold type in gilt on spine, elephant grey coloured limp endpapers. [3]pp. preface in dutch incl. excerpts in french, german and english. [3].pp. table of contents (list of maps and scales of maps) in dutch, french, english and german, with an uncoloured overall map of dutch colonial Indonesia at head of table, 1:20 000 000. With the 17pp. folio-sized, stapled an clothbacked gazetteer (register) to the maps, including table of abbreviations used on maps in dutch, french, german and english. Atlas with together 70 fine coloured double-spread maps, extensive legenda in dutch, french, english and german on blank side ot each map.
Still the best and only scientific Atlas of dutch colonial Indonesia and the dutch territories of the Antilles (Caribbean, West Indies) and Surinam (Guyanas). Maps are in minute detail and extremely useful to various scientific disciplines as biology, climatology, geology, entomology, general earth sciences, but also to, for instance, stamp collectors. Tha actual process of cartography of the indonesian archipelago started in 1915, often under hazardous circumstances when cartographes had to be protected agains the local population in remote areas. Overall wok was finished approx. 1935, but it was decided to produce a review of some maps in the very last moment before the printing process, executed at the presses of the colonial topographical service at Batavia. After the conquest of Batavia by japanese troops hundreds of copies were impounded and torn apart on behalf of the japanese forces, so a great portion of the publication was lost forever. This Atlas can also be considered as the prototype to the phnomenon of the National Atlas. A good copy and complete with the often lacking loosely inserted gazetteer. Rare. (corners somewhat bumped, some wear to spine-ends due to shelving, a small superficial rupture to cloth of upper boards near upper front joint, maps with still very fresh colouring).

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EUR 685.00

Book nr.: 46975

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