GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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SJACHRAN BASAH, Esistensi dan Tolok Ukur Badan Peradilan Administrasi Di Indonesia. [Original thesis Bandung University of Technology].
Bandung, Alumni, 1985 Small 8., original coloured printed limp glossy wrappers. (xxiv), 354pp. Tables in text, english summary, registeres, index, table of contents.
Indonesian language comparative research into indonesian public administrative law, with Indonesia as a constitutional State which is supported by "Pancasila", Indonesia's fundamental ideology introduced in the first phase of the Sukarno administration, the concept of Pancasila was already known in fourtheenth century Javanese history, viz. PIGEAUD, Java in the Fourteenth Century, volume I. Promovendus' original 3-line ms. dedication in ink at top margin of french title, dated 1985. Good copy. (Ex-lib. stamp at top margin of ti.-p.).

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 49145

SJARIF, H.S., Pedoman Penggunaan Naga Kerja Asing di Indonesia dan Peraturan-peraturannya. Cetakan pertama (first edition).
Jakarta, Sinar Grafika, 1992 Original limp glossy wrappers. (xiv), 585pp. Numerous tables in text and full-page, C.V. to author on lower auter wrapper, table of contents.
Regulations concerning foreign (non-Indonesian) experts and their work in the republic of Indonesia. Good copy. (some minimal chafing to extremities of wrappers and alongside outer joints).

EUR 60.00

Book nr.: 47669

SLAMET, M[as], Dalang Djepang Main di Djawa. [A Japanese "Dalang"].
Batavia, Maret, 1946 orig. wraps., stapled. Title printed on front wrapper, within an elaborate decorative border 23pp. three portrs. in text, appendix (chronology of events).
Strong anti-indonesian brochure, describing the japanese influence on the 'Collaborators" : Hatta, Sukarno, H.M. Margono, M. Sutardjo during the japanese occupation of dutch colonial Indonesia, 1942-1945. The Bahasa Melayu-edition, simultaneously published with the english language version:"A Japanese Dalang, a tragedy in three acts"). Very rare. (vertical waterstain on recte/veso of front wrapper, contents somewhat wrinkled).

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EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 45010

SLAMET (Mas) Soerat terboeka kehadapan Sri Baginda Maha Radja [Wilhelmina].
Betawi, 28 December, 1945 slim. sm. 2. [3]pp. of malay text.
Public address, in low-malay, transl. fr. the orig. dutch, from Mr. Slamet directed to Wilhelmina (Late Queen of The Netherlands) on the situation in post-war Indonesia, esp. on "Bersiap". The very rare indonesian text-edn.

EUR 95.00

Book nr.: 38393

SLAMET, Th.(translator), Aspek-Aspek internasional perjuangan Kemerdekaan Indonesia/International Aspects of the Indonesian struggle for Independence 1945-1949. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Netherlands Embassy, 1997 sm.8. orig. pict.col. glazed boards. (viii), 115pp. Bi-lingual text-edn.: Bahasa Indonesia/English.
A collection of 6 papers submitted to a Seminar August 14th, 1995, as held at the "Erasmushuis", Jakarta, on the international aspects of the Indonesian struggle for Independence. Amongst the authors we find, a.o. (:) Paul R. Brouwer, Mary C. van Delden, Susanto Zuhdi, Islam Salim and Hans Meijer. Fine copy.

EUR 65.00

Book nr.: 40464

SLAMET MULJANA, Pendidikan mental dalam rangka. Pembangunan Bangsa. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Erlangga, 1968 Original printed wrappers, stapled. 40pp.
Essay dealing with literary philosophy, including translation of foreign language names of faculty of letters and philosophy into indonesian. Good copy. (contents a bit yellowing, NO signs of brittleness however).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 47649

SLAMET SOESENO (1927-....), Kemah mereka di Tepi danau. Cetakan Pertama. (first edition).
Jakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1982 Original partly coloured and illustrated limp wrappers. 70pp. Bibliography, concise biogr. note to author with portrait on lower outer wrapper. ["Balai Pustaka", No. 3024].
Indonesian language youth adventure story during camp-life. Very good copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 47810

SLAMETMULJANA, Politik Bahasa Nasional. Pidato penerimaan djabatan Guru Besar dalam bahasa Indonesia pada Fakultas Sastra...
Djakarta, Djambatan, s.n.[circa], 1955 sm.8. orig.wraps. 52pp. Very good copy. (name on upper wrap.)

