GEMILANG 157: VARIA: A Potpourri of Books published between 1700-2015).

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A. v. K. [= Andreas van der Kruyssen (X-1663], Misse, haer korte uytlegginghe, ende Godtvruchtighe oeffeningen onder de selve. En eenige besondere zegeningen: en het gebruyck der HH. Sacramenten, zoo die in de Heylige Catholijcke Apostelijcke Roomsche Kercke geoeffent worden. [Laetste druck verbetert en vermeerdert/Final edition revised and enla.
'T Antwerpen, Petrus Jouret, 1732 In-8. Contemp. full calf, with clasps. Ti.-p. with engraved printer's device. [5],37 [verso 38]; 487; [[5]pp. 37 captioned monochrome engraved allegoric (emblemata) plates to first section featuring the way of the Cross, engraved decorative endpapers.
Detailed eighteenth century dutch language Roman Catholic liturgy. Royal Dutch Library, KB, calls for the edition Amsterdam 1651. (binding heavily shaved and worn, lower clasp gone, contents clean).

EUR 450.00

Book nr.: 53635

A.B.C. BOOK METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY NEW YORK, 'Because it is your book of Health, We thought you'd like a part in finishing it up, and so we count on you for Art' [Original edition].
New York, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, [circa], 1955 Small 8°. Original wrappers, stapled. Cover with coloured A.B.C. illustration. [13]pp. with Capitals A-Z with rhymed text and 7 (six announced) monochrome illustrations to be finished in colour paint or crayon. Added a loose paper chart with a coloured illustration suggesting colours you like best, a simple 20-point wuestionnaire printed on verso:"Is your grade 100 for Health?", loosely inserted. Illustrated company's notice suggesting application of vegetable colours by lack of paint or crayon printed inside front cover.
English language A-B-C booklet in which awareness of Health Care is promoted amongst children by the Metropolitan Life Insurence Company New York-San Francisco-Ottawa. Very fine copy. Scarce.

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 52403

A.M., The Story of the Willow Patterned Plate. [Fifth printing].
London, Adam & Charles Black, 1975 Small 8°. Original white coloured boards. Covertitle in bold blue type with a blue coloured willow patterned plate at top, repeated on lower outer cover and on ti.-p. 39pp. Some blue coloured illustrations in text featuring details of willow-patterns, blue coloured willow patterned plates on endpapers. WITH a small original english language illustrated booksurvey looseli inserted.
Small sized english language expert essay about chinese blue willow patterned plates, inroduced into england approx. 1880, incl. i.a. notes about its craft and and meaning. Very fine copy.

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EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 55403

AA, A.J. VAN DER, Beknopt Aardrijkskundig Woordenboek der Nederlanden. Orig. edn.
Gouda, G.B. van Goor Zonen, s.d.[....], 1855 thick 8°. orig. black panelled grained cloth, within a blind tooled ornamental border on both sides. Hftitle(verso with publ. imprint).[2](preface), 1173pp. printed in 2 collumns, [2]pp. being list of abbrev. used and errata.
First edn. of this famous dutch geographical glossary, that supplies massive information on the subject, incl. etymological meaning, where applicable, derivations from other languages, &c...Very good copy in orig. publ. cloth. Scarce.

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EUR 475.00

Book nr.: 40067

AA, T. VAN DER, Je recht komt met de jaren. Tweede bijgewerkte druk. (2nd. revised edn.).
Amsterdam, Raad voor het Jeugdbeleid, 1984 oblong 12°. orig. lettered wraps. 128pp. Text-ills. after drawings by Jan van Maasakkers, index.
Official dutch youth policy and legislation explained and elucidated for dutch youths (:) laws and rights, education, juvenile sentencing, health and healthcare, labour, redundancy... Fine copy.

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 42268

AAFJES, B., Gedichten. Eerste Sonnetten. Het gevecht met de Muze. Het zanduur van den Dood. Verspreide gedichten. Sonnetten en andere gedichten uit Friesland. First edn.
Amsterdam/Antwerpen, Contact, s.d. [circa], 1960 Orig. clothbacked boards, title in gilt on front boards. 230pp. Publ. announcing leaflet loosely inserted.
Author's collected poems. Good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 42272

AALDRIKS, J., Nederlandse Kastelen.
Groningen, s.d. [circa], 1970 sm.8°. orig.pict.col. wraps. [6]pp. of introd. text and captions to the plates. Frontisp., 32 col. ills. after watercolours on 16 plates, full-p. sketch-map, 6 col. coats-of-arms printed on outer lower wrap.
A pictorial review of old dutch castles and country-seats of which a number have been demolished in the course of time. Nice.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 38017

