GEMILANG 171: Indonesian Language Publications (including Low-Malay and Sino-Malay Literature) (2014).

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DAMAN, R., pancasila dasar Falsafah Negara. First edn.
Jakarta, Rajawali Pers, 1992 sm.8. orig. col. wraps. 226pp. bibliogr.
Pancasila, the official Indonesian State-Philosophy explained. Fine copy.

EUR 35.00

Book nr.: 39442

DANANDJAYA, J., Folklor Indonesia. Ilmu gosip, dongeng, dan lain lain. Cetakan ketiga. [3rd. edition].
Jakarta, Grafiti, 1991 Original coloured limp wrappers. (xii), 239pp. bibliography, index, biogr. note to author with portrait on lower outer wrapper, table of contents.
Folklore and folktales in indonesian society. Very good copy.

EUR 30.00

Book nr.: 47596

DEETMAN, H. (compiler), Uit de Zak van de Tjelana Monjet. Vijftig Indische & Indonesische Liedjes. [Eerste druk/first edn.].
Alkmaar, Blimbing, 1997 Oblong large 8. Orig. wrappers, metal spiralled spine. Illustrations of two little children on front side. 107pp. of full-page sheet-music with vocals in low malay and indonesian, each, an equal number of full-size illustrations after drawings by Emmy Verhoff on opposite pp., general explanatory text on IVpp. at very end (in dutch), an extra, unnumbered lve. with sheet-musice and text to two songs extra added, loose at very end, concise C.V. to illustrator on inner back flap of lower outer wrapper, table of contents.
A collection of 50 songs from colonial and post-colonial Indonesia, for young children, with original sheet-music (music scores) and vocals in low malay and bahasa Indonesia. A "tjelana monjet", is a sleeping-suit for young children, iin which young children used to play outdoors in the early morning, before get dressed and in the evening after dinner, in the garden. At front of the suit a pocket was present for keeping odds and ends. A good to very good copy.

EUR 115.00

Book nr.: 46099

DERKS, W., The Feast of Storytelling. On Malay oral tradition. [Orig. Ph.D. thesis].
Jakarta, RUL, 1994 Stout 8. Orig. limp coloured wrappers. (viii), 737pp. Bibliography, table of contents.
Ph.D. thesis. "...focused on two Malay stories, or rather, on two versions of the story, which were chanted by two professional Malay storytelles..."(cf. introduction). The story of Panglimo Awang by respectively Pak Ganti, originally recorded on tape in Pekanbaru (provincial capital of Riau, Sumatra); the second version by Pak Taslim, was recorded on tape in a hamlet near Pasir Pengarayan, in the same province. Out-of-Print. Very fine copy. (signature of previous owner in upper margin of hftitle).

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EUR 175.00

Book nr.: 46616

DERMAWAN. T, AGUS (compiler/editor), Seni Pelukis Indonesia [Tahun 1938 s/d 2000]. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Dinas Museum dan Pemugaran, 2000 small square 8. Orig. thin stiff pictorial wrappers. 152pp. Many coloured text-ills. of Indonesian paintings, bibliography (books/exhibition catalogues). Indonesian text edn.
Descriptive catalogue, being a choice selection of the holdings of the Jakarta Fine Art Museum, covering the period 1938-2000 of figurative and abstract paintings by Indonesian and some dutch painters as G.P. Adolfs, Affandi,, Sudjono, &c. The catalogue also includes some paintings from the revolution 1945-1950. An interesting and hard-to-find catalogue, printed on good quality paper with unusual clear and detailed illustrations in colour. Fine copy.

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EUR 40.00

Book nr.: 46007

DHARMAWAN T., AGUS (introduction), "Frank Gallery". Ditandai dengan Pameran lukisan "Era Hindia-Belanda"[title on inner front flap].
Jakarta, Frank Gallery, 1993 Original coloured illustrated glossy stiff wrappers. 14pp. of indonesian text and 13 fine coloured illustrations, of which some full-page, with captions at tails and a preface by Henny Dharmawan.
"Catalogue/guide" to a collection of dutch colonial Indonesian paintings as presented by "Frank Gallery", Jakarta, May 14, 2007. With coloured illustrations of paintings by a.o. Frits (spelled: "Frist") Ohl, A.M. Blaupot, Pieter Ouborg, Carl Fahringer, Rudolf Bonnet, W. Dooijewaard, Auke Sonnega...Very fine copy. Scarce.

EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 47777

DIBYO SOEMPENO, K.; T. LAUPASSE; T. SUMARTO (editors/compilers) Hak Dan Kewajiban hukum Wanita Indonesia [Buku Panduan, title on front cover]. First edition.
Jakarta, Kongres Wanita Indonesia..., 1985 Original coloured illustrated glossy stiff wrappers. ((xvi), 65pp. Table of contents. ["Kongres Wanita Indonesia, dalam Rangka Kerjasama Kantor Menteri Negara Urusan Perajnan Wanita dan UNICEF"].
Indonesian language proceedings of a Congress as held at Jakarta, Indonesia discussing women's emancipation and family law, in particular to the social situation and development of Indonesian Women. (marking of a cigarette-burn on ti.-p., ow. a very fine copy).

