GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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ASMARAMAN S. & KHO PING HOO, Tangan Geledek (Pek Lui Eng). Orig. ednb.
Solo, "Gema", 1987-1988. tog. 27 parts. 12°. orig.pict.col. wraps. Each part 64pp. With many ills. after drawings by SRIWIDJONO & SOEBAGYO. Stapled.
A popular chinese adventure-story (silat) as published for the Indonesian Chinese population. Fine set. Scarce.

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EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 37927

ASMARAMAN S. & KHOO PING HOO (1926-1994), Harta Karun Jenghis Khan. Cetakan Pertama [First edition].
Solo, GEMA, [circa], 1978 2 vols. Small 8°., original limp wrappers, front covers coloured and illustrated. 144, 143pp. Black/white illustrations after drawings by Yanes. This first edition NOT called-for in Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV (calls for a later and more expanded edition).
Indonesian language popularized story of Djenghis Khan on behalf of malay schinese. Pocket edition. (as originally publ.). Fine set. Scarce.

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EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 49549

ASMARAMAN S. & KHOO PING HOO (1926-1994), Siluman Guha Tengkorak. Cetakan Pertama [First edition].
Solo, GEMA, 1978 2 vols. Small 8°., original limp wrappers, frontcovers coloured and illustrated. 128, 138pp. Black/white illustrations after drawings by Sriwidjono.
Indonesian language popular adventure story. Pocket edition (as orig. publ.). Very good copy. Scarce.

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EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 49550

ATEN SUWANDA, H., Di Bawah Lindungan Tuhan. Suatu kisah perjalanan penulis sebagai anggota Corps Mahasiswa (CM) dalam perjuangan melawan perjajah Belanda. Orig.edn.
[Jakarta], s.n.[circa], 1980 sm.8°. orig.wraps.(vii), 140pp. Text-ills. after drawings.
The japanese occupation of Indonesia and its aftermath, the founding of Brigade XVII with as commanding officer H. Sudarto. Good copy. (cancellation-stamp on ti.-p. erased with black felt-pen).

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 39441

ATENG SYAFRUDIN, Selayang Pandang tentang Tikik Berat Otonomi Daerah Pada Daerah Tingkat II. [title on front cover].
Bandung, Fakultas Hukum Universitas Katolik Parahyangang, 19851985 Small 8°., original printed and coloured wrappers, stapled. 17pp.
Indonesian language speech at held on the occasion of the second anniversary commemmorating the founding of Faculty of Law, Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung. Good copy. (label at tail of spine, ex-lib. stamp on f.e.p.).

EUR 15.00

Book nr.: 49152

ATMADI, T., (Chief Editor) (, Indonesia Indah, Buku Ke-7, Tari Tradisional Indonesia. [Original edition].
S.I. [Jakarta], Yayasan Harapan Kita, 1997 Large 8°., original cloth, title in gilt on front cover and spine, dustjacket. (x), 317pp. Many coloured illustrations after photographs, some coloured tables in text, coloured and illustrated endpapers and ti.-p., double-page coloured map of Indonesia, bibliography, acknowledgements, photocredits, table of contents. ["Indonesia Indah", 7].
A colourful indonesian language rather popular review of traditional ceremonial Dance across Indonesia, such as Bedaja or Bedojo, Wayang Wong, Lègong and Barong. Illustrations feature ceremonial dress, head-dress as wel as body- and hand-poses. Fine copy. Out-of-Print.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 49119

ATMADJA-HADINOTO, N. K., Dialog dan Edukasi Keluarga kristen dalam Masyarakat Indonesia. [Dotoral thesis Free University Amsterdam].
Amsterdam, VU Uitgeverij, 1989 Original printed limp wrappers. [8], 335pp. English summary, table of abbreviations used, glossarium, extensive bibliography, table of contents. WITH an extra dutch summary loosely inserted. Small 8°., original wrappers, stapled. 26pp. Table of contents. [Theologische Academie uitgaande van de Johannes Calvijnstichting te Kampen].
Discusses christian education within family setting in Indonesia; duties of the Church towards the family concerning christian education, related to indonesian political ideology of "Pancasila"and the belief in a single God. Fundament of this doctoral thesis is based upon dutch reformed Johannes Calvin denomination as practices at the theological academy of Kampen, the Netherlands. Very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 47561

ATMAKUSUMAH, Kebebasan Pers dan Arus Informasi di Indonesia. (Beberapa Cermin Perkembangan 12 Tahun). Cetakan pertama. [first edition]. [With an introduction by Mochtar Lubis].
Jakarta, Lembaga studi Pembangunan, 1981 Original coloured illustrated limp wrappers. (x), 191pp. Some black/white plates, of which double-page, references, index of personal names, biogr. note to author with a portrait on recte of publ. advert. at very end, another publ. advert. inside lower outer wrapper, synopsis on lower outer wrapper.
Discusses freedom of press and cencorship in general and particular in indonesian society. Good copy. (some wear to spine-ends, some chafing to extremities of wrappers and alongside outer joints, upper right corner of front wrapper with a light crack).