AALST, H. VAN - C.J. & A.J. JANSEN(Editors), Onder Martieners en Bietsers. Dertig jaar uit mijn leven in volkslogementen en in de woonwagen. Edited by C.J. & A.J. Jansen . [Eerste druk; First edition].
Rotterdam, De Combinatie, [....], 1946 Small stout 8°. Original clothbacked boards. Covertitle in bold black type with a tinted line-illustration at tail. Hftitle(verso blank). 224pp. explanatory notes to gypsy-slang terms and expressions printed at tail-margins.
Dutch language autobiography in which an authentic and detailed picture is drawn of author's career as a travelling forestaller of copperwork staying over in local inns for a period of some 14 years and aftewards in a mobile home (a caravan), including his relations with gypsies and other street hawkers. An interesting narrative. Good copy. (front edge a bit foxed).

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 54540

AALTEN & BREDEVOORT - Ne göpse vetelsels ovver Aalten en Brevoort. Een verzameling verhalen rond het leven en wonen in Aalten en Bredevoort in het verre en recente verleden. 2e druk. (2nd. edn.).
Aalten, "Vereniging tot Verbetering van de Volkshuisvesting", 1986 sm.8°. orig. limp pict. col. glossy wraps. 176pp. Many plates & text-ills, incl. some portrs., all after old and more recent photographs, concise bibliogr., photo-credits.
A collection of local stories, partly in local dialect describing life and housing in the past and more recent past of the municipalities Aalten and Bredevoort, or Brevoort, both situated in Gelderland Province, more specific in the region called "De Achterhoek". Published and compiled by the Association for improvement of popular housing at Aalten. Nice copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 40967

AALTEN MUNICIPALITY ORDINANCE MAP - Aalten [en omgeving]. Original edition.
's-Gravenhage, Topographische Inrichting, 19731855 Large four-fold uncoloured lithographed ordinance map, dissected on linen (verso blank), 1:50.000. Total size 95x66cm. , title in old ink on verso of first fold. ["Topographische en Militaire Kaart van het Koningrijk der Nederlanden", Sheet 41]
Single sheet (no. 41) of the first ever published military ordinance map of Aalten municipality and surroundings, which includes the medieval city of Bredevoort also illustrating her fortifications. Original reconaissance by [dutch] military surveyors in 1844, published in 1855 by command of the dutch Ministry of defence. Good copy. Rare. (title in old ink on verso of first fold with a stain at lower left corner, some minimal wear to folds).

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EUR 295.00

Book nr.: 48529

AARTS, C.J. & M.C. VAN ETTEN (compilers), Domweg gelukkig in de Dapperstraat. De bekendsted gedichten uit de nederlandse literatuur. Orig. edn.
Amsterdam, Bert Bakker, 1991 orig. limp pict. col. glossy lettered wraps. 296pp. Registers.
Anthology of dutch poetry through the ages. Very fine copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 42025

AARTS, C.J. & M.C. VAN ETTEN (compilers), Domweg gelukkig in de Dapperstraat. De bekendste gedichten uit de Nederlandse Literatuur. Tweede druk. (2nd. edn.).
Amsterdam, Bert Bakker, 1991 sm. 8°. orig. limp pict. col. wraps., designed by Rick Vermeulen. 296pp. Author and title registers.
An anthology of the best-know poems by dutch authors. Paberback edn. (as orig. publ.). Very fine copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 42110

AAS [APELDOORNSE AMATEUR SCHRIJVERS], AAS Verhalen, Drama & Gedichten. [Eerste druk/first edition].
Apeldoorn, De Aap, 1978 Original printed illustrated wrappers, stapled. [44]pp. of cyclostyled text, black/white portraits of contributing authors in text, table of contents.
Dutch language collection of poetry, drama and stories published in AAS (Apeldoornse Amateur Schrijvers; Apeldoorn amateur authors), being literary contributions by Hanneke Kres, Jan Salentijn, Koen Donker-van Heel, Osi Peuke, Privately published in nice lay out and typography. Very good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 49882

ABBINK, H.J. - B.G. COES, T. JANSEN-BRAMER & G. TIJHOF (compilers), Oorlog, Verzet en Bevroijding. [Oorlog-Vrede-Bevrijding; title at tail of introduction]. Original edition.
S.I. [Vriezenveen], s.n., [circa], 1950 Original cyclostyled coloured wrappers, stapled. Illustration on front cover (reproduced from:"De Pantserkrant"). 24pp. Many text-ills. and sketch-maps after drawings, some reproductions of portraits, questionnaire at end of story, name-list of locals of Vriezenveen municipality, deported and killed during the Second Worldwar, incl. some names of troops killed in dutch colonial Indonesia 1947-1949 and foreign troops, english, australian, listed on the local war-memorial at Manitobaplein, Vriezenveen, full text, all stanzas, of the dutch national anthem at very end.
Dutch language text published alongside a small exhibition commemmorating the second worldwar as held at Vriezenveen municipality, Overijssel province, 1950. Informs local youths on the second worldwar, outbreak of war, occupation, liberation and peace.Very good copy.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 48147