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 49141

DIDIEK WAHADI CHRISTINA (RS), Prima kata. Mutiara Para Cendikia. Orig. edn.
Jakarta, Lentera, 1994 sm.8. orig.col. wraps. 277pp.
The book of citations in Bahasa Indonesia. Very good copy.

EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 39396

DIMYATI MAHMUD, M., Psychologi Pendidikan. [Original edition].
Yogyakarta, FIP-IKIP, 1979 Two parts. Original printed limp wrappers, stapled. 244pp. of cyclostyled text.

EUR 45.00

Book nr.: 47774

DINI, Nh., Padang Ilalang di Belakang Rumah. Cerita Kenangan. Cetakan keempat [[third edition].
Jakarta, Gramedia, 1993 Original coloured and partly illustrated limp wrappers. 99pp. Concise biogr. note with portrait to author at very end. This edition NOT called-for in holdings Royal Institut of Linguistics and anthropology, KITLV. (first and second editions).
Indonesian language novel set in Padang, Sumatra. Fine copy.

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EUR 20.00

Book nr.: 47882

DJA'FAR HUSIN ASSEGAFF, Bunga Rampai Sejarah Media Massa. Cetakan pertama (first edition).
Jakarta, Mecon Press, 1978 Original limp printed wrappers. (iv), 359pp., of cyclostyled text. Table of contents.
Impact and history of indonesian mass-media on cultural development and traditional heritage. Good copy. Scarce. (somewhat dog-eared, light vertical crack to front wrapper).

EUR 85.00

Book nr.: 47672

DJAJUSMAN, Bandung Lautan Api. First edn.
[Bandung, Angkasa, s.n.[circa], 1970 sm. 8. orig. pict. col. wraps. 94pp. many text-ills.
Describes and depicts the torching of Bandung municipality by her inhabitants March 1946, in order to not leave the city unscathed in the hands of the advancing enemy(dutch troops), during the first so-called Police-action against the "Repoeplik". Fine copy. Scarce.

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EUR 50.00

Book nr.: 39402

DJAKOEB & WIGNJAROEMEKSA, Over de Gamelan. /Laiang anioeroepake pratikele bab sinau naboeh sarta panggawene gamelan. [Orig. edn.].
Batavia, [typ]Papyrus/Volkslectuur, 1913 Small 8. Recently clothbacked original printed wrappers. 135pp. of javanese script, not transcribed, some text-ills. of galelan musical instruments, publ. list in low malay printed on reverse of front- and lower outer wrapper, javanese title transcribed in dutch, both at front and on lower outer wrapper. ["Volkslectuur", No. No. 94].
A lengthy essay in javanese script on the galelan and instruments. (spine with a modern narrow cloth strip, dog-eared).

EUR 125.00

Book nr.: 46664

DJAMADIL A.A., Mengenal Kebudayaan Daerah Indonesia; Pakaian Adat [Daerah]. Jilid 1-2. Cetakan ke 2 [Second edition].
Jakarta, Karya Nusantara, 1977 2 parts. Oblong 8. (24x15cm.). Original coloured illustrated limp wrappers, stapled. 31, 31pp. 2 coloured frontispieces, numerous coloured illustrations after photographs on 26 plates with descriptive text on opposite pages, general introduction, editor's notes at very end, sketch-maps on lower outer covers, tables of contents.
Indonesian language popular introduction to traditional (Adat) male and female dress of all main Indonesian population groups, including illustrations of female hairstyles. Copy from the Library of the late [Dr.] N.J. van Strien, his ownership's rubber stamp to f.e.p.'s. Very fine set.

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EUR 55.00

Book nr.: 49958

DJAMAL MARSUDI, Laporan Pertama dan Pulau Buru. Orig. edn.
Djakarta, Interbuku Utama, 1971 Small 8. Orig. limp coloured illustrated wrappers, stapled. 62pp. Mainly portraits/group portraits on 22 plates, full-page sketch-map illustrating the "resettlement-program"on Buru Island,
A propaganda brochure published by command of the Suharto-daministration, informing of life and the "resettlement-program" on Buru Island, the Moluccas, illustrating daily life, labour and leisure of political prisoners, or so-called "Tapol". The [misleading] illustratings show 'happy' and 'healty' looking prisoners, during labour, small music-bands, camps &c., one of the plates illustrate members of a visiting committee, a.o. J. Vredenbregt and O.G. Roeder, appaerntly on a tour of inspection, corroborating the human regime on the Island. An interesting piece of political propaganda. Good copy. (ex-lib. label wrapperd around spine, some marginal ex-lib. stamps throughout).

EUR 150.00

Book nr.: 46629

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