GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ANNUAL REPORT DUTCH TRAMWAY COMPANY - N.V. Nederlandsche Tramwegmaatschappij Gevestigd te Heerenveen. Verslag over het jaar 1936.
Heerenveen, N.V. Nederlandsche Tramweg Maatschappij, 1937 Original printed wrappers. 50pp. Numerous tables in text, full-page and extending, some graphs. in text, profit & loss account on final three unnmbered lvs., name-lists of board of directors and council of commissioners, an "In Memoriam" to a deceased director (Mr. H.N. Biezeveld), printed opposite name-list of board of directors, fold. sketch-map illustrating company's tram-lines, with concise key. WITH a name-list of employees stationed at company's branch at Drachten, Friesland Province, also stating employee's occupation, carbon-copy of an original typostript, on 3 A-4 sized thin paper leaves (versos blank), loosely inserted.
Dutch language annual financial report for 1926 of the Dutch Tramway Company, Ltd., based at Heerenveen municipality, Friesland province, the Netherlands. Very good copy.

EUR 60.00

Book nr.: 47908

ANNUAL REPORT DUTCH SANATORIUM DAVOS, SWITZERLAND: Nederlandsch Sanatorium te Davos, 48ste en 49ste Jaarverslag 1944-1945. Vereeniging tot behartiging der Belangen Nederlandsche Longlijders. [Covertitle only]. [Originele uitgave' Original edition].
['s-Gravenhage], Ned. Vereen. belangen Longlijders, 1946 Small 8°. Original publ. wrappers. Frontcover wit a large monochrome picture of the dutch Davos Sanatorium, covertitle in bold monochrome type. 89pp. captioned monochrome illustrations on photo plates featuring in-and outdoor nursing facilities at Davos Sanatorium on behalf of Tuberculosis, or TB, comparative data in text featuring numbers of patients, protif- & loss accounts, full-page schemes, name list of Board of directors, name list of Society members in The Netherlands, abroad and in the Dutch East Indies, full-page orbituary with portrait of E.C Stieltjes, original unused members' subscription card loosely inserted.
Dutch language annual report 1944-1945 including many interesting data and member's personalia, nusring facilities in the dutch Davos Sanatorium, Switzerland during the final phase of the second worldwar 1944-1945, about the dutch Sanatorium at Davos, Switzerland, a medical and nursing facility for long-term illness, most typically associated with treatment of tuberculosis, also called TB. This volume includes rather extensive data about the Dutch East Indies under japanese oppression. Very good copy.

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EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 56340

ANNUAL REPORT MISSIONARY HOSPITAL SIBOLANGIT [KARO BATAK]: Jaarverslag 1926Zendingshospitaal te Sibolangit [Karo Batak Discrict, Sujmatra]. [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
S.I., Nederlandsche Zendeling Genootschap/Zending onder de Karo-Batak, [....], 1927 Small oblong 8°. Original printed wrappers, stapled. 21pp. Captioned monochrome illustrations on 4 plates, featuring Karo-Batak patients and nurses, and a view of the hospital itselves, 2 comparative statistics listing in chronology numbers of ethnic patients, nurses and finance, epilogue on final unnumbered page. NOT called-for in holdings Royal Dutch Instiute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV.
Dutch language annual report 1926 compiled and published by NZG protestant (reformed) missionary organization about her Missionarh Hospital at Sibolangit, Karo-Batak district, North Sumatra. Scarce. (foxing throughout).

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 54102

ANNUAL REPORTS BANK PAPERMONEY CONFERENCES - BPK Banknotenpapiermacher -Tagung[s]. [Original Ausgabe; Oridinal edition].
Bergen und Alvøen, s.n., 1959- 1990 STOCKED: Annual Report 1959; 1961-1964; 1966-1975; 1966-1975; 1978-1980 and1990. Bound in 21 volumes. Large 8°, original black private cloth, gilded titles on spines. Approx. 2000pp. of cyclostyled text (versos blank), subdivided in topics, including minutes. Numerous tables, graphs and diagrams in text and full page, many original professional photographs (group portraits of conference attendants), name lists of attendants, specimen of counterfeit money, numerous original paper specimens pasted-in, original bank-directors' visiting-cards pasted-in, occasionally with original bearer's signatures.
Collection of german language reports, e.g. discussions, papers submitted, lectures as held before an audience of West-, and East European Bank Directors and Top managers, graphic designers, chemists, security managers, [bank] paper manufacturers, security officers, anti forgery managers, etc., including reports on a number of excursions and sight-seeing events. Also including private photographs taken of meetings and excursions, signed visiting cards and paper samples pasted-in. Bound in black private cloth, from the library of Jac. van Houtum, dutch paper manufacturer. Fine set.

