GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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BAKRI (translator), Kelinci dan Kura-Kura. (Translated into indonesian language after the english edition publ. in Malaysia "The Owl and the Bat", by Bakri]. First indonesian edition.
Jakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1977 Original partly coloured and illustrated thin limp wrappers, stapled. 13pp. Large circular illustration on ti.-p., many large coloured illustrations after original watercolours. ["Balai Pustaka", No. 2595].
Lavishly illustrated indonesian language children's story. Good copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 47985

BAKRI SIREGAR, Djedjak Langkah. First edn.
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1953 sm. 8. orig. pict. col. wraps. 72pp. some drawings in text.(pencil annot. on verso of title). ["Balai Pustaka", No. 1945].

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 12228

BAKRY, H.M.K. & AMAN, Rangkai Manikam.
Djakarta, 1956 tog. 5 parts. sm.oblong 8. orig. pict. col. wraps. Tog. c.200pp. Col. text-ills. after drawings.
Reader for indonesian primary school. Very good set.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 40012

BALAI POESTAKA - Malaria. Tweede geheel omgewerkte druk van "Onnoodige Dooden"./Penjakit Malaria. (2nd. completely revised edn. of "Onnoodige Dooden".).
Weltevreden, Volkslectuur/Balai Poestaka, 1925 12. Orig. wraps., stapled. 51pp. Ills. in text and full-page after drawings. Bi-lingual text, dutch/indonesian, publ. advertism. printed inside upper- and lower wrapper. ["Korte berichten van het hoofdbestuur van den Burgelijken Geneeskundigen Dienst", No. 10].
Informative brochure directed to the european and middle-class indonesian population, supplying information on the protection and prevention agains malaria. Nice copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 44104

BALAI POESTAKA - BATOEK KERING (Tuberculose). [Eerste druk/first edition].
Weltevreden, Balai Poestaka, 1929 12 (original paperbacked printed boards, circular medical logo's printed on both outer covers. 22pp. NOT called-for in Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. ["Serie D.V.G. No. 2].
Low Malay language popular but to-the-point introduction into the occurrance and early recognition of Tuberculosis in the Dutch East Indies. A tiny little volume in original publ. boards. Scarce. (staples rusty, some discolouring to tail margins of last few pp.).

EUR 60.00

Book nr.: 49534

BALAI PUSTAKA, Sang Boma. Tjetakan Ketige (3rd. edn.).
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1959 sm. 8. Orig. limp wraps. 328pp. ["B.P.", No. 279]. Good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 44126

BALI ART EXHIBITION MUSEUM NEKA, UBUD - Museum Neka Yayasan Dharma Seni Ubud Bali Indonesia. [Catalogue of an exhibition as held at Museum Neka, Ubud, Bali].
Ubud, Museum Neka, 1983 sm.8. orig. limp pict. col. wraps, front wrap. depict. a drawing by Rudolf Bonnet. [36]pp. of text, incl. prefaces and introductions, 32 plates of which coloured and partly out-of-text, introd. and prefaces in indonesian, descriptions to pieces exhibited both in indonesian and english, incl. sized of exhibited objects given, and concise biogr. notes, previous exhibitions, where applicable.
A very nice exhibition catalogue of Museum "Neka", Ubud, Bali. Catalogue listing and describing tog. 92 painings, drawings, mixed techniques of a.o. Rudolf Bonnet, Affandi, Nyoman Tusan, R. Moerdowo, Antonio Blanco, Theo Meier, Dullah, Abdul Aziz, Arie Smit, &c. Copy with a large dedication to (name erased with black felt-pent, but certainly a dutchman), signed and dated 17/8/1983 by the Museum director P.W. Suteja. Fine copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 41235