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 39397

SLAMETMULJONO, Menudju Puntjak Kemergahan. (Sedjarah Keradjaan Madjapahit). First edn.
Djakarta, Balai Pustaka, 1965 sm. 8. orig. wraps. 204pp. full-p. plan of Majapahit-Craton, register of names. (wraps. lightly soiled).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 12250

SMITH, B. & M. COLLINS SMITH, Mengapa kita Berkelakuan seperti Orang Amerika. First indonesian language edn.
Djakarta, Endang, 1957 sm.8. orig.col. wraps. 428pp.
Rare. (fr. inner joint with heavy rust-marks from staples, loosening, ow. a good copy).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 39378

SNOUCK HURGRONJE, Chr., Perayaan Mekah.
Jakarta, INIS, 1989 orig.limp col.glossy wraps. 115pp. Extensive footnotes. ["Seri INIS", Jilid V].
Authorized translation into Bahasa Indonesia, of author's famous, and untraceable, thesis Leiden, 1880:"Het Mekkaansche Feest". Very good copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 39196

SOEBAGIJO, I.N., Jagat Wartawan Indonesia. Cetakan pertama [first edition].
Jakarta, Gunung Agung, 1981 Original partly illustrated thin limp boards. (x), 635pp. 6 portraits on a plate with captions, other portraits/group-portraits in text, occasional portraits to biographies, bibliographic references, index of personal names of journalists, concise biogr. note to author with portrait on lower outer wrappers.
Collection of 111 indonesian language biographies, occasionally with portraits, to a great number of Indonesian journalists as Abdul Hamid, Abdul Hakim, Abdurrachman Baswedan, Adam Malik, Anwar Tjokroaminoto, Douwes Dekker Danudirdja Setiabudu, Mohammed Basri, Tengku Sjahril... Good copy. (extensive ms. dedication in ink, signed by previous owner on recte of page 635).

EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 47982

SOEBAGIJO I.N., Sebelas Perintis Pers Indonesia. [First edition].
Jakarta, Djambatan, 1976 Small 8., original printed coloured wrappers. (viii), 78pp. 11 portraits, publ. list at very end, table of contents.
Indonesian language concise biographies with portraits to well-known Indonesian newspaper men and editors of newspapers as Abdul Rivai, E.F.E. Douwes Dekker, Bakrie Soeraatmadja, Darmosoegito, Soedarjo Tjokjosisworo ( Good copy.

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 48892

SOEDARMADJI, H. & S.J.H. DAMAIS (editors), Jakarta.
Jakarta, Pemerintah Daerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta, [....], 1996 Large square 8., original blindstamped cloth, dustjacket. 230pp. of bi-lingual text Indonesian-english (translated by Mary J. Edleson and numerous fine coloured plates after photographs, featuring topography of modern Jakarta and her citizens, extensive captions to plates and illustrations at verh end, photo-credits.
Commemmorates the 460th anniversary of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. Copy with a ms. dedication in ink, signed by co-editor on french title, S.J.H. Damais. Very fine copy.

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 48639

SOEDARSONO, RM. (Chief Editor) (, Indonesia Indah, Buku Ke-5, Teater Boneka Tradisional. [Original edition].
S.I. [Jakarta], Yayasan Harapan Kita, 1995 Large 8., original cloth, title in gilt on front cover and spine, dustjacket. (x), 207pp. Many coloured illustrations after photographs, some coloured tables in text, coloured and illustrated endpapers and ti.-p., double-page coloured map of Indonesia, bibliography, acknowledgements, photocredits, table of contents. ["Indonesia Indah", 5].
A colourful indonesian language rather popular review of traditional theatre (Wayang Kulit), performance, mysticism, the role of the Dalang, etc. Fine copy. Out-of-Print.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 49114

SOEDARSONO HADISOETOPO, R., Uu ri nomor 20 tahun 1982 komentar pasal demi pasal Undang Undang Pertahanan Keamanan Negara berikut proses penyusunannya. First edn.
Bandung, Alumni, 1985 sm.8. orig.col. wraps. (x), 236pp. Very good copy.

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EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 39390

SOEDJITA, Sinonim. Orig. edn.
Bandung-Malang, Sinar Baru, 1989 sm.8. orig. wraps. (ix), 132pp. Good copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 39239

SOEDJONO, W., Hukum Laut khusus tentang Pengangkutan Barang di Indonesia. First. edn.
Yogyakarta, Liberty, 1986 sm.8. orig.col. glossy wraps.117pp. bibliogr. Fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 39322

SOEHARTO, P. & A. ZAINOEL IHSAN (eds.), Maju Setapak. Capita Selecta ketiga. Kumpulan tulisan asli tokoh-tokoh "Jong Java", "Jong Sumatranen" Bond, "Jong Bataks" Bond d.i.i. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Aksara Jayasakti, 1981 orig.pict.col. glazed boards. (xxxii), 361pp. Text-ills, some full-p. portrs.
Historical reviews, text in indonesian and partly in original dutch, describing a number of indonesian nationalist Youth Organizations, their leaders and important members, founded between 1915's -1930's, as "Jong Java" (1915), "Jong Sumatranen Bond"(JSB, 1917), "Jong Celebes" (1918), "Jong Minahasa" (1918), "Ambon Studiefonds", "Jong Bataks Bond", 1925, "Jong Islamieten Bond", 1925, "Jong Indonesia", "Indonesia Moeda", 1929/1930. Very good copy. Scarce.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 40461

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