EUR 850.00

Book nr.: 50787

ANONYMOUS - Pantoens, Senryu, Coplas, Haiku (Ms. covertitle). [Dichtvormen; Forms of Poetry].
S.I., s.n., [circa], 1950 Small 8°., original stiff wrappers, manuscript covertitle with an illustration pasted-on. [44]pp. Some coloured and monochrome illustrations pasted-in, relative texts pasted-in, also in manuscript and print, explanatory text to contents in manuscript on verso of front cover.
Dutch language privately compiled information on various forms of poetry and verse: the Malay Pantun and Sja'ir, Senryu and Haiku from Japan and Coplas from Portugal, assembled together with specimen texts and explanation.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 51665

ANONYMOUS - Elspeet. (Toeristengids).
[Elspeet, c. 1950 ]. Slim small 8°, pict. wraps., [32]pp of text, ills. & adverts, walking-map in centre, list of hotels & B.&B. at end.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 12522

ANONYMOUS - Gids [voor] Sutphen.
S.L. [Zutphen, c. 1935 ]. Small 8°, pict. wraps., 69pp., text-ills., adverts., list of hotels & restaurants.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 12520

ANONYMOUS - Langs historische Monumenten in de gemeenten Rozendaal en Rheden.
[Rheden, 1964 ]. Small 8°, 32pp., text-ills. by J. Straaijer.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 12521

ANONYMOUS, De monumenten in de Gemeente Maastricht.
's-Gravenhage, 1935 sm. 4°. orig. wraps. pp[291]-466. 5 large extd. plates, many text-ills, diagrs., cross-sections. "De Monumenten van Geschiedenis en Kunst in de Provincie Limburg, Eerste stuk, 3e Aflevering".
This volume lists and describes the monumental architecture, arts & crafts from Maastricht municipality, Limburg Province, The Netherlands, through the ages. Good copy. Single issues are very difficult to locate.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 12594

Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, 1949 Small 8°., orig. thin limp wrappers, stapled. Small illustration on front side. [8]pp. of introd. text by Lizzy Ansingh. 7 charming black/white text-ills., ills. on 4 photo. plates, all after drawings by Nelly Bodenheim, name list of lenders at very end. ["Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam", catalogus no. 68].
A tiny but well illustrated and documented catalogue of an exhibition as held at Amsterdam Municipal Museum, October 1949, with as subject the famous dutch illustrator Nelly Bodenheim (Johanna Cornelia Hermanna Bodenheim, 1874-1951). Good copy. (wrappers a bit dusty).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 52514

ANSLIJN, N., N.Z., Raadgevingen en Onderrigtingen voor kinderen, Ter dienste der Scholen. (tweede leesboek), 18th edn.
Leyden, D. du Mortier & Zn., 1851 12°. orig. thin printed paper wraps., title printed within a typographical border56, [2]pp. (list of contents).
Manual, being manners & morals for school-children. Very well preserved copy in its orig. wrappers.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 36558

ANSTADT, M. - H. EMMERING, K. ROSKAM & P. VAN 't VEER (eds.), De grote VARA gezinsatlas. Orig. edn. Preface by André Kloos.
Hilversum, VARA, 1975 sm. folio. Orig. boards, title and organization's logo on front boards. [4]pp. of introd., list of contents and explanation to legenda, 105pp. of col. multidiciplinary maps, of which in text, double-spread and single-page, many text-ills. with explanat. text on separate leaves or in margins of maps, register printed on page 105 to 120, col. endpaper-maps. Added: Supplement no. 1(all publ.), folio-sized, 3pp. with a map of New Zealand and a map of the Pacific Ocean printed inside, both coloured, with legenda, small inset-maps on right margin of second map, also in colour, register printed on page 3, loosely inserted.
A multi-diciplinary dutch family World Atlas published by the "VARA", the dutch labour Radio- and television company. Cartography by J.W. Wolters, Groningen. Fine copy.

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 43169

ANTI-SAVELRY SOCIETY REPORT: The Annual Report of the Anti-Slavery Society Society for the protection of Human rights for the year ended 31st March, 1971. [Original edition].
[London], Anti-Slarvry Society, [....], 1971 8°. Original wrappers, bold type covertitle. Stapled. 19pp. personalia of subscribers and other benefactors, personalia of board- and committee members printed inside front cover, protif- and loss-account, Society information inside lower outer cover, other data about the Society printed on a pink slip fixed to front cover.
Annual report listing activities and achievements, profit- and loss-account. Very good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 53718

ANTI-SEMITIC NAZI PROPAGANDA FLYER- Yankee-Engelsman-Bolsjewiek dansen naar de Pijpen van de Jodenkliek.
S.I., [Holland], "Viktoria, undated, [circa], 1941 An original propaganda flyer, size 19.5x13cm. , black/white illustration with anti-semitic slogan printed in bold black and red type at tail, together printed within a broad black border. Publ. imprint at upper right corner, german nazi censor's consent id. printed at lower right corner, K 288.
A strongly anti-semitic original flyer, printed on thin paper, verso left blank, spread around the dutch population during the german occupation of Holland, in order to influence and change dutch poblic opition against the jewish population. Very well preserved.

