GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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ANDERSEN, H.C., Het leelijke jonge Eendje-De Nachtegaal-De Varkenshoeder.
S.L. [c. 1930 ]. 4░. Tog. 3 fairy-tales by H.C. Andersen. Cut from an unknown dutch newspaper, pasted into an issue of an unknown dutch periodical (paste-overs), on tog. 12 leaves, with illustrated titles (also cuttings). Curious.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 9625

ANDERSEN, H.C. - RIE CRAMER, Sprookjes van Hans Andersen [: De Sneeuwkoningin]. Transl. fr. the orig. danish by Christine Doorman. 3e druk. (3rd. edn.).
Utrecht, de Haan, s.d. [circa], 1935 Orig. lettered boards, large col. illustr. by Rie Cramer on front boards. Hftitle (verso blank), 52pp. printed within a thin black line-border. Tipped-in col. frontisp., another tipped-in col. plate, some text-ills., 4 large oval ills. on endpapers, all after drawings by Rie Cramer.
The fairy-tale of the Snow-queen by H.C. Andersen, translated into dutch and charmingly illustrated by Rie Cramer. Fine copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 40741

ANDERSEN, H.C., Het oude Huis. Translated into dutch fr. the original danish by M. Nijland-van der Meer de Walcheren. Firsst dutch edn.
Amsterdam, De Spieghel, s.d. [circa], 1938 Orig. limp wraps. 28pp. frontisp., 5 plates after drawings by Dirk Nijland, large decorated initial.
A story by H.C. Andersen, nicely illustrated by Dirk Nijland (1886-1957, dutch artist and draughtsman. Limited edn. of 550 numbered copies, this copy bears nr. 47, typeset in 14. points "Lutetia". Good copy. (previous woner's signature in ink in upper right corner of hftitle, not disturbing however).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 44694

ANDERSEN, H.C. - RIE CRAMER (illustrations), Sprookjes en Verhalen. Volledige Uitgave naar het Deensch door W. van Eeden. [translated into dutch after the original danish language by W. van Eeden].
Utrecht, W. de Haan, [1931=], 1932 4 vols. Stout large 8░., original publ. cloth, author's name and large tinted illustration to each front cover, printed spines. Hftitles(versos blank), circular publ. vignette to ti.-p's. 191; 384; 192; 392pp. 43 fine coloured tipped-in plates, within a gilded thin line-border, 43 fine black/white plates, large decorative and illustrated initials, large black/white endpieces, all after drawings and designs by Rie Cramer, table of contents to each volume.
Complete collection of fairy tales and other stories by the famous danish national Hans Christiaan Andersen, compiled and edited into dutch language by W. van Eeden, with beautiful coloured and black/white plates by Rie Cramer. Fine copy, complete set in original publ. cloth, designed by Rie Cramer. Very hard-to-find nowadays. Rare. (some very light dampstaining alongside upper joint of volume III, unobtrusive name and signature in ink by previous owner to upper right corners of french titles).

EUR 650.00

Book nr.: 49693

ANDERSEN, V., Den Hollandske Udstilling K°benhavn 1922. Illustreret Katalog. [Eerste druk; First edition].
K°benhavn, A. Rosenberg, 1922 Small 8░., original limp wrappers, covertitle in bold black type with a large coloured illustration of a girl in dutch national dress after a watercolour. Stapled. 109pp. Captioned monochrome illustrations on 22 plates featuring examples of dutch national costumes and folklore, dutch master landscape paintings, monumental buildings, some monochrome illustrations in text, extensive name-lists of members various danish and dutch organizing committees, illustrated sponsoring adverts at rear on [9]pp., also between text and on both sides on lower outer cover, table of exhibited topics.
Danish language illustrated catalogue of a dutch exhibition as held at Copenhagen, Denmark, 1922, featuring a variety of topics: Folklore and national costume, fine art (master paintings); industry, trade and navigation and a separate section on the Dutch East Indies:trade, ethnology and tropical hygiene. Good copy. Scarce. (staples rusty, NO offsetting, spine reinforced with a modern cloth strip, upper left corner of lower outer cover with a superficial crack, rodent damage to upper right corners of advert. at rear, NOT touching text, a little bit dog-eared, ow. a tight and clean copy).

