GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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DJAWA BAROE. PERGERAKAN KEBAKTIAN PENDOEDOEK DJAWA BAROE oentoek mempertjepat kemenangan achir Balantentera, Pemerintah dan Rakjat bersatoe padoe...
[Batavia] Djawa Shimbun Sha/ Japanese Military Administration, 1944 Available Issues: 1944, nos. 1, 4, 8, 11-21; 1945: Nos. 1-6, 10-15. 8° In orig. pict. col. wrs. as publ. Each issue richly illustrated, text in Indonesian & Japanese. Tog. 24 issues of this extremely rare & important photo-publication.
The Journal 'DJAWA BAROE' was also published by Jawa Shinbunsha & its 1st issue appeared in January 1943, this was about 10 months after the Japanese Seizure of Power when the war-situation was still not too critical. Djawa Baru was unique as the only bi-lingual journal. Furthermore other publications were usually oriented to more specialized readers. The most attractive feature of this journal is that it contains abundant pictures & gives visual information on the Indonesian Society of those days. In no other publication in Java during the Japanese occupation do so many pictures appear. In that sense Djawa Baru is a precious information source. It is quite remarkable that back issues of Djawa Baroe are still preserved. Djawa Baroe is one of the few photogravure magazines published in an area under the Japanese occupation during World War II. Rarissime. (few wrps. lightly frayed on rims, ow. in remarkable good condition). SET:

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EUR 4,310.00

Book nr.: 27692

DJAWA SHINBUN KAI [on front cover], Kewadjiban Pemoeda. Soerat izin tjetak GUN KEN EISU HAN. Diterbikan dengan soerat Hodohan Djakarta. No. 150 Sjowa 20 1-15. [orig. edn.].
Djakarta, Hodohan, Sjowa 20 =....], 1945 Small 8°. Orig. wrappers, stapled. 63pp. Extensive footnotes, table of contents.
Rules and regulations for young Indonesians (males), being instructions for and independent Indonesia, published in the last year of the japanese occupation of colonial Indonesia. NOT called-for in Royal Dutch Library of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. Rare. (wrinkled copy, staples rusty, lower outer wrapper gone).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 46626

DJOJOHADIKOESOEMO, S., Beberapa soal Keoeangan. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Kebangsaan Poestaka Rakjat, 1947 Orig. wrappers, stapled. 47pp. Footnotes, table of contents, publ. list inside front- and lower outer wrapper.
Discusses problems concerning national identity and legislation of the new republic of Indonesia. NOT called-for in holdings Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. Good copy. (spine with a modern narrow cloth strip).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 46633

DJOJOHADIKOESOEMO, S., Soal Bank di Indonesia. Tjetakan Kedoea. [2nd. edn.].
Djakarta, Kebangsaan Poestaka Rakjat, undated. [circa], 1948 Orig. wrappers, stapled. 39pp. Footnotes, publ. advert. inside front- and lower outer wrapper, table of contents.
Discusses banking, finance and economy of the new Republic of Indonesia. NOT called-for in holdings of Royal Dutch Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, KITLV. Good copy. (staples rusty, with some offsetting).

EUR 25.00

Book nr.: 46634

DJOJOPOESPITO, N[ieke], Ajam Kedu [title on front wrapper]. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Timun Mas, n.d. [circa], 1960 Small 8°., orig. thin limp wrappers, stapled. Coloured illustration and title on front side. 36pp. Black/white text-ills. after drawings, publ. list on lower outer wrapper, with prices in indonesian currency.
Informs young indonesian children on the life-cycle and upkeep of chickens. NOT called-for in holdings of Royal Institute of Linguistics and Literature, KITLV. Nice copy. (staples somewhat rusty with some minimal offsetting at spine, tiny piece of lower outer wrapper at tail margin near spine gone).

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 46470

DJOKOSUJATNO, A. & IBNU WAHYUDI, Erotisme dalam Sastra dan Bahasa. Ed. khusus.
Jakarta, Lembaran Sastra Universitas Indonesia, 1994 orig.col. lettered wraps. 111pp. footnotes. ["Lembaran Sastra...", Seri "Penerbitan Ilmuiah", 23 nopember 1993].
A collection of essays on eroticism in Indonesian literature. (wraps. dog-eared).

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EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 39214

DJUANDA, S., Penjelidikan Mengnai Penjakit Gonorrhoea di Djakarta/Studies on Gonorrhoea in Djakarta. Orig. thesis [Djakarta, universitas Indonesia].
Djakarta, [1968]. sm.8°. orig. lettered wraps. 197pp. 44 text and folded, ext.bibliogr. listing 295 titles, foot-notes, summaries in English, French, German and Dutch. Scarce.

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EUR 90.00

Book nr.: 37204

DOBBIN, Chr., Kebangkitan Islam dalam Ekonomi petani Yang sedang Berubah. Sumatra Tengah, 1784-1847.
Jakarta, INIS, 1992 orig.limp col. glossy wraps. (xvi), 348pp. ills. on 9 plates o.o.t., extensive footnotes, some sketch-maps, bibliogr., publ. list at end. Good copy. [Seri "INIS", Jilid XII].