Ubud (Bali), Museum Puri Lukisan, s.n. [circa], 1956 sm. 8. orig.pict. stiff wraps. (iv),16pp. of introd. text, and extensive descr. to Museum-collection. Bi-lingual text (Bahasa Indonesia/English). 24 plates o.o.t. with captions at tails, list of works on Loan on pp. i-iv.
The Museum Puri Lukisan (Museum of Modern Balinese Art) has been founded on 31 January 1954, and opened her doors at January 1956, houses a beautiful collection of "modern"Balinese art. Plates depict. woodcarvings & paintings. The catalogue describes tog. 77 paintings & drawings, 2 frescoes and the 6 reliefs on the outer walls of the Museum. A very rare catalogue. (wear to tail of spine over c.7cms., oval museum-stamp on recte of upper wrap(blank) and on haftitle, rather dominant, ow a good copy).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 38962

BAMBANG WIDJANARKO, Sewindu Dekat Bung Karno. Cetakan kedua [second edition].
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1988 Small 8., original coloured limp glossy wrappers, portrait of Sukarno with title in bold gilt type in relief on front wrapper. 212pp.Ills. and portraits on 6 black/white plates, some portraits in text, concise biogr. note to author with portrait, synopsis on lower outer wrapper, table of contents.
Indonesian language biography to "Bung Karno", or Ir. Sukarno, first president to the Republic of Indonesia, covering the turbulent political events 1960-1970. Pocket edition (as publ.). Very good copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 47983

BANDUNG STREET NAMES - Perubahan nama djalan-djalan di Bandung. Telah ditetapkan dalam Sidang-Perwakilan Rayat Kota Bandung ttg.3 Maret [1950 dan 28 April 1950/Gewijzigde Straatnamen van Bandung. Vastgesteld bij de Gemeenteraadsvergaderingen ddo. 3 Maart [19]50 en 28 April 1950. [Title on front wrapper]. Orig. edn.
Bandung, "De Preangerbode", 1950 12. Orig. wrappers, stapled, bi-lingual title, indonesian/dutch, printed on front wrappers. 32pp. Preface by publisher. Publ. advertism. inside front wrapper and on recto/verso of lower outer wrappers.
Alph. arranged list of Bandung streetnames, for the first time in history translated into bahasa indonesia, implemented after two sessions of Bandung municipal council. Printed in two collumns, dutch version alongside indonesian version. Good copy. Rare.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 46830

BANDUNG UNIVERSITY PADJADJARAN CURRICULUM - Departemen Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung 1984-1986. Original edition.
S.I.[Bandung], Pedoman Penyelenggaraan Program Pendidikan 1984-1986, [....], 1984 Original coloured illustrated limp glossy wrappers. (xiv), 520pp. Many tables in text and full-page, some full-page diagrams at end, extensive name-lists, table of contents.
Official programme[s] of Bandung University, period 1984-1986, supplying numerous data and information to students and staff. Very fine copy.

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 47782

BANYUMAS REGION JAVA - Pathokan Pendhalangan Gagrag Banyumas. Cetakan pertama. [First edition].
Jakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1983 Original partly coloured and illustrated limp wrappers. 187pp. Extensive numeric music scorise in text and full-page, appendix, table of contents. ["Balai Pustaka", No. 3022].
Indonesian language research into the history and development of the structure of [gamelan] music accompanying Wayang Kulit performaces at Banyumas district, Java. Compiled by Sekretariat Nasional Pewayangan Indonesia "Sena Wangi". Fine copy.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 47815

BAPPEDA SUMUT (text), North Sumatera in Brief. Orig. edn.
Medan, Indah Technology, 2001 Orig. cloth, dustjacket. 70pp. of coloured ills. after photographs with captions in bahasa indonesia and english, preface and overall text also in bahasa indonesia and english, table of contents, coloured smetch-map of the province of Sukatra printed on verso of title.
A lavishly illustrated bi-lingual description of the Province North Sumatra, Sumatera Utara, (:) provincial government house, brief history, Medan city, Art & culture, industry, agriculture, Lake Toba, &c...&c...Good copy.