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 52153

ANDO HIROSHIGE - DIETRICHT sECKEL (Introduction), Ando Hiroshige, Tokaido-Landschaften. [1. Auflage; First edition].
Baden-Baden, Woldemar Klein, 1958 Small folio. Original marbled boards. Bold gilded covertile. Dustjacket. 27pp. of introd. text, incl. description to plates. 16 coloured reproductions after the original woodblock colour prints by Ando Hiroshige, with german language captions, featuring a choice collection of the famous Tokaido Stations, captioned monochrome japanese track-map at tail of final page.
German language scholarly inquiry into he famous Tokaido prints by Ando Hiroshige, including a choice collection of reproductions in colour of stations. Good copy, WIH DUSTJACKET.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 55255

ANDR╔, F., P. DEN BOER & J.C. DE KONING (Compilers), Leven; Leesboek voor de scholen met de Bijb el. Deel V. Vierde druk. [Fourth edition].
Amsterdam, H.J. Spruyt, 1938 Small 8░. Recent clothbacked original limp wrappers. Covertitle with a large coloured illustration by Tjeerd Bottema. 129pp. Monochrome illustrations by Tjeerd Bottema, publ. list on both sides of lower outer cover, table of contents.
Dutch language reader fitth form primary school based on christian religion. (spine with a modern cloth strip, front inner inge skilfully reinforced, a bit dog eared).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 52364

ANDREANI, G., Borsten mooi & gezond. Verzorging-Gezondheid-Seksualiteit. *puberteit-Zwangerschap-Borstvoeding en Menopauze. Translated after the orig. french (Les Seins) into dutch. First dutch edn.
Antwerpen/Amsterdam, HELIOS, 1981 Small 8░. Orig. thin stiff wrappers, coloured illustration on front side. 127pp. Text-ills. and figs. after drawings, table of contents.
A manual for females and their breasts (:) care and health, sex, puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. Paperback edn. (as publ.). Very good copy.

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 45773

ANDR╔E, Namen-Verzeichnis zu Andrees Handatlas. Achte Auflage, neuer revidierter Abdrukck. [8th edition, ner revised printing].
Bielefeld und Leipzig, Velhagen & Klasing, 1925 Small stout 4░., original limp cloth, title and publ. monogramme in gilt on front boards, title in gilt on spine. (vi), 592pp. List of abbreviations used, table of contents.
Gazetteer or register to "Andrees Handhatlas", 8th edition, new revised printing. Indispensable to the atlas of this edition. Very good copy. (boards somewhat dusty, some licht occasional shaving to corners and extremities of binding).

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EUR 275.00

Book nr.: 48218

ANDRES, E., Steel-engraved views of Towns and Cities. First Complete bibliography. Orig. edn.
Alphen a.d. Rijn, 2004 3 vols. gilt stamped cloth, dustjackets. 768, 752, 772pp. 50 steel engraved coloured plates, text in english, french and german, indexes: authors, book-titles, artists, engravers and publishers.
A bibliography of Nineteenth century illustrated works (from c. 1820 onward) containing views of towns and cities in england, europe and america.

EUR 550.00

Book nr.: 44131

ANDREW SISTERS (The), Ti-Pi-Tin (Maria Grever-Raymend Levine)/Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter).[With Bob Crosby's Bobcats].
S.L., Decca label, s.d. [circa], 1950 An original 78rmp. shellack record in its original paper envelope. Copyright Kempball Connelli. (Decca 63301, 64988, M32431). Used, but good.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 43026

ANDREW SISTERS (The), Love is where you find it (Warren, Mercer) from: Garden of the Moon/One, two, three O'Leary (Herman, Biship).
S.L., Decca label, s.d. [circa], 1950 An original 78rmp. shellack record in its original paper envelope. Copyright Kempball Connelli. (Decca 64423, 64427/M32020). Used, but good.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 43027

ANDREW SISTERS (The), Down in the Valley (Frank Luther)(Vic Young and his Orchestra)/The Wedding Samba (Ellestein-Small-Libowitz).
S.L., Decca label, s.d. [circa], 1950 An original 78rmp. shellack record in its original paper envelope. Copyright Kempball Connelli. (Decca L3221/5257, M32676). Used, but good.
Vocal by Carmen Miranda.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 43028

ANDRIESSE, S., De Savoyaard en zijn Aapje. Een verhaal. Vierde druk. [4th edn.
Amsterdam, H.W.J. Becht, [circa], 1900 Small 8░., orig. crushed red coloured boards, title and a large decoration bot in gilt on front boards. Hftivel (verso with publ. vignette and motto). [62]pp. Frontispiece, 1 other black/white plate, after drawings by C. Koppenol.
Dutch language youth story, set in Amsterdam, with as main characters a Swiss Savoyan book with his little monkey, in search of his swiss uncle living in Amsterdam. Nice copy in orig. decorated publ. boards. NOT called-for in holdings of Ryal Dutch Library, KB. (wome light wear alongside upper outer joint, tail of spine with some damage, restored however, some light wear to head of spine).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 46187

ANDRIESSEN, J.H.J., De andere waarheid. Een nieuwe visie op het ontstaan van de Eerste Wereldoorlog 1914-1918. Orig. edn.
S.L. [Amsterdam], De Bataafsche Leeuw, 1998 Orig. cloth. 288pp. Many ills. in text and full-page, of which portraits, sketch-maps in text and full-page, notes to text at end, bibliography, list of printed and archival sources consulted, register of personal names, illustrated title-page.
Political analysis of the origins of the First World War or, Great War, in which author attempts to prove that germany was certainly not the sole war-monger. NO dustjacket. Good copy.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 45152