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EUR 75.00

Book nr.: 39201

DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN, Salam Terakhir Sherlock Holmes. [Translated into Bahasa indonesia after the original english "His last Bow", by Daisy Dianasan] [First Indonesian language edition].
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1994 Small 8°., original coloured illustrated limp wrappers. Hftitle (verso with publ. imprint). 319pp. Synopsis printed on lower outer cover, table of contents.
FIRST edition of this indonesian language Sherlock Holmes crime story. Paperback edition (as orig. publ.). Very good copy.

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 49532

DREWES, G.W.J. (editor/translation], Een Javaanse Primbon uit de Zestiende Eeuw. Opnieuw uitgegeven en vertaald. Orig. edn. [thus].
Leiden, Brill, 1954 Original printed wrappers. 157pp. List of names and booktitles occurring in text, register of words, errata leaf loosely inserted, table of contents. ["Stichting de Goeje", no. 15].
Revised translation of a sixteenth century Javanese Primbon, javanese text in latin script with a translation into dutch and notes, including an introduction of the translation history and a review of its contents. Orig. Mss. present in Leyden University Library holdings, cod. or. Leiden 266. Good copy. Rare. (a bit dog-eared).

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EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 48317

DULLAH (ed./compiler), Lukisan-Lukisan Koleksi Ir. Dr. Sukarno, President Republik Indonesia/Paintings from the Collection of Dr. Sukarno President of the Republic of Indonesia. Orig. edn. [De-Luxe].
Peking, The People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 1957 2 vols. large stout 4°. Orig. full brown coloured leatherette, title in four languages, indonesian, english, chinese and russian, with bold gilt lettering on both front boards, blind-stamped decoration at tail of both boards with volume-indication, spines abundantly gilt decorated, in original boards slipcases, each with a large coloured illustration on front side, original marbled heavy paper endpapers. 35, 15pp. of introd., editorial text and tables of contents, incl. artists'names. With tog. 206 beautifully coloured plates, printed on art paper, tipped-in, with explanatory text printed on each facing page in indonesian, english, chinese and russian text. Overall text also in indonesian, english, chinese and russian.
These two massive volumes, compiled by Dullah, painter to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, describes and illustrates the complete collection of paintings in the collection of the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Sukarno (1901-1970). After his death in 1970 this vast collection gradually diminished to the size as it is now held at the former presidential palace. Printed in a limited De-luxe edition, not-for-the trade. Volume I also holds a facsimilé after an original "Message from the President" [Sukarno), reproduced on page 11/12. Amongst the artists one finds a.o. (:) Basuki Abdullah, A.A. GD. Sobrat, WJ Barwa, WJ Durus, BG Made, Tji Pai-Se, Tjang Jen-San, Hiroshi, W. Russell Flint, Antonio Blanco...A very fine set, still of great historical interest. The rare De-luxe Edition.

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EUR 1,650.00

Book nr.: 43897

DUTCH RED CROSS IN POST-WAR COLONIAL INDONESIA - Nederlandse Rode Kruis Afdeling Indonesië/Palang Merah Belanda Tjabang Indonesia. Officieel Orgaan Augustus 1949 3e jaargang.
S.L.[Den Haag/Batavia], Nederlandse Rode Kruis, 1949 large 8°. orig. pict.wraps. text-ills, many supporting advert. of which illustrated, 1 diagramme in text. Bi-lingual text: dutch/indonesian.
This monthly issue (year 3, august 1949), distributed in Indonesia only, of the Dutch Red Cross, printed at Batavia, v/h John Kappee, deals exclusively with relief-work among the Indonesian population during the dutch-indonesian armed dispute, 1945-december 1949. Few copies will have survived. Good copy. Rare. (small thear in front margin, not touching text skilfully restored).

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EUR 215.00

Book nr.: 38970

ECHOLS, J.M. & HASSAN SHADILY, Kamus Inggris-Indonesia. 14th edn.
Ithaca-Jakarta, Cornell University Press/Gramedia, 1986 Orig. limp coloured glossy wrappers. (xviii), 659pp. List of abbreviations used.
A still important and useful glossary english-indonesian, preceded with a note on grammar, vocals and diphtongs. Paperback edn. (as publ.). (some scuffing and wear to extremities of wrappers, signs of vertical cracking to spine, tight however, some light dog earing).

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EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 46055

ECK, R. VAN Eerste Proeve van een Balineesch-Hollandsch Woordenboek. Orig. edn.
Utrecht, Kemink, 1876 Later cloth, blind tooled vignette on front boards. Hftitle (verso blank). [2] (introd. by author), 259pp. Table of abbreviations used. Printed in double collumns. LEKKERKERKER, Bali, A-14.
First attempt by a Dutch protestant missionary working on BALI, of a provisional Balinese-Dutch glossary, substantially criticized by H.N. van der Tuuk. (See: LEKKERKERKER, Bali... B-139). Good to very good copy. (later cloth, new endpapers, paper somewh. browning with age, NO brittleness however).

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EUR 495.00

Book nr.: 46043

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