ABC CABARET - WIM KAN - CORRY VONK (Directors), A B C Cabaert "HerExamen", 1936-1961.
S.I., ['s-Gravenhage], Nederlands Theaterbureau, 1961 Small slim 8°, original coloured and illustrated wrappers, stapled. [21]pp. of text and many black/white illustrations/portraits of performing artists, centre-fold programme, chronology printed on lower outer cover.
Lavishly illustrated dutch language Jubilee Programme 1961, of the famous Dutch A.B.C.-Cabaret, managed by Wim Kan and his wife Corry Vonk, commemmorating the 25th anniversary. With performing artists as Jacco van Renesse, Nellie Fryda, Jenny Arean, Henk Elsink, Wim Kan, Ru van Veen, Annelies Bouma, Fine copy.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 50035

ABC CABARET - WIM KAN - CORRY VONK (Directors), Wim Kan en Corry Vonk; A B C Cabaert. Hop! Hop! Hop!. Een Programma geschreven en geregisseerd door Wim Kan. [Original edition].
S.I., s.n., 1969 Small slim 8°, original coloured and illustrated wrappers designed by Loes Vosmaer, stapled. [24]pp. of text and many black/white illustrations/portraits of performing artists, centre-fold programme, some sponsoring advertism. inside covers. ADDED tow original illustrated and printed flyers with seasonal programme by Leiden Theatre, 2 original press-clippings from a local Leiden newspaper with reviews of the Performance, loosely inserted.
Lavishly illustrated dutch language Caberat Programme 1969, of the famous Dutch A.B.C.-Cabaret, managed by Wim Kan and his wife Corry Vonk, with performing artists as Wim Kan, Corry Vonk, Ru van Veen, Marnix Kappers, Annie M.G. Schmidt, et. al. Very good copy. (staples a wee bit rusty).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 50036

ABC CABARET - WIM KAN (Introd.) - ALBERT MOL (Choreography/settings], Bedriegertjes. [Een Programma dat zich afspeelt rondom de bron van het bedrog: de bedriegertjes bij Rozendaal op de Veluwe]. [Eerste druk; First edition].
Mijdrecht, A.B.C. Cabaret, 1953 12°. original wrappers. Stapled. Covertitle with musicscores. [20]pp. of text and illustrations, (portraits of performing artists), centre fold. illustrated coloured sketch-map of Gelderland Provincial district "De Veluwe" with concise text, some sponsoring advertism.
Official dutch language 1953 Programme, with tog. 18 acts by this famous dutch "A.B.C." Cabaret, with as directors Corry Vonk and Wim Kan, choreography and settings by Albert Mol, and 12 performing artists as Marijke Hoving, Lia Dorana and Ru van Veen(at the piano). Very fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 50366

ABC CABARET PROGRAMME (WIM KAN & CORRY VONK), Wat een Land! Wat een Land! [Originele uitgave; Original edition].
S.I., s.n., [....], 1961 Small slim 8°., cover title with a nice coloured illustration. Stapled. [22]pp. Many portraits of performing artists throughout with captions, centre-fold. programme, full-page sponsoring adverts.
Original dutch language programme of the famous duch ABC Cabaret under the direction of Wim Kan and Corry Vonk, with assistance by Frans Halsema, Toon Hermans, Sylvia de Leur, Jacques van Alphen, music arr. and compositions by Ru van Veen. Nice attractive copy of this cabaret program.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 50325

ABEND, Hallettt, Treaty Ports. [A Rich Pageant of Life where East and West Agreed to Meet, subtitle on dustjacket]. First edition.
Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1944 Small 8°., original cloth, dustjacket. (viii), 271pp. Full-page facsim. sketch-map, index, illustrated endpapers, table of contents. Nice lino-cut ex-libriis pasted on recte of f.e.p.
English language historical survey on the first ports of China opened to european and other foreign western powers, the so-called Treaty Ports, including descriptions on developing trade, opium- and slave-trade, further penetration of european missionaries, etc. Good to very good copy, WITH DUSTJACKET. (tiny nick to lower outer cover, dustjacket rather heavily frayed and chipped at spine-ends).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 51652

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