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 47598

ATMOWILOTO, A., Senopati Amungkas buku ketiga belas cerita Silat. Cetakan kedua. [2nd. edn.],.
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1988 Small 8°. Orig.stiff wrappers192pp. Indonesian text edn. Very fine copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 45837

ATTAMIMI, A. Hamid S., Peranan Keputusan Presiden Republik Indonesia dalam penyelenggaraan pemerintahan Negara. Suatu Studi analisis Mengenai keputusan Presiden Yang Berfungsi Pengaturan Dalam Kurun Waktu Pelita I-Pelita IV/De rol van de Kepusan Presiden Indonesia in de uitvoering van de Staatsregering. Orig. thesis.
Jakarta, Universitas Indonesia/Fakultas Pascasarjana, 1990 sm. thick 8°. orig. stiff wraps. with title in white lettering on upper cover. (xxvi), 404pp. some diagrammes in text, footnotes, extensive bibliogr., registers. Dutch summary, 5pp, loosely inserted.
An analytical research on a presidential decree with controlling function in the period of indonesian five-year plans I-IV. Very good copy. Scarce.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 40465

ATTAMIMI, A. Hamid S., De rol van de Keputusan Presiden Republik Indonesia in de uitvoering van de Staatsregeling. Een analytisch onderzoek betreffende het presidentiële besluit met regelende functie in de periode vijfjarige plannen I-IV./Peranatan Keputusan Presiden Republik Indonesia dalam penyelenggaraan....
Jakarta, Universitas Indonesia, 1990 Original glossy thin boards. (xxvi), 404pp. Full-page tables, index to personal names and subjects, bibliography, references, table of contents. Title in dutch and Indonesian language, dutch language summary.
Original thesis Universitas Indonesia, dealing with constitutional law, the legal position of the Indonesian President in connection with the national 5-year plans I-IV, being presidential decrees. Interesting. Very good copy. (nick to top of spine).

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 47517

AVÉ, J[oop] (executive Committee/english introduction), Festival Jakarta 78, 29 Juni-9 Juli 1978/Pesta Seni Tradisionial antar Bangsa Dalam rangka peringatan 13 Tahun Proklamasi kemerdekaan R.I. dan H.U.T. ke 451 Kota Jakarta. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, 1978 Large square 8°., orig. limp glossy coloured illustrated wrappers. 109pp. Num. col. ills., of which many full-page, incl. portraits, english summary, many mainly illustrated sponsoring local advertism.
Reviews the Jakarta Festival 1978, organized to commemmorate the 33rd. proclamation of Indonesia's independence and the 4th centenary of Jakarta municipality. All indonesian provinces were represented performing their local cultural heritage. Extensive text to all participants in the english summary. A fine copy.

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 46406

AZIZ, M. IMAM - M. JADUK MAULA & ELLYASA KH DHARWIS (editors/compilers), Agama Demokrasi & Keadilan. Cetakan pertama. [first edition].
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1993 Original glossy limp wrappers. (xiii), 248pp. Some tables in text, index, table of contents.
Democracy, religion, politics islam and christianity in Indonesia, incl. i.a. notes on the situation and particulars of Islam in Iran. Very good copy.

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EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 47599

BACHTIAR, H.S.A. - H. EGGINK & J.L. DE GROOT, Halaman-halaman Pekerdjaan bagi Ilmu Bumi. Untuk Sekolah Menengah di Indonesia. Djilid I [:] Indonesia dan sekitarnja (A).
Groningen-Djakarta, J.B. Wolters, .sn.[circa], 1955 sm.sq.8°. List of indonesian geographical names (incl. cities) in bahasa Indonesia, printed inside upper wrap., list of contents printed inside lower outer-wrap. Maps and ills. printed on 16pp., with keys (versos blank), overall sketch-map of Indonesia printed inside lower outer-wrap.
Geo-physics for secondary Indonesian schools, first part only (other parts deal with foreign countries). Good.

EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 39902

BACHTIAR, H.S.A., H. EGGINK & J.L. DE GROOT, Ilmu Bumi. Untuk Sekolah Menangah di Indonesia.
Groningen-Djakarta, Wolters, 1951 2 parts. Text-volume (boards) and excercise-booklet (orig.wraps.). 112, 16pp.text-ills., ills. after drawings, sketch-maps, tabs. in text.
[signature of previous owner on upper boards and on ti.-p.).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 40007

BACHTIAR, HARSJA W., Ilmu Kepolisian Suatu Cabang ilmu pengetahuan yang Baru. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1994 Original limp glossy coloured wrappers, illustration on front wrapper. (xvii), 366pp. Bibliography, concise biogr. note to author with a portrait, some illustrated pul. advert. at end, synopsis on lower outer wrapper, table of contents.
Report on indonesian police forces, e.g. legal position, society and social position, duty, law enforcement [and the lack of it], police brutality, &c. Very good copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 47588

BADUDU, J.S. & SUTAN MOHAMMAD ZAIN, Kamus umum Bahasa Indonesia. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Sinarharapan, 1994 sm. very thick 8°. orig.boards, with orig. dustjacket. (xxi), 1646pp. bibliogr. and concise biogr. notes on authors, each with a small portrait, at end. Very good copy.

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EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 39219

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