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EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 46449

ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY: The Anti-Slavery Society its Task Today, November 1969 [cover title]. [Original edition].
[London], The Anti-Slagery Society, 1966 8°. Original limp glossy wrappers with covertitle. Stapled. 23pp. List of Abbreviations and info on membership printed inside front cover, personalia of Board- and Committee members, bibliography, table of contents. WITH a three-fold english language brochure, text printed recto/verso, monochrome plate of a 7-year old Algerian girl sold as a slave on front side, further info. on slavery printed on both sides: Definition, extant forms, distribution, examples etc., incl. a member application form, loosely inserted.
Supplies detailed information: Officers of the Society, historical note, background to the present situation, United Nations debate on the AWAD report, the traffic in persons, reports of Slavery...Very fine copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 53719

ANTILLIAN STUDENTS IN THE NETHERLANDS- Programma van het eerste Lustrum van de Vereniging van Antilliaanse Studerenden te Nijmegen, CANOA.
Nijmegen, Canoa, mei 1950 Small 8°, orig. pict. col. wraps., 48pp., portrs., text-ills., adverts throughout, of which illustrated.
Programme of the festivities around the first lustre of the Antillian student Association CANOA, at Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Fine. (postmark on upper-wrap.)

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 10815

ANTIQUES MAGAZINE - Antiek [Antiques]. Tijdschrift voor liefhebbers en kenners van Oude Kunst en Kunstnijverheid.
Lochem, "De Tijdstroom", 1966/'67 - 1979/1980. Dutch monthly publ. 10 times a year (except July and September). Tog. in 140 parts as issued, loose in original blue silver lettered cloth binders, except vol. I and II (bound in matching cloth). Vol. I-14. large 8°. 654pp. Num. col. and plain plates, text-ills. and figs., with annual list of contents and register to articles, occasionally with auction notices and prices fetched in dutch guilders, enclosures of printed notices announcing special events as exhibitions and events, promotional pieces of antique dealers, all loosely inserted, original response- and subscription cards still present.
A lavishly illustrated dutch monthly on antiques and applied arts & crafts, both dutch and international, with essays on a variety of antiques as old master paintings, drawings, engravings, porcelain and pottery, woodcarving and bronzes, statues, glass, clocks, watches, &c. published both for laymen and experts. Still of great importance to antique-dealers and laymen. Printed on art paper. Set in excellent condition. (1 issue waterstained, leaves not sticking however, incl. 1 duplicate).

EUR 475.00

Book nr.: 42006

ANTONIDES, T[heodorus], Olympia, dat is Olymp-Spelen der Grieken, nagebootst van den Romeinen, uit oude Griekse en Romeinse Scrhyvers opgehaalt...vermeerdert met eenige korte aanmerkingen, neffens de voorname Inhoud der Hooftstukken en wydlopige Registers...Facsim. after the edition Groningen, Wed. J. Cost, 1732.
Haarlem, De Vrieseborch, 1984 sm. thick 8°. Orig. cloth. [452]pp. Table of contents and chapters added.
A photo-mechanical reprint of an almost unnoticed 18th century historic review of the Olympics with the ancient Greeks and Romans. A very fine copy. Scarce.

EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 44350

ANTWERP JEWEL PAGEANT - DIAMOND COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY OF ANTWERP, De Juwelenstoet uitgangen te Antwerpen, den 12, 15 en 19 Augustus 1923/Le Cortège des Bijoud sorti à Anvers les 12, 15 et 19 août 1923/The Jewels Pageant display at Antwerp on August 12th, 15th and 19th 1923.
Antwerp, 1923 Oblong 8°, limp gilt lettered calf, 2 gilt tooled coats-of-arms in lower right corner of upper boards, gilt inside dentelle. hftitle, title printed in red and black, [5 acknowledgements & introd. text, 61 full-p. col. & plain plates, with descr. text printed on tissue-guards, & explanatory text on facing-p. of first plate. Text throughout tri-lingual: Flemish, French & English. Col. initials, col. end-vignette on recte of last p..
This curious Jewel Pageant has been organized by the Antwerp Diamond Commerce Industry in 1923, wishing to celebrate the brilliant revival with splendour, & to associate the entire population & even the whole of Belgium to it, organized by a Committee of:"Diamond Commerce and Industry of Antwerp". The plates depict a variety of great historic events throughout the world attributed to Diamonds & diamond-industries, concerning countries as the United States, France, Venice, China, Japan, Turkey, Persia,&c...Published in a limited & numbered edn. of a 1000 copies, this copy bears nr. 704. A commercial curiosity. (bds. lightly shaved on rims, tail-end of spine damaged, small particly of top spine-end gone, but skilfully replaced).

EUR 205.00

Book nr.: 12775

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