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EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 44846

BASJAH TALSYA, (Teuku Ali), Batu Karang ditengah Lautan (Perjuangan Kemerdekaan Di Aceh) 1945-1946. Buku I. (vol. I).Orig.edn.
Medan, Lembaga Sejarah Aceh, 1990 sm.8. orig.col. glossy wraps. (viii), 376pp. ills. on plates, Author's C.V., with portr., printed on lower outer wrap.
A chronological description of the liberation of Aceh from the Japanese occupation and the final phase (January to December 1949) of the Acehnese struggle for independnc at the time of the dutch-indonesian dispute, 1945-1950, in which period the dutch did not regain full control of this province. Very good copy. Scarce.

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EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 39424

BASRY, MUH. HASAN & IBRAHIM ALFIAN (Project edutors), Perang Kolonial Belanda di Aceh/The dutch colonial war in Aceh. Second Edition, revised.
Banda Aceh, The Documentation and Information Center of Aceh, 1990 Large oblong 8., orig. cloth, title in gilt on front boards and spine, dustjacket, all edges gilt, blue coloured batik-patterned limp paper endpapers246pp. of bi-lingual text indonesian/english. Coloured frontispiece (facsimil. of an 18th century map of the Indonesian Archipelago), num. plates, text-ills. after photographs, and after drawings, incl. a great number of portraits, of which some coloured, bibliography, list of sources consulted, index, acknowledgements, name-list of the working committee at very end, table of contents.
A lavishly illustrated history of the dutch colonial war against the rebellious province of Atjh or Aceh, North Sumatra at the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the 20th century, Portraits illustrate both dutch and acehnese military heroes and political opponents, also including pictures of the famous military cemetery "Peutjoet"at Banda Aceh, where friend and foe are all alike. A well-balanced historical review. Very difficult to locate nowadays as the whole edition was destroyed during the 2006 Tsunami that hit North sumatra. Very fine copy. Rare.

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EUR 350.00

Book nr.: 46689

BATIK MANUAL - BALAI PENELITIAN BATIK & KERADJINAN(Batik Research Institute), Batik Manual. Revised and Reprinted.
Jogjakarta, Balai Penelitian Batik & Keradjinan/Batik Research Institute, 1971 oblong 8. orig. limp. black cloth, title in gilt on upper cover, yellow cord through spine. 1 leave of english Introduction; 1 leave being flower diagram for the manufacture of Batik, followed by 9 leaves, each bearing an original photograph (7x7cm.) and an original piece of batik (15x7cm), pasted-on upper half of leave, depicting the 9 stages of batik-process,with bi-lingual (indonesian/english) explanatory text at tails. Tog. 11 leaves(versos blank), all with tissue-guards preserved). WITH: Ibid, Tjontoh Warna-Warna Naphtol. Jogjakarta.s.n. large oblong 8. orig.wraps., title in black lettering on upper wrap., printed within a floral typographical border. 1 leave of introd. cyclostyled indonesian text (verso blank), followed by 2 leaves each bearing resp. 54 and 70 orig. naphtol-dyed (various colours) cotton batik samples, with concise cyclostyled marginal text. Stapled. AND: Ibid, Tjontoh Warna-Warna Indigosol. Jogjakarta, s.n. folio. orig. black lettered wraps, printed within a black line-border. With tog. 7 leaves of cyclostyled indonesian/english text to together 69 original dyed cotton batik samples pasted in centre of leaves; samples dyed with Indigo and chemical derivates as Indigosol & Sandozol,
In the main work on indonesian Batik process following stages are explained and described and illustrated by original stamples (as described above)(:), Preparation of the cloth, Ngemplong (preparation), First and 2nd. application of wax, first steeping, first wax removal, 3rd application of wax, 2nd. steeping(browning), removal of wax, finished batik-product. A very rare set of great interest. Very well preserved.

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EUR 660.00

Book nr.: 38973

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