ANDRIESSEN, P.J. (1815-1877), Feestgeschenk voor Neerlands Schooljeugd op 12 Mei 1874. [Covertitle]. [eerste druk; First edition].
Amsterdam, Scheltema & Holkema, [....], 1874 Small 8░. Original coloured decorative lithographed wrappers. Covertitle and 3 portraits of the Kings of the Netherlands. Coloured lithographed Dutch State Coat-of-Arms on lower outer cover. 14pp. 4 chromolithographed plates, lithographed by Emrik & Binger.
Dutch language illustrated booklet in praise of the first three Kings of the Netherlands William I, II and III, narrating famous patriotic deeds with strong moralizing tendency, on behalf of dutch youths. An interesting piece of Royalism and Nationalism. Very good copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 54419

ANGELL, Norman (1874- 1967), The Money Game. How to play it. A new instrument of Economic Education. [Second printing].
London & Toronto, J.M. Dent, 1928 2 parts in one volume. Stout 8░., original cloth, frontcover with gilded blindstamped monogramme, spine with gilded title. Hftitle (verso with author's publs.)(viii)pp. of Press reviews; 168pp. of text and directives to the game. Complete game apparatus at rear end in a cardboard box: decks of playing cards and money specimens in pounds sterling , small sized printed publ. notice loosely inserted.
English language card game in which economic principles of money: banking, loans and other currency operations. Text supplies extensive information on the game and its rules. The game was developed in 1912 but became very popular only when introduced in the United States of America in 1927. The initiator of the game was a Peace Nobel Prize winner 1933. Good to very good copy. Rare. (tail margin of front cover a bit damaged by rodents).

EUR 750.00

Book nr.: 52056

ANGELROTH (Preface), Im Flugzeug durch die Deutsche Heimat. Ein Sammelwerk von bleibendem Werte. Serie 1: Burgen und Schl÷sser. Orig. edn.
Leipzig, Hess & Stein, 1933 orig. limp black lettered wraps., orig. photograph of a german castle pasted in centre of front wrapper. Introductory leave (verso blank), 30 original aerial photographs, 8.5x6cm., tipped-in on 5 stiff leaves with explanat. german text to each photograph., publ. list of other albums in the series printed on recte of lower outer wrap.
A charming collection of aerial views of famous german citadels and castles, published in the framework of german nationalism. Very good copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 41300

ANJOU, R. D' [=RenÚ I d'Anjou 1409-1480] - Franz Unterkircher (Introduction and information), Livre du Cuer d'amours Espris. Een hoofse roman van RenÚ d'Anjou. [Authentic facsim. after the original illuminated Manuscript, translated into dutch].
Utrecht-Antwerpen, Spectrum, 1975 :arge 8░. Original red coloured publ. cloth, large gildedand decorative device on front cover, gilded title on spine. Original matching clothcovered slipcase, large coloured facsim. leave on front side selected from the original manuscript. Hftile (verso blank). Publ. and printer's provenance on verso of ti.-p. [6]pp. of introduction and further information about the original 15th century illuminated Ms., bibliograpy on next unnumbered page. 16 very fine coloured facsim. plates after the original medieval Ms., gilded lining applied, large decorative, coloured and gilded initials, extensive dutch lan guage scholarly informative text on 16 facing pp.
Dutch language authentic facsim. after "The Book of the Love-smitten heart", (1457), an allegoric work that fuses the conventirons of Arthurian romance with an allegory of love based on the "Romance of the Rose". Exquisitely illustrated by the court painter BarthÚlemy d'Eyck. Very fine copy. Rare.

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 55316

ANNALEN LAND VAN WAAS FLANDERS - ANNALEN van de Oudheidkundige Kring van het Land van Waas.
Sint-Niklaas, Oudheidkundige kring, vol. 58, 2 (1952); 60, 1-2 (1954); 65, 1-2 (1962); 66, 1-2 (1965); 67, 1-4, complete (1964); 68, 1-4, complete (1965); 69, 1-4, complete (1966); 70, 1-4, complete (1967); 71, 1-4, complete (1968); 72, 1-4, complete (1969); 73, 1-4, complete (1970); 74, 1-2 (1971); 75, 1-4, complete (1972); 76, 1-4, complete (1973); 77, 1-4, complete (1974); 78, (Jaarboek 1975); 79 (Jaarboek 1976); 81 (jaarboek 1978); 82 (Jaarboek 1979). Tog. 28 parts. large 8░., original decorative publ. wrappers. With many males in text and full-page, of which facsims. after archivalia, tables, diagrams, footnotes, tables of contents
Flemis language quarterly journal with many expert contributions devoted to regional geography and history of Lokeren and Waasmunster, district Waas, Flanders, Belgium. Although this run shows considerable gaps still of great interest. Very good condition.

